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Georgia Hearings on Vote Fraud

Posted by Jeff Id on December 31, 2020

The link below is to a YouTube video of the fiery Georgia hearings yesterday on vote fraud. It confirms the results of my previous post on Georgia very strongly. Dead voters, fake addresses, fake names. etc.. I must be naive because these came in with very much higher percentages of bad votes than I had ever suspected. The data presented in this blog not only supports all of the claims but the voting data couldn’t have the patterns shown here without wide-spread ballot manufacture.

In addition Arizona held an event where citizens have been canvassing the neighborhoods for addresses with cast votes, looking for irregularities. They’ve found very high percentages of fraudulent votes (ten to thirty percent). Some folks have single letter names “A.Q.” and people who voted numerous times from the same address, under slightly tweaked names and birth dates. Also, some were even registered at state parks and offices as home address.

These fraudulent votes are NO accident. These are the result of a wide-spread plot to manufacture and distribute ballots by one party and only one party. They are caught red-handed and Rudy Giuliani made the point that this is only going to get bigger with time.

I wonder why YouTube hasn’t blocked it yet.

3 Responses to “Georgia Hearings on Vote Fraud”

  1. OK S. said

    I suspect the fix is in. It doesn’t matter anymore. Google, YouTube, etc., know we know the fraud is fact–they’re just rubbing it in that there’s nothing we can do about it.

  2. Pouncer said

    Mr “Pulitzer” is using an alias, which annoys me. His response to the question about what access allows an intruder to do is also weak. It’s less about AOL ‘bong bong’ dial up than vote fraud.

    Access to the “pad” allows changes to the status flag (or data base field or “bit”) showing which voters have, and haven’t already, been issued ballots. A voter with proper photo ID and legitimate right to vote (once!) who got and turned in a mail ballot can go on site at early voting and vote AGAIN, if that flag is dishonestly re-set to show he had NOT gotten a ballot by mail. He could then show up still once more on election day and run the same process: set the logical bit or count or true condition back to original state, then ask for a ballot, be granted that ballot, and vote a third time.

    In the other direction, a legitimate voter might show up on site, on election day, for the first and only time, and find his record in the “pad” now illegitimately shows a previously issued ballot. So he now can’t vote — “again.”

    Other data in the registration records that might be criminally changed, IF the pad is actually open to intrusion, include completely bogus voter registration: simple duplication of records (with, perhaps, minor changes — add a “Jr.” suffix and a 20 year newer birthdate) removing or re-setting any “change of address” or “returned mail” warning attributes in the record; or simple deletes of entire voter registration records among those likely to be voting in opposition to the hacker’s desire. These illegitimate changes can be done before voting starts or during the election.

    IF TRUE, especially when the “pad” is promised to be isolated from the internet, this is a big deal. Some will claim that getting to the “pad” is less a deal than hacking the “counting” machines. And that may be comparatively true. But a valid demonstration of “hacking into the pad” should drive the entire process back into printed “poll books”, rubber stamps, paper ballots, and voters’ signatures. Nothing newer can, yet, be considered trustworthy.

  3. The fix is in. Biden spilled the beans before the election when he said the “Greatest fraud organization”. Hillary tipped everyone off when she said it would not be over until after they found the ballots to switch the flip. Fox blew the media side when it called Arizona for Biden long before Maricopa county flipped the vote.

    We have proof. Antrim (not Atrium) county. We have more evidence than what convicted Sirhan B Sirhan.

    And no court will hear it.

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