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The Future of America

Posted by Jeff Id on January 8, 2021

I do love Trump.

He did nothing wrong and shouldn’t panic. The problem is that he still wants to run so he’s afraid of the lack of support. Same problem a lot of politicians have.

In my opinion, the presidency is a job you take ONLY when you really don’t want the job. The fake conservative party is the true road kill this time. We see them very clearly right now. It will change my votes from now until the end of time. None of those conservatives who did not fight for truth are good enough. Not one.

The fight now shifts folks. Now we need to organize and fight for the citizen right to vote. Voting as a human right. Voting only once, as anything else is the theft of anther’s most basic human right. If each invested party (citizen) votes once and only once, then common sense will win and the uni-party fails.

Today common sense is wholly owned by true conservatives. Those who believe in the conservation of rule of law as a means of governance and believe in following and conserving the constitution as written. The left today isn’t John Kennedy’s party and doesn’t have a nickel’s worth of sense to rub together. There is no gray area where Democrats meet that low bar today so by its nature, this is a conservative (not Republican) cause.

It will be a long battle but the battle exists and must be met. I plan to find any organization, any method, any people who are like minded and will do my part to correct this destruction of human dignity. It cannot stand, or there will be war and strife for our children. Decisions cannot be made by a minority or those with no stake in the outcome. We left our children massive debt, a pile of laws so large that you cannot follow them, and a dysfunctional POS government which doesn’t adhere to its own law.

Time to fix it.

What drives me personally is data. Simple calculations from this election show that the vote fraud by Democrats was 20 million illegal votes. These are 20 million actual humans who’s right to vote has been stolen. Their most basic dignity taken in the dark of night such that bad people can alter government for the sole purpose of self. This is 30% over what their true support was in this election. We have two to four years to clean it up. No more.

It isn’t impossible, but it’s damned close. I will not yet go to war physically, but the cold war that we are forced into needs an army. We must monitor, expose and place everything we find in the eye of the public. Every rule must be examined and corrected. Lawyers, programmers, analysts, arm-chair sleuths. Anyone with an interest in fairness, human rights and the correct application of the rule of law now has an obligation.

I’m sorry for your new jobs folks. You lost a lot of your future time but the cause is just and you were not given a choice.

Find any way you can help.

do it.

I will.

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Early Socialism in USA

Posted by Jeff Id on January 5, 2021

Grocery stores have been full here for my half-century of experience. I’ve never seen a real shortage of items of any kind. That was prior to COVID. Since then, we’ve had a lot of empty shelves. They are continuing to be more empty even now, nearly a year later. Not enough to be more than an irritant, but not what I’ve seen in the past.

Absenteeism is incredibly high across all businesses and supply of goods is difficult across most products now. It is also universally difficult to hire people, better than 6 months ago but very difficult. People have money and don’t really need to work.

In addition, in our leftist state, I believe that we have widespread unemployment fraud. A fair fraction of which may have been done intentionally by the state labor department. I say that based on little information but it is impossible to reach them, they have made false claims of attempted contacts and people are being paid full unemployment when legally they are not entitled. I believe this may be occurring because some of the work-at-home state employees, aren’t doing actual work. Either way, non-working people still have money in general because the governments of states like mine are handing it out.

I hope the trend changes soon. These shutdowns do nothing for COVID health and do a lot of damage to supply.

What happens when demand is high and supply is low?

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