Early Socialism in USA

Grocery stores have been full here for my half-century of experience. I’ve never seen a real shortage of items of any kind. That was prior to COVID. Since then, we’ve had a lot of empty shelves. They are continuing to be more empty even now, nearly a year later. Not enough to be more than an irritant, but not what I’ve seen in the past.

Absenteeism is incredibly high across all businesses and supply of goods is difficult across most products now. It is also universally difficult to hire people, better than 6 months ago but very difficult. People have money and don’t really need to work.

In addition, in our leftist state, I believe that we have widespread unemployment fraud. A fair fraction of which may have been done intentionally by the state labor department. I say that based on little information but it is impossible to reach them, they have made false claims of attempted contacts and people are being paid full unemployment when legally they are not entitled. I believe this may be occurring because some of the work-at-home state employees, aren’t doing actual work. Either way, non-working people still have money in general because the governments of states like mine are handing it out.

I hope the trend changes soon. These shutdowns do nothing for COVID health and do a lot of damage to supply.

What happens when demand is high and supply is low?

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