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Gateway Pundit Video

Posted by Jeff Id on February 9, 2021

We have a video of a vehicle which is timed with the large Michigan vote drop in Wayne county. I don’t have time to expand on it but as I previously discussed and showed, this is the single most statistically anomalous event in the country. The odds of it being a real sampling of voter opinion were astronomically against. Now, after all votes in all precincts are nearing completion, a van drives up and drops off a huge load of ballots in the early morning hours when counting would typically near completion. There is no legally plausible explanation for so many ballots being delivered so late after voting completed. They are all in very neat post office boxes not being delivered by the post office. The van does seem to be rushing a bit for government work too.

Link to the article is here.

Statistically, the regional one-sided results are not within the realm of reason. Some of the clues as to how the fraud was perpetuated are coming to light.

6 Responses to “Gateway Pundit Video”

  1. stanonstuff said

    Democrats are nasty and vicious. They lie, steal and cheat. They always have. I think the biggest threat to America is the unwillingness of the average GOP voter to appreciate just how corrupt, how evil the Democrat party is. We are way, way closer to 1984 than most people understand. Despite all of the wonderful policy successes Trump had (most being quickly snuffed by Biden’s handlers), his greatest long term success as president was that he managed the get the MSM to reveal just how partisan, dishonest and corrupt they have always been. For the first time, tens of millions of citizens understand the extent of the dishonesty. Unfortunately, we may never have a fair, honest election again in my iifetime. In which case, the awakening came too late.

  2. OK S. said

    I was thinking of those sea ice animations you used to do.

    I know you don’t have a lot of time anymore, being busy with your business, and I don’t know if it’s even possible, but it would be fun to watch an animation of the states turning from red to blue as the voting progress, especially after counting supposedly stopped. It’s beyond my ability to do.

  3. Willard said

    > I don’t have time to expand on it

    Whenever you’re ready, Jeff.

  4. confuse9 said

    How do you know that when the reported the ballots it was somehow timestamped…. for example, when I’m timing the acceleration of a car, I take speed measurements at precise times (or distance measurements at precise times). There is no indication, nor any reason, to expect that voting updates adhered to any such provision, what you see as a spike or a trough not only could be explained in giving burst updates, but there is zero reason to believe otherwise. Bottom line there is no reason to believe the accuracy (timing) of your measurement.

    • confuse9 said

      Just to add a little more.
      It was reported that the delivery was in fact food. The company that delivered sandwiches had to hire a vehicle to make the delivery because they didn’t have one big enough. Make sense if you are going to have workers go all night. This delivery was documented in an affidavit – but the person could not see what was in the box. Just assumed they were ballots.
      As for late or extra ballots. Michigan has already said the poll books match the total number of votes cast (by match, small discrepancies – likely clerical in nature). There would have had to be a destruction of an equal number of Trump ballots to keep the numbers in line. Problem is, in Detroit the number of Trump ballots was remarkably low.

      BTW, if you are going to skew an election to your candidate, you don’t do it in areas were your candidate is strong – go to where your candidate is weak.

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