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Gateway Pundit Video

Posted by Jeff Id on February 9, 2021

We have a video of a vehicle which is timed with the large Michigan vote drop in Wayne county. I don’t have time to expand on it but as I previously discussed and showed, this is the single most statistically anomalous event in the country. The odds of it being a real sampling of voter opinion were astronomically against. Now, after all votes in all precincts are nearing completion, a van drives up and drops off a huge load of ballots in the early morning hours when counting would typically near completion. There is no legally plausible explanation for so many ballots being delivered so late after voting completed. They are all in very neat post office boxes not being delivered by the post office. The van does seem to be rushing a bit for government work too.

Link to the article is here.

Statistically, the regional one-sided results are not within the realm of reason. Some of the clues as to how the fraud was perpetuated are coming to light.

12 Responses to “Gateway Pundit Video”

  1. stanonstuff said

    Democrats are nasty and vicious. They lie, steal and cheat. They always have. I think the biggest threat to America is the unwillingness of the average GOP voter to appreciate just how corrupt, how evil the Democrat party is. We are way, way closer to 1984 than most people understand. Despite all of the wonderful policy successes Trump had (most being quickly snuffed by Biden’s handlers), his greatest long term success as president was that he managed the get the MSM to reveal just how partisan, dishonest and corrupt they have always been. For the first time, tens of millions of citizens understand the extent of the dishonesty. Unfortunately, we may never have a fair, honest election again in my iifetime. In which case, the awakening came too late.

    • Anonymous said

      you are manipulated by lies.

      • stan brown said

        Read Caro’s third volume on LBJ. And White’s The Making of the President for 1960. And any account of the Battle of Athens. Or the book by JFK’s cousin on the many phone conversations b/w Daley and JFK throughout the night of the 1960 election. Read up on how Estes Kefauver broke the corrupt hold of Boss Crump on statewide elections in Tennessee that lasted half of century.

  2. OK S. said

    I was thinking of those sea ice animations you used to do.

    I know you don’t have a lot of time anymore, being busy with your business, and I don’t know if it’s even possible, but it would be fun to watch an animation of the states turning from red to blue as the voting progress, especially after counting supposedly stopped. It’s beyond my ability to do.

  3. Willard said

    > I don’t have time to expand on it

    Whenever you’re ready, Jeff.

  4. confuse9 said

    How do you know that when the reported the ballots it was somehow timestamped…. for example, when I’m timing the acceleration of a car, I take speed measurements at precise times (or distance measurements at precise times). There is no indication, nor any reason, to expect that voting updates adhered to any such provision, what you see as a spike or a trough not only could be explained in giving burst updates, but there is zero reason to believe otherwise. Bottom line there is no reason to believe the accuracy (timing) of your measurement.

    • confuse9 said

      Just to add a little more.
      It was reported that the delivery was in fact food. The company that delivered sandwiches had to hire a vehicle to make the delivery because they didn’t have one big enough. Make sense if you are going to have workers go all night. This delivery was documented in an affidavit – but the person could not see what was in the box. Just assumed they were ballots.
      As for late or extra ballots. Michigan has already said the poll books match the total number of votes cast (by match, small discrepancies – likely clerical in nature). There would have had to be a destruction of an equal number of Trump ballots to keep the numbers in line. Problem is, in Detroit the number of Trump ballots was remarkably low.

      BTW, if you are going to skew an election to your candidate, you don’t do it in areas were your candidate is strong – go to where your candidate is weak.

      • stan brown said

        BTW — this is not how ballot stuffing is done. We have decades of experience with election fraud in Chicago, Philly, and other inner city machines. Or as pulled off by LBJ in Texas in 1948 and 1960. They stuff where they are strong. Always.

  5. Frank said

    Jeff: Miss ya and the the excitement of Climategate and climate science skepticism. Unfortunately, either most of that crowd have become conspiracy theorists or I have become a mainstream fool. In either case, I think I can prove to you that Trump didn’t lose Michigan because of a dump of more than 100,000 fraudulent ballots in Detroit in the early morning hours after the election.

    First, Trump lost Michigan by 154,181 votes, so 130,000 fraudulent votes from Detroit weren’t enough to cost Trump the election. And he lost by -2.8% of the vote after winning by +0.2% in 2016. The shift against Trump in Michigan (-3.0% shift) was close to the national shift against Trump (-2.4% shift). I like to focus on the nationwide shift in the irrelevant popular vote because it is the hardest percentage to shift by fraud, and there would be little point in committing fraud outside the battleground states. Of the 15 battleground states, Trump did better (+2.2% shift) in 2020 in only one state, Florida; lost Nevada by the same percentage as in 2016 (0% shift), and did only slightly worse while winning Ohio (-0.1% shift). If Trump did as well in Michigan as he did in these three states, he could have eked out a win. However, the shifts against Trump compared with 2016 in the other Mid-West states (IA, PA, WI, IN, NB) were all larger than needed to cost Trump Michigan and the shift against him was nearly the same in the battleground states (-2.0% shift) slightly less than nationally. Based on what was happening elsewhere, Trump was unlikely to hold onto his narrow (0.2%) 2016 margin of victory in Michigan. The pollsters, who had a poor idea of who would turn out in 2020, predicted a loss of about 5-7%, which would be well outside the largest polling error ever seen in any state if Trump would have won without fraud.

    The problem with the concept of a dump of 130,000 fraudulent ballots in the middle of the night in Detroit, is that Trump didn’t lose Michigan in Detroit! He actually did better than expected in Wayne County, with the vote shifting against him (compared with 2016) by only -0.7% vs -3.0% for the state as a whole and -2.4% for the nation as a whole. That -0.7% shift still represented a loss of 42,000 additional votes in Wayne County – due to higher turnout in this strongly Democrat area – and that was enough to cost him the state. Unfortunately, those 42,000 votes represented only about 1/3 of the votes that were allegedly dumped in the middle of the night in Detroit.

    Trump actually lost Michigan in Oakland Country (Detroit suburbs) – performing 54,000 votes and 5.9% worse than in 2016! Prosperous, educated, suburban Oakland County used to be a Republican stronghold, but is exactly the kind of place a populist Republican party would be expected to, and did, lose ground in 2020.

    Trump also lost Michigan in Kent County (Grand Rapids) – performing 32,000 votes and 9.2% worse than in 2016! Trump won Kent County in 2016 by 3%, and all local offices there are held by Republicans. Although urban, there is no Democrat machine running elections here.

    Trump also lost Michigan in Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor) – performing 23,000 votes and 5.2% worse than in 2016.

    Trump also lost Michigan in Ingham County (Lansing) – performing 11,000 votes and 5.3% worse than in 2016.

    Trump also lost Michigan in Kalamazoo County – performing 10,749 votes and 5.9% worse than in 2016.

    (Actually, I’m exaggerating here slightly by saying Trump lost the election in Kalamazoo or Ingham Counties. He did lose his 2016 margin of victory in each of these counties. However, Trump’s margin improved in 2020 in nearly 2/3rds of Michigan’s counties (all of which were relatively small), giving him an increase of about 50,000 votes to add to his 10,704 vote margin of victory in 2016. In addition to the six big counties where Trump’s margin worsened by at least 10,000 votes, there were about 20 other counties where Trump’s margin worsened by a total of about 30,000 votes.)

    The increase in voter turnout (10%-17%) in these large counties was approximately the same as the statewide increase of 16%. There is absolutely no SINGLE county in Michigan where an extra 100,000+ fraudulent ballots could have been dumped without that fraud standing out like a sore thumb. (You’d also need to remove and equal number of real ballots, which were kept in sealed audited boxes.) Biden won 78,000 more votes than Hillary in Wayne County, but Trump also won 36,000 more in 2020. The increase in turnout, therefore, was divided 69%:31%; almost exactly the same as the 67%:29% vote ratio in 2016. Furthermore, if one were serious about committing fraud and getting away with it, one would need to mix those alleged 139,000 fake Biden ballots (96% Biden?) in with the other 750,000 ballots (which were only about 70% Biden). That would mean that real turnout dropped in Wayne County, while turnout increased by an average of 16% statewide and no less than 9% in any other county. And one would have needed to record realistic votes in all of the other races and questions on the ballot so that you hadn’t created more than 100,000 ballots that were suspiciously identical. It’s really hard to figure out a way to commit fraud on a large scale in a way that can’t be detected.

    With the exception of Wayne County, which is half minority, these large counties where Trump actually lost Michigan are 80+% White and too educated and prosperous for Trumpian populism to do as well as traditional Republicanism. This is exactly the same demographic that cost Trump Pennsylvania in the Philly suburbs, Arizona in Maricopa County, and probably Wisconsin and Georgia. Trump made up some of these losses with white suburban voters by doing modestly better with urban blacks, Cubans in Florida and Hispanics in Texas (and California,) As expected from these national demographic shifts, the shift against Trump from 2016 to 2020 in Wayne County was the SMALLEST of all the big counties (in terms of percentage) in Michigan. If Trump had been able to limit the shift against him from 2016 to 2020 to the -0.7% shift seen in Wayne County, Trump would have won PA, GA, AZ and tied WI – winning the election despite losing MI by 0.5%.

    Now, I CAN’T tell you what was delivered to the TCF counting center at 3:00 am on election night, nor WHY 134,000 Biden and only 5,000 Trump votes were added to the totals given to the press around 6:00 am. Allegedly there were a number of noteworthy corrections of earlier mistakes in the information given to the press, but I don’t know if this was one of them. However, close scrutiny of the final election results shows what WASN’T DELIVERED in the middle of the night – 130,000 additional fake ballots for Biden, especially without removing an equal number of real ballots, which wasn’t captured on video. (I’ve got all of the data on a spreadsheet if you want to see it.)

    Now, if something like 100,000 fake Democrat votes were delivered to Wayne County in BOTH 2016 and 2020, my analysis would be wrong. Fraud in GA, PA, AZ, WI, and twice in MI?

    • Jeff Id said

      Frank, I’m sorry for the late reply and I do appreciate your thoughtfulness. We had more than 100,000 fake votes in wayne county in 2016 as well. Go back in the record to 2000 and 1996 to see when it started.

      It’s actually well known in Michigan.

      To be clear, I couldn’t disagree with your analysis more.

    • Jeff Id said

      The fraud was so bad it shows a bi-modal distribution in the bell curve. The way this is done is that people get access to registered people who haven’t voted in the past and turn ballots in for them. The dominion machine nonsense was always nonsense. The ridiculous voting ratios from wayne are absolute proof by itself but people don’t seem to understand that. When you go back to 2000 you find that it used to vote like most downtown areas.

      All of the cities you list also had vote fraud organizations and they all turned in late night one sided ballot piles.

      My problem is that none of the equivocation can explain the vote return ratios from Wayne and Oakland. That is the proof that fraud is massive. It literally cannot be denied. After that, you have to look at how many other areas also had fraud.

    • Jeff Id said

      Georgia increased the number of voters in just 4 Atlanta counties by 20% while two counties over, voting did not increase at all. Some non-statistical hand waivers have said that Stacy Abrams registration is the reason, which sounds somewhat reasonable if you don’t recognize the magnitude of the difference .

      100% of those 400,000 new voters voted democrat.

      Game over.

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