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Vote fraud

Posted by Jeff Id on August 8, 2022

Kari Lake almost had an Arizona primary stolen by massive vote fraud. Their fraud system was overwhelmed with real voters. Numerically, that will be a problem when the real election is held.

People don’t like numbers though so they don’t understand that.

Michigan had lots of fraud as well. Those nice people in Oakland are really showing up to vote.

More ballots voted for a zero competition candidate than voted for the republican primary. Good news if you like prolonged serfdom. In KKKalamazoo Michigan, a hard left area only a tiny fraction more 26,000 vs 25000 voted for Whitless – for no discernible reason.

The Michigan GOP pushed Tudor Dixon as the candidate of choice, despite the fact that she was the least popular candidate for any voter when the governor race started. Trump refused to endorse anyone until a couple of days before the election and then it was Tudor.

Very disappointing.

Trump’s biggest failure has long been his hiring practices. We can only hope that we get something better than witless as governor. She’s been horrifically authoritarian and a complete disaster for the state. Humans have proven one thing though, they do not fear being owned and controlled by others so they will continue to vote for the authoritarians without concern.

One Response to “Vote fraud”

  1. Martin C said

    I heard just a little bit about the ballot issues down in the Tucson area – it doesn’t surprise me they tried to stop her, with Arizona is one of the ‘2000 mules’ states. A LOT of pole watching is needed come November . . .

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