What About Electric Aircraft?

The current state of battery technology, from this link at the clean energy institute:

They have one of the highest energy densities of any battery technology today (100-265 Wh/kg or 250-670 Wh/L).

Clean Energy Institute

Finally, despite the high energy density of Li-ion compared to other kinds of batteries, they are still around a hundred times less energy dense than gasoline (which contains 12,700 Wh/kg by mass or 8760 Wh/L by volume).

Clean Energy Institute

The energy required to move an aircraft is proportional to its weight. More weight, more drag, more energy needed. You want the lightest strongest materials and the lightest strongest fuel for best results. The 100X higher weight per Watt-Hour means that AOC’s dream of the electric F-35 is not going to happen any time soon. It also means this electric plane, is just stupid.

I’ve found many on various comment threads think this “opinion” is anti-progress. It is hardly an opinion, it is just another flat fact of physics that the overly feeling-endowed masses don’t understand. Batteries of energy densities approaching hydrocarbons are not even hypothetically in development. Using history as a predictor of the future, like the windmill and solar panel, that won’t stop people from trying anyway.

Argonne National Laboratory says the energy density of battery powered vehicles will not be the same as gasoline powered vehicles until some time in the far distant future. Right now the lab people say gasoline is 100 times more energy-dense than a battery.

Link here

Not very smart to think this can ever work for air travel.

Interestingly, I’m considering making an electric drone for human use anyway. Just cause it sounds like fun. The device would be useless for travel outside of a back yard.

CNN Told the Truth

Mon June 27, 2022

And everyone missed it because nobody watches CNN. There has been no increase in either the strength or the frequency of hurricanes. This goes against predictions of the modelers, because the ocean isn’t warming as predicted.

Hurricane Dorian in 2019 from the International Space Station.NASA CNN  — 

Before the era of satellites, it was next to impossible to know whether a hurricane occurred out in the open ocean unless a ship was unlucky enough to run into it. And scientists for decades have been trying to piece together a historical record to better understand how the climate crisis is changing these storms.

But researchers said Monday they have constructed a clearer picture than ever, and found that the frequency of the planet’s most devastating storms has decreased over the past century.

The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, found that the annual number of global hurricanes, typhoons and tropical storms — or tropical cyclones, more generally — declined by roughly 13% as the planet warmed during the 20th century.

They still hold out hope that despite the fact that climate models are miserable failures in general, perhaps in the future they will become ‘right’. Even though we have detected no evidence of such things, the religious in the field are still hoping for the best.

The lead researcher on the study told CNN that while his team found a drop in frequency, that doesn’t mean storms are becoming less of a threat. In fact, said Savin Chand, a senior lecturer at the Federation University in Australia, while there may be fewer tropical cyclones in the future, it is likely they will be more intense.

Or we could simply admit that CO2 based warming is NOT severe and is creating ZERO detected damage to the planet.

No change in hurricanes

No change in the rate of sea level rise for 150 years.

No trend in drought
No trend in rain
No the fish are not shrinking
No butterflies are going extinct
Polar bears are doing great
Antarctic ice is not shrinking away
Sea level rise is a dead straight line for 150 years
Penguins are doing great too.

So the natural tendency of the American leftist moron is to believe the doom anyway because someone said something, and support cancelling coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and perhaps even the wheel.

Actual Freakin’ Congressman Pleads Guilty to Large Scale Vote Fraud. Nothing on the news. – Id was right again #3

This video was posted at Citizen Free Press. The reporter seems clueless regarding vote fraud in its current massively expanded state, but the congressman plead guilty to paying for votes based on manufactured ballots FOR REGISTERED NON-VOTERS.

He did that for years.

It is the precursor to the exact same system now being used in mail in ballots, and it follows the EXACT pattern I told you folks back in January 2020. Ballots are manufactured for previously registered non-voters and delivered to the ballot machines. You never have to wonder why the Democrats won’t let anyone clean the voting roles. It is because these are the valuable non-existent but amazingly reliable members of the Democrat base.

This happened in Pennsylvania, which I believe from data not presented by me as yet, is even a bit more corrupt than Georgia.

EDIT: It is important to note that as a matter of standard practice, pollsters include a significant bias in the polling for the “no evidence” vote fraud.

Real Progress

Breaking: With the success of California’s program to ban natural gas use in their state, Gavin Newsom is on to the root of the problem.

In a statement made early next week, this is what he has to say:

We are a progressive state, we are leaders here. We don’t follow others, they follow us. Careful study at UCLA university has revealed that the root cause of 90% of global warming is the invention of the wheel. Wheel based transportation not only consumes fossil fuel, but the infrastructure to maintain it is absolutely devastating to GAIA.

My leadership is what this planet needs to be friends with us again. Our accomplishments to heal our relationship with the planet include:

Banning gas lawnmowers and lawn tractors

Banning incandescent light bulbs

Closing powerplants

Eliminating plastics which emit volatile organics

Banning gas cars and trucks

Recently we worked together to ban ALL natural gas home heat

Soon we will add to our list of progressive accomplishments, the elimination of the greatest culprit of all, the wheel.

Hurricane Ian

Predictions of weather are certainly not my thing but the purple tracks in the image are from the European weather models which use more data and are known to have better accuracy for storm path prediction than the others. This means that Tampa is in a bit of trouble right now. This one looks like a bit of a beast.

Id Was Right Again — Part #2

It’s probably part 20 of the same thing because statistics do not lie. They simply don’t. You can make statistics appear to lie but when you have voting ratio’s 20 sigma off the bell distribution, you don’t care if it is a slightly non-normal distribution anymore.

The goose is cooked.

The reason I’m linking this is because I’ve talked to people from TTV behind the scenes and if you check the areas with the most mules found, they correlate PERFECTLY with my country wide vote fraud work.

I should publish more of that in the future. In the meantime, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE. AND YOU ACT LIKE SHEEP.

In Atlanta, 242 mules, identified by going to drop boxes over 20 times each. Many went less than 20, this number were chosen by True the Vote to avoid implicating innocent folks instead of blatant fraudsters – 20 is a very safe number. They went from leftist 501C corporations and Stacy Abrams campaign headquarters directly to these drop boxes. They were paid $10 per ballot and one mule claimed to have made $46,000 between the presidential and senate elections in Georgia alone.

He also claimed that was typical.

242 mules in the Atlanta area X 24 times to drop boxes X 10 ballots == 58,080 VOTES

That is about 6X the margin of victory in Georgia, and it is PROVEN 100 percent fraudulent.

We know how those ballots voted because ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE NEW VOTERS IN ATLANTA SINCE 2012 VOTED BIDEN.




Biden set a record for the most votes gained in any state, anywhere, while simultaneously losing votes in 40 percent of the state.

No Conspiracy Too Fake for TAV

Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Dad. Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything

Well written article at medium.com

TAV also believes in other conspiracies too like:


Hunter Biden’s non-Russian lap top

Joe Biden is a crook making money by selling favors

So is Pelosi

and McConnel

and Schiff

Climate change is a vastly over exaggerated effect and a money making scheme

The FIB is Joe Biden’s gestapo and completely corrrupt

Aliens inhabit the Earth — just kidding not that one.

NASA faked the moon landing — not that one either — Comeon man.

GAIA, the return of the lord

The California Air Resources Board voted to end the sale of gas furnaces and gas water heaters by the year 2030.

The leftist is the ultimate religious nut. Following no book or science, they intend to cancel 100% of the advancements society has made, in exchange for a ‘healthy planet’. Now keep in mind, they have been at this dogmatic war for some time. The populous now sees every weather event as unusual, despite never looking at the evidence. There is no energy crisis on Earth, precisely because there is so much energy available, but through authoritarian governance, the leftists are going to stop the use of ANY energy source that works.

Any source that works.

“Together furnaces and water heaters typically that run on gas account for 90% of gas use in the average California household. So just eliminating these two sources of pollution is going to be a big win for our air quality and our health as well as for addressing climate change,” said Leah Louis Prescott, an environmental advocate.

“Environmental Advocate”, the title of a know-nothing who has done zero science but follows the news with all the fervor of a muslim terrorist. The only difference is that there are no virgins at the end of that gender rainbow.

The ten commandments of the leftist gaian freak are:

Though shalt use no oil

Though shalt use no fertilizer

Though shalt not travel

Though shalt use no Gasoline

Though shalt use no natural gas

Though shalt use no nuclear

Though shalt use no coal

Though shalt use no wood

Though shalt use no meat

Though shalt never discuss anything which contradicts our religion

If you are one of the under 60 million who voted for the current administration, you are the problem. The economy is the main thing governments control. They also control wars, and have usurped the people’s right to produce energy and traveling devices – like cars and planes. You aren’t allowed to make money without government permission anymore. Hell, you even need government permission to cut hair in the free country of America because of people like you.

Governments do NOT control:




These irrational attempts at loss of freedom are unreasonable on your part, but genuflecting to the fake climate god of gaia who has failed in so many ways, is too far.

No trend in hurricanes
No trend in drought
No trend in rain
No the fish are not shrinking
No butterflies are going extinct
Polar bears are doing great
Antarctic ice is not shrinking away
Sea level rise is a dead straight line for 150 years
Penguins are doing great too.

The NOAA still says sea level rise is a dead straight line with no acceleration whatsoever for over a century.

Just by the complete lack of energy gain in the ocean, that link alone should dispel ALL of the climate lies being spouted but shutting off your food, energy, travel, and income is a really stupid thing to vote for.

My crystal ball sucks but if you threw it through the air, I can reasonably predict where it will land.

No generators allowed

You may use X lighting

You may eat X

You may travel X

You may make X money

You will wait in line for X money


It will then be my freedom to apologize for having told you so.

You know this is only to keep Trump from running again.

Hmm…. Link here:

The President, after all, is the “Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.” U.S.Const., Art. II, § 2. His authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security and to determine whether an individual is sufficiently trustworthy to occupy a position in the Executive Branch that will give that person access to such information flows primarily from this constitutional investment of power in the President, and exists quite apart from any explicit congressional grant. See Cafeteria Workers v. McElroy, 367 U. S. 886, 367 U. S. 890 (1961). This Court has recognized the Government’s “compelling interest” in withholding national security information from unauthorized persons in the course of executive business. Snepp v. United States, 444 U. S. 507, 444 U. S. 509, n. 3 (1980). See also United States v. Robel, 389 U. S. 258, 389 U. S. 267 (1967); United States v. Reynolds, 345 U. S. 1, 345 U. S. 10 (1953); Totten v. United States, 92 U. S. 105, 92 U. S. 106 (1876). The authority to protect such information falls on the President as head of the Executive Branch and as Commander in Chief.

Back in 2020….. October 14 — just for the slow folk. Q3 of the longest NON-RECESSION in history.

Trump claims Biden win would cause depression despite economists’ forecast

On the eve of the 2016 election, Donald Trump told business leaders in New York that the U.S. economy would grow a robust 3.5% per year if he were elected president and that the nation would add 25 million new jobs in a decade.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump said in a speech from the White House streamed online by economic clubs around the country that the economy was the strongest on record before the coronavirus pandemic, again promising vigorous economic growth if he is given another four years in office. He also sought to stir up fear about what a victory by Joe Biden and other Democrats would mean for the U.S.

“The policies of the left would unleash an economic disaster of epic proportions,” Mr. Trump said, claiming that a Democratic win would lead to sharply higher taxes and “destroy our country.”

“We will go into depression,” the president said.

Economists do not echo Mr. Trump’s prediction of doom. Last month, an economic forecast from Moody’s predicted that Biden’s economic plan would result in “more jobs, a stronger economy and higher incomes for the middle class” than Trump’s.

From CBS fakenews.

Erich Speckin Forensic Document Analyst

Based on the identical nature of the anomalies, it is my opinion that this subset of ballots
originated from the same source at some point but not the same source that printed the other ballots where the images have no visible issues.

Smoking hot report on more proven large-scale vote fraud from yet another auditor. I’ve written it so many times, it starts to hurt but yet again, IT IS NOT THE MACHINES, this is ballot manufacturing. I know this from the statistics, others are now reviewing the ballots themselves.

This video explains the issues found very clearly:

U.S. Government

Are you aware that last week, we found out that the “informant” for the pee-pee Steele dossier was ALSO paid by the FBI? It was completely faked from beginning to end. TREASON FOLKS. Right there.

> A rule making body with the ostensible purpose of enabling those governed to pursue happiness.

In practice: A rule making body with the purpose of expanding its members wealth and power without concern for the governed.

One party rule in Washington with 20:1 Democrats.


Energy — Cut production of energy increasing cost and limiting usage

Money — Tax more from population reducing resources and limiting purchasing power

Business — Regulate business thoroughly providing numerous barriers to entry

Medicine — Regulate medical practice to uniformly reduce services and increase cost

Education — Dictate that what must be taught includes all aspects of Democrat party dogma

Elections — Dictate nonsensical election law such that fraud is rampant

Law — Create distortions in justice system such that outcomes favor whomever is preferred

You can go on and on and on with this. What I don’t understand, is why anyone would willingly support that kind of stupidity. If you voted for Biden, it is a flat fact that you are an idiot. You didn’t win the election btw, but you are a literal, shit-stained moron. This is not my fault, blame your mom and try to improve. Living through austerity by not following the constitution is going to destroy the greatest country ever invented and it is your own personal brainwashed stupidity at fault.

Are you aware that last week, we found out that the informant for the Steele dossier was ALSO paid by the FBI? It was completely faked from beginning to end. TREASON FOLKS. Right there.

Of course the 20:1 democrat DOJ is completely uninterested in high treason – by democrats.

One Party System or Renewable Energy Still Does Not Exist

Humans will never have an energy shortage. That is what E=mc^2 has given us. Additionally, we have still detected no damage from climate change. Galileo would appreciate that we keep finding politics on the wrong side of physics and physics is both immutable and critical to our lives as humans. We really should close the border, for everyone’s sake. We really should continue burning oil and coal, same reason. We should continue using fertilizer and eating meat.

To date, this is the sum of climate science:

No trend in hurricanes
No trend in drought
No trend in rain
No the fish are not shrinking
No butterflies are going extinct
Polar bears are doing great
Antarctic ice is not shrinking away
Sea level rise is a dead straight line for 150 years
Penguins are doing great too.

Why is the non-change in climate, something we are mandating NON-WORKING lithium powered cars for? Will we not stop building non-working windmills until we hit complete serfdom? You can tell a leftist that masks don’t work to prevent viral spread, you can show them a hundred papers but the lord government (completely randomly) tells them to wear two —- and they do.

ZERO independence of thought is the hallmark of the Democrat party. Compliance and obedience seem to be the goal but when you put it together with energy, fakonomics designed to move fully to government control, you have to wonder, what is the real end-game here?

What level of nonsensical belief will the Democrats finally be happy with?

Unfortunately or fortunately, even the 20:1 leftist government of DC can’t regulate physics. They are still going to try though because their need for control has no logic or center behind it. They just need to control things, for your own good.

The party of slavery has taken control of America and we are absolutely reaping the benefits. Ridiculous inflation, people not working, impossibly low productivity from those who do.

The leftism displayed in the last two years of Trump (dumping all money for the Chinese/US made flu) and the first two years of Biden has been the single most destructive time in my life for America. Worse, those who balance the parties by saying “they are both bad” are as much the problem as anyone on the democrat side. You are the folks who can’t figure it out. Democrats are the folks who think they benefit, independents are flatly confused and conservatives want to follow the law as written. FYI, there are leftists in the Republican party and no conservatives in the democrat party. This is because of the 20:1 ratio of Democrats/Republicrats in Washington.

NO conservatives need apply.

We have all lost our right to vote over this, even Dems. Yes, yes, princess, you can cast a ballot.

But you cannot vote.

In the meantime, vehicles and income are under direct attack by the leftists. Through massively progressive taxation, they are stealing your ability to rise financially to their level. You literally have a wall between you and them by being ‘fair’. I am on the happy side of that wall, just so you understand I’m not bitching. Try to get here….dare you. If you are a leftist or independent AND if you are a high performance individual AND lucky enough to succeed, you will very likely change your politics before it is done. Tax law is an amazing thing and I would bet a lot of money that I’m the biggest expert of my current readers on that as well.

Your ability to travel very much determines your freedom. Forcing you into a lower function, higher-cost vehicle creates additional damage to that freedom. All due to the fake god of climate.

The good news is that there is enough energy and material on our planet that in the timespan of this universe, we will never run out. We literally don’t need to leave Earth — ever.

There is plenty of fossil fuel to use for at least another century. It isn’t hurting anything environmentally and is cleaner than windmills and solar. In the meantime, truly safe nuclear power production has advanced tremendously and should be used right now.
The globe used 6.8033E+24 Joules of energy in 2017
E = mc^2
Solving for m reveals a mass of 75,697 Kg has an equivalent energy to all of the globe’s usage. This means 75.7 cubic meters of water converted into energy would be able to supply our current planetary energy needs for a year if we could get it out efficiently. This is a cube of water 13 feet per side.

This is why nuclear is the future. Mass is where GOD put the energy.

Allegorically, my politics are: Masks still don’t do anything, wear it if you like, I support you, BUT don’t even think about asking me to wear one.

Think about this please, we are approaching the most dystopian future I ever imagined. Yes, it is due to leftism in America and yes it affects the planet.