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Other Fake Things

Posted by Jeff Id on September 6, 2022

This photo has other evidence of doctoring that bother me as well. It’s driving me a little crazy but if the FIB is willing to tweak the photo, then what lines do they have for evidence?

FIB photo

See how this corner is perfectly aligned to the frame behind. Pixel perfect?

Now such things can happen but if you were actually doctoring a photo and this didn’t happen to align, you would be required to create shadows between the two objects. This gets messy in a hurry so if you don’t want to get caught, this is a simple cheat way to do it.

In this image, we see that the two frames at the front are perfectly aligned face to face. Now I’ve stared for hours at this photo and for this to be true, the frame with the time magazine has to be smaller than the frame it leans against, just by the perfect amount.

This is an edge detection algorithm from ImageJ software, these algorithms use various forms of calculus style derivatives or Fourier transforms to look for a rate of change in the image intensity. You can see that the brown frame edge of the time magazine has great sharpness resulting in a bright line.

Zoomed in, you can see in the top arrow where the natural shadow is, with a strong edge, and at the bottom arrow the complete absence of any intensity variation whatsoever.

There simply has to be some color variation, some kind of slight darkening present at least for this to be a natural photo. Instead, I’m not picking out any shadow-like details whatsoever.

So then you ask whether the frame is intended to be in the picture of the frame behind it (picture of a picture). This is inconsistent with the bottom corner of the picture however as it shows no frame in the shadow.

Strong shadow
No hint of a shadow

I simply don’t understand why. Maybe there was a reflection in the photo the FIB wanted to cover up or maybe it was somehow exculpatory to Trump. It seems like it is a lot of work to go through for political points however.

4 Responses to “Other Fake Things”

  1. Jeff Id said

    At least when they put me in prison, I can relax a bit and stop working.

  2. Jeff Id said

    Link to some random fft paper for those interested.

  3. Jeff Id said

    Got around 500 views for an fbi faked photo.


  4. Yes the deep state is manufacturing bogus evidence. But stop following the bouncing ball. again, the ultimate decider of what is classified is the president! NOT the future resident! The existing President when the documents were created!

    Trump having them is a defacto Declassification. And since SCOTUS has already said that, it is a 9-0 ruling!

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