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Id was Right — Again

Posted by Jeff Id on September 10, 2022

Additional proof in a 13 minute long video of vote fraud in Detroit Michigan. Dozens of people paid by Zuckerberg to commit fraud. I’ve proven the outcome statistically has been flipped in the graph below, now the corrupt democrats have gotten new rules onto the ballot for an easily cheatable off-year election which will amend Michigan’s constitution to make sure they can do this same thing in every future election.

Politicians like to say that we deserve to “trust” that our votes counted. We KNOW that they do not.

Below, the bar on the far right went 25:1 for Biden is from a single return of ballot boxes in the city of Detroit. The ratio is well beyond any of the other voting in Detroit, beyond Washington DC, beyond Chicago, California etc…. The one at 12ish to 1 for Biden is Oakland county. Together, these flipped the state of Michigan. The votes at 5:1 ratio are also corrupt.

The second image is the log of the vote ratio Biden/Trump. It shows a bimodal distribution due to the state wide vote fraud committed by the Democrat party as funded by Zuckerberg.

Watch the video, it’s proven.

8 Responses to “Id was Right — Again”

  1. Jeff Id said

    I did write this point, way back in 2020.

    • Martin C said

      Jeff, if this is 13 minutes never seen before, where did it come from? I am aware of ‘2000 Mules’, is this more than even they had?

      • Jeff Id said

        The video is assembled by Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity. This is likely different parts of the same video True the Vote used. TTV went quite a bit further than people realize with their analysis. They used cell data to track the people from the video’s back to their home bases and even homes. They literally removed any potential mules in Arizona who hadn’t completed the deliveries more than 22 times. I’m thinking of writing a post to explain it as it really has not gotten anywhere near the attention it deserved.

        • Martn C said

          Thanks – and agree that 2000 mules has not got the attention it both deserved and needs.

          I can’t remember where I saw it, but I recall an interview with Dinesh and i think the founder of True the Vote, talking about all they went through – getting all the video of drop boxes, getting the cell phone info, and putting it all together, and the effort it took. Agree that they only focused on people who were making MANY trips to various drop boxes. And the mules were always taking pictures of their ballots AT the drop box, to ‘prove’ they mailed them, in order to get paid for their efforts. It’s just astounding.

          And even this (in my opinion) still wasn’t enough, they needed MORE fradulent ballots delivered in the middle of the night AFTER the voting ‘stopped’ to ‘swing’ the election to Biden in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michingan, Wisconsin.

          Here in AZ, I think it was all early mail in fraud ballots. When the vote talleys started not long after the polls closed, Biden QUICKLY was ahead by about 250,000 votes, with Trump constantly closing the gap, down to around 10,000 vote difference at the end of the counting (some days later).

  2. Pouncer said

    I believe most journalists fail to understand the issue with mules. Certainly the fashion in which news reports “Fraud” and / or the lack thereof shows they are astray.

    Consider the very simple case of two legitimate registered voters, who legitimately request legitimate vote-by-mail ballots. And now add a “mule” who follows the mail delivery man around, and offers to “help” the voters fill out what he describes as a “confusing” ballot. So the legitimate voters happily accept the help, mark up the legitimate ballots (one D, one R), and seal legitimately affix legitimate signatures to the “secrecy” envelope. And give the mule two ballots.

    Mule puts one (D) ballot in the drop box, and holds one (R) ballot until too late to be counted, at which point it’s belatedly safely mailed.

    Multiply a few thousand times.

    There’s no illegal felon or immigrant or imposter creating a ballot. The counts of ballots issued matches the counts of ballots (eventually) returned. The signatures on returned ballots all match signatures on registration rolls. There have been no erasures or forgeries on the ballots themselves. It may be even that the “helper” never touched an actual ballot. BUT:

    As long as any mules get good clues about the ballot contents inside the sealed return envelope, the legitimacy of the vote totals is corrupted. This, even if every vote returned — by mail, by drop box, or by courier to the election office — is absolutely legitimate.

    • Jeff Id said

      The mules were tracked by cell phone from dnc organizations to ballot boxes thousands of times.

      • Pouncer said

        If the mule / helper delivers the sealed “secrecy” envelope (containing a legitimate ballot) to a HQ operation before submitting it to the legitimate election authorities for a count, there exist opportunities to filter D ballots from R ballots even without compromising the “secrecy” of the sealed envelope. Easiest is to read the signature to determine the voter’s name, and compare to PRIMARY voting records. Anybody voting for any “R” candidate in May probably voted “R” in November. Delay that ballot. Records of past election also show voter’s age (older voters tend “R”) and address (a bit iffy, but filter white-maybe-R-neighborhood voters out from the opposite). So mule one harvests a few dozen ballots in envelopes at the voters’ addresses and delivers to HQ, the analysts filter maybe 20 D ballots for immediate delivery, by mule two, to ballot boxes, and delays another 20 (or 30?) R ballots to be sent USPS after midnight, election day. Or, just send R ballots to the trash. After all, who’s looking?

        No interrogation of mule one reveals a problem. He brought in (to HQ) every ballot he touched. Same with mule two. She truthfully testifies that she delivered to the drop box every single ballot entrusted to her (by the party HQ).

        The point is, that AFTER the election there is no direct evidence of “fraud” in the ballots in hand. Any irregular or illegal manipulation occurred upstream. Sixty or so blank ballots mailed out; Sixty voted ballots returned. Twenty or so D ballots on time (barely?), and counted. Maybe 40 R ballots late (also barely) and ignored. R ballots aren’t even counted, which might show that late ballots skew R.
        And because the signature match is imperfect, and individual voters DO surprise everybody now and then, there will be a few R votes in what HQ expected to be a D harvest, and a very D votes lingering in the late/rejected R piles. These mistakes will, if necessary, be claimed as evidence that the mule harvest process was, after all, fair.

  3. Pouncer said

    The mule/filter/harvest shenanigans are only one of the problems — one of the more difficult to establish. But mismatches between ballots legitimately sent and ballots counted (which means either stolen or forged blank ballots) occur as well. The raw data has been dumped, but the grand totals tell the tale:

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