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Lawn Tractor vs Tesla Model S —- ? The Graph Tells the story

Posted by Jeff Id on September 17, 2022

The tow range of the ford lightning is under 100 miles.

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  1. Pouncer said

    I confess I’m rather pleased with the Ford Maverick Hybrid. Tank capacity just under 16 gallons, with MPG mixed town and highway at about 40. So range just over 600 miles.

    Which is NOT quite enough to get clear across all of Texas without stopping, whether we go south to north or east to west. We’d have to haul along a jerry can of another 5 gallons or so of gas. (Easier to stop at a Buc-ee’s)

    The whole EV market seems to be aimed at people who live in cities; own no “stand alone” property or acreage; travel only by day in good weather; have alternative or “back up” transportation arrangements like the bus or a carpool; and who itemize their tax returns.

    • Jeff Id said

      Hybrid’s work. I don’t want one because I like gas fine but I worked on a team that built one back around 92.

      • Pouncer said

        I would note the small consumer hybrids capture deceleration energy via “regenerative” brakes — charging the battery from running the motors attached to the wheels backwards as generators.

        This technique has been talked about for YEARS for diesel-powered generators that run the electric motors on US railroad engines. But rail traffic doesn’t slow down as often as automobile traffic, and the weight of the battery — or flywheel, or compressed air tank, or other energy storage media — makes “hybridizing” railroad engines a losing game.

        That hybrids work at all rather amazes me.

        I have not yet run the numbers but I expect the total lack of “resale / trade/salvage” value at end-of-life (compared to the market for used cars with ICEs) will eat up any savings in fuel over the years of use. Unless or until the batteries get a lot cheaper and easier to replace …

        • Jeff Id said

          Hybrids work because a gasoline engine is horribly inefficient at low power levels. When you drive them close to 60% load, they do very well. Hybrids drive the engine at high load to charge the batteries as well as turn wheels. The electric portion gives them the extra ‘go’ power. The net result is 10-15 mpg more performance in exchange for massive lithium environmental destruction (and less gas money spent). A good trade in some folks minds.

    • Jeff Id said

      My job was the entire electrical system in 1 month. I made it work, but failed anyway. It was a college project that I was trying to clean up and has a long story.

  2. another ian said

    “Electric utes: The ‘BIG’ problem with EV pickups | Auto Expert John Cadogan”

    Australian conditions

    • Jeff id said

      He’s got the right of it.

      What the hell is a ute? Hahahaa

      • another ian said

        A “utility” – originally made here by Ford after a request from a farmer’s wife about 1932 for a vehicle to take her to church on Sunday and the pigs to market on Monday.

        Made here by Ford, Holden (GM) and, for a while, Chrysler. Think Ford Ranchero style but useful. The late Ford Falcon’s had a payload of 1200 kg while being good comfortable road cars. shows examples.

        Those are all out of local production since about 2016 and their place taken by Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser style pick-ups from several makers – hence his example there.

        • another ian said

          The pedigree of the Falcon’s main engine was the 250 cid (4.1 l) which went alloy crossflow head. Then down to 4 l and sohc injected, progressing to dohc variable valve timing injected with some turbo’d (Barra engine). Some V8’s but not a lot.

          Seems they are getting hard to find here as being exported (including US), uses unknown. But up to about 1200 hp if you have that sort of use in mind.

          • Jeff Id said

            1200 seems reasonable. I could work with that.

            Friend recently bought an M5, only 600 hp. Freaking rocket.

          • another ian said

            One bloke here with experience said that they had to back down to about 800 for street use. And he sold it after the realisation of potentials after a late night blow off of a challenger at 200+ km/h

            Not sure of how long they lasted at that level but the bottom end engines last well.

  3. another ian said

    A review of the “Three Prong eVito Electric Courier Van”

  4. another ian said

    Try this

    And O/T – on another current theme (FWIW)

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