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Back in 2020….. October 14 — just for the slow folk. Q3 of the longest NON-RECESSION in history.

Posted by Jeff Id on September 22, 2022

Trump claims Biden win would cause depression despite economists’ forecast

On the eve of the 2016 election, Donald Trump told business leaders in New York that the U.S. economy would grow a robust 3.5% per year if he were elected president and that the nation would add 25 million new jobs in a decade.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump said in a speech from the White House streamed online by economic clubs around the country that the economy was the strongest on record before the coronavirus pandemic, again promising vigorous economic growth if he is given another four years in office. He also sought to stir up fear about what a victory by Joe Biden and other Democrats would mean for the U.S.

“The policies of the left would unleash an economic disaster of epic proportions,” Mr. Trump said, claiming that a Democratic win would lead to sharply higher taxes and “destroy our country.”

“We will go into depression,” the president said.

Economists do not echo Mr. Trump’s prediction of doom. Last month, an economic forecast from Moody’s predicted that Biden’s economic plan would result in “more jobs, a stronger economy and higher incomes for the middle class” than Trump’s.

From CBS fakenews.

2 Responses to “Back in 2020….. October 14 — just for the slow folk. Q3 of the longest NON-RECESSION in history.”

  1. Jeff Id said

    Dumfuxology, the leftist art of ignoring any fact which makes them feel bad.

  2. Damn! I missed that quote! But Trump is not lucky like Gates or Bezos or Zucker-meta-idiot! He had one weakness. The deep state. Next time. he will not overlook them!

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