GAIA, the return of the lord

The California Air Resources Board voted to end the sale of gas furnaces and gas water heaters by the year 2030.

The leftist is the ultimate religious nut. Following no book or science, they intend to cancel 100% of the advancements society has made, in exchange for a ‘healthy planet’. Now keep in mind, they have been at this dogmatic war for some time. The populous now sees every weather event as unusual, despite never looking at the evidence. There is no energy crisis on Earth, precisely because there is so much energy available, but through authoritarian governance, the leftists are going to stop the use of ANY energy source that works.

Any source that works.

“Together furnaces and water heaters typically that run on gas account for 90% of gas use in the average California household. So just eliminating these two sources of pollution is going to be a big win for our air quality and our health as well as for addressing climate change,” said Leah Louis Prescott, an environmental advocate.

“Environmental Advocate”, the title of a know-nothing who has done zero science but follows the news with all the fervor of a muslim terrorist. The only difference is that there are no virgins at the end of that gender rainbow.

The ten commandments of the leftist gaian freak are:

Though shalt use no oil

Though shalt use no fertilizer

Though shalt not travel

Though shalt use no Gasoline

Though shalt use no natural gas

Though shalt use no nuclear

Though shalt use no coal

Though shalt use no wood

Though shalt use no meat

Though shalt never discuss anything which contradicts our religion

If you are one of the under 60 million who voted for the current administration, you are the problem. The economy is the main thing governments control. They also control wars, and have usurped the people’s right to produce energy and traveling devices – like cars and planes. You aren’t allowed to make money without government permission anymore. Hell, you even need government permission to cut hair in the free country of America because of people like you.

Governments do NOT control:




These irrational attempts at loss of freedom are unreasonable on your part, but genuflecting to the fake climate god of gaia who has failed in so many ways, is too far.

No trend in hurricanes
No trend in drought
No trend in rain
No the fish are not shrinking
No butterflies are going extinct
Polar bears are doing great
Antarctic ice is not shrinking away
Sea level rise is a dead straight line for 150 years
Penguins are doing great too.

The NOAA still says sea level rise is a dead straight line with no acceleration whatsoever for over a century.

Just by the complete lack of energy gain in the ocean, that link alone should dispel ALL of the climate lies being spouted but shutting off your food, energy, travel, and income is a really stupid thing to vote for.

My crystal ball sucks but if you threw it through the air, I can reasonably predict where it will land.

No generators allowed

You may use X lighting

You may eat X

You may travel X

You may make X money

You will wait in line for X money


It will then be my freedom to apologize for having told you so.

3 thoughts on “GAIA, the return of the lord

  1. It really is becoming a zero sum game with the crackpot environmentalists, esp. in states like CA & NY. Question. If I heat my house with gas (we actually do, switched from oil), and in CA I can’t use oil, what is my home heating source supposed to be? Wood pellets?? Will they force me to go solar (which is only of limited value/use)? As Ron White says, stupid is forever.

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