8 thoughts on “Nord Stream – Did the US do it?

  1. It takes large explosives to blow up these steel and concrete pipelines. Large enough that they show up in seismic analysis. This is not some fringe group of lunatics that had the ability to plant explosives on the ocean floor. This is deliberate sabotage by a technically proficient country. I originally thought Russia, now I don’t believe so. They would have messed something up on one of the three bombs is my guess.

  2. The list of suspects is large, but Russia’s motives are much weaker than anybody else’s. (Not saying that they certainly didn’t do it; could still have been the result of palace intrigue, stupidity, etc.).

    Russia already controls the gas flows through NS1 and NS2. They’ve already shut NS1 and NS2 never opened. So what’s the advantage of sabotaging them?

    Germany is already feeling pain, and it will get much worse (optimistically) or excruciating (pessimistically) this winter and next. In addition to home heating, there’s the effects of shortages and huge price hikes on power generation and heavy industry (foundries, fertilizer plants, petrochemicals , glassmaking). Russia’s carrot is to trade incremental increase in gas flow for incrementally better (as they see it) behavior in the war. With NS 1 & 2 gone, that can only go through hostile Poland or Ukraine, paying them for transit rights, and giving them a veto on the policy.

    Why would Russia shoot itself in the foot like that?

  3. Why would Russia do it? The answer is Putin who is clearly insane. The US would have to sneak a large nuke sub thru the Skagarak which is closely monitored and I cannot believe Biden, who is also clearly mentally defective, would authorize the attack.

    The Baltic is not good territory of nuke boats anyway. We do have the capability of pulling this off tho.

    1. Do you know the depth of the pipeline at the explosion points?

      One theory is that these charges have been sleeping there for some time.

  4. I cannot believe Biden, who is also clearly mentally defective, would authorize the attack.

    I also doubt Biden would authorize such an attack.

    That doesn’t mean I doubt the US government would conduct such an attack. Military, intelligence service, even “contractors” on the Treasury payroll, any of them might be suspects.

    If we had actual Lois Lane style reporters in the real world, we’d find out soon.

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