Democracy Destroyed

You people, really should pay attention to this. The vote patterns are not possible statistically. Again, this is NOT my fault. It makes me sick to even discuss it. So sick in fact, that I’ve done nothing with the US 2020 data for over 1 1/2 years. I spent 1 week collecting voting data in my free time. The patterns I see when reviewing would take a lifetime to suss out but the immediate patterns were obvious — fraud, massive, widespread, blatant vote fraud. The stupidly overpowered computer the data sits on, is in one of my garages right now. Apparently, the fascist, leftist fraud is completely blatant across the planet. Democracy destroyed.

You aren’t even paying attention to it. Because the MSM doesn’t cover it.

Place your paper in the machine anyway, I do. Your vote is the only impetus to the election which can move the needle and force a counter FAKE illegal vote.

Our government is being trashed by this. Brazil seems right behind. The FBI, DOJ and all of Washington are weapon’s against those who don’t agree.

Very appropriate!

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