Nepal Says I’m a Liar

How do you know when they are lying?

Their lips move.

This link is to an article which attempts to discredit 2000 mules. The video created by True the Vote who is currently in prison, missing the election, due to an activist judge in Texas. The entire foundation of the article’s argument is based on the word of a politician to convince you that video’s are fake? No really…

Raffensperger DID ZERO INVESTIGATION — but boldly claims the FIVE ballots some guy put in the box were family ballots and it proves there was no problem.

“We investigated, and the five ballots that he turned in were all for himself and his family members,” said Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (roofie) during a debate last week.

Roofie is my assigned nickname for Raffensperger. Republican is not what Roofie is. He’s a Democrat plant who got his job by lying, and he continues to do so.

Reader Nepal, who sometimes is a functional thinker, accused ME of lying, posting the above quote as evidence. I don’t lie on line, and never will because it’s a waste of our collective time. Watch the video and count the ballots.



Did you do it? Do you believe there were FIVE family ballots that the dude took a picture of just because he likes photographing ballots in front of the ballot box, THE SAME AS THE OTHER 2000 BALLOT MULES?

No, there were a lot more than five, meaning that the “INVESTIGATORS” didn’t even watch the video OR are intentionally minimizing it. The investigation MAY have consisted of asking the criminal if he felt like a criminal, but no matter which way you cut it ROOFIE is a liar BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE THAN FIVE BALLOTS.

Remember the scam is, pick up fake ballots from non-profit. Take picture of ballots at ballot box before dropping them in. Get $10 zuckerbux per ballot.



35 thoughts on “Nepal Says I’m a Liar

  1. Okay, the Republican Secretary of State appointed by Republicans voters is another democrat who’s in on it. I get it.

    Moving on, there were two other people dropping off multiple ballots in Gwinnett County. Maybe that is fraud, and better yet, the State Election Board issued a statement on it. Let’s see:

    “The board, comprised of three Republicans and one Democratic appointee, agreed to accept a state investigator’s recommendation to not pursue claims against three Gwinnett County residents erroneously suspected of illegally dropping off multiple absentee ballots into drop boxes. Investigators with the secretary of state’s office determined the ballots were from voters themselves and family members living in the same households.”

    So now we have the Republican Secretary of State, the Republican Election Board, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, all saying the obvious: they investigated, and these videos are people dropping off ballots for family members. A perfectly normal and legal thing to do.

    And let me guess, now you’ll say they’re all lying?

    Jeff, you seem like a smart person, but you have fallen victim to the conspiracy trap, and you can no longer logically evaluate hypotheses based on evidence. Any facts counter to your pre-established belief can be waved away by making the conspiracy one person bigger. Meanwhile, perfectly normal events are invariably interpreted as evidence of the conspiracy. You are lapping up the narrative manufactured by the halfwits at True the Vote.

    Frankly, the conspiracy is making you stupid.

    1. Nepal –

      > Okay, the Republican Secretary of State appointed by Republicans voters is another democrat who’s in on it. I get it

      Once you accept that it’s all a massive conspiracy, then you’ll see that this all adds up perfectly. For example, the FBI and the DOJ and Bill Barr and election officials (many of them Republicans) all over the country are in on the conspiracy also.
      That explains why there’s been no prosecution of massive fraud perpetrators, no judges who have taken these claims of massive fraud seriously, why Barr, as Trump’s hand-selected attorney General said there was no massive fraud, etc.

      And as long as you just insist it’s all a massive conspiracy you don’t have to even consider t, e plausibility that such a massive conspiracy exists. You can just go on your merry way and ignore the lunatics that are key figures in the conspiracy mongering, like Sidney “release the kraken” Powell.

      Don’t forget, 9/11 was a inside job has been “proven” just like Jeff has “proven” massive voter fraud to deprive Trump of his presidency. And as long as you don’t hold your beliefs to any reasonable plausibility test it all makes perfect sense.

    2. I’ve fallen victim?


      Good lord kid, it’s literally sitting in front of you.

      fake signatures.

      It’s not me with cognitive dissonance. What is surprising is how hard you folks hold onto your fake news.

      1. Jeff –

        > It’s not me with cognitive dissonance.


        You avoid confronting anyyhing that doesn’t just confirm your belief. You hold onto beliefs despite contradictory evidence. You just ignore contradictory evidence so no cognitive dissonance.

        Through that reasoning process, you’re fully convinced that Bill Barr didn’t even evaluate whether there was massive voter fraud even though that fraud was obvious abd you “proved” it.

        No cognitive dissonance for you ’cause you never bother to evaluate whether what you believe is even remotely plausible.

        1. Soooo big brain guy. How many lines of evidence are required before I’m allowed to believe there is a problem?

          I’ll tell you something. 20 sigma DOES NOT EVER HAPPEN.


          That is enough evidence for a scientist.

          1. Jeff –

            You’re “allowed” to have an opinion based on solid evidence or in weak evidence. Don’t be such a drama queen.

            You’re also “allowed” to believe a vast conspiracy exists, one that includes election officials nationwide, the entire DOJ, judges all over the country and in fact the entire DOJ, Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General Bill Barr, many life-long Republican politicians, the FBI, (should we include Horowitz and Durham also?), etc.

            And conspiracies do happen. But I’d suggest that if your beliefs rest upon such a conspiracy, you consider the plausibility that such a conspiracy could actually exist.

            “Cognitive dissonance” refers to integrating evidence that contradicts your beliefs.

            Your statement that you have no cognitive dissonance is exactly the point. You don’t have any because you don’t hold your beliefs to scrutiny, and instead just hold on to beliefs no matter implausible, and just dismiss contradictory evidence out of hand because you can’t tolerate the feeling cognitive dissonance.

          2. > How many lines of evidence are required before I’m allowed to believe there is a problem?

            It would help if any of these lines of evidence were individually defensible. I am proposing that we examine each one on its own merits — starting with these supposed fraud videos, which have been conclusively disproven.

          3. conclusively disproven?

            You are now an officially dishonest person.

            Just by the sheer number of videos you are wrong. By the claim of 5 ballots, you are proven dishonest. By the repeated travel to and from ballot boxes and NGO’s, data I don’t have access to, you are wrong again.

            Well done.

          4. So, all encompassing conspiracy it is then? That’s the more likely option?

            “Just by the sheer number of videos you are wrong… By the repeated travel to and from ballot boxes”

            And yet, with all this video of ballot boxes recorded, not a single case of the same person dropping ballots twice. The theory defeats itself.

            As for this video, to my eyes the video is too low quality to count the ballots. Keep in mind they’re often full size envelopes, could easily be five fanned out. Maybe you can see better. Or Raffensperger could have been referencing one of the other two Gwinnett county videos.

          5. In any case, for all such multiple ballot videos, the investigators checked the time stamps and confirmed the ballots were for their families. Which is a perfectly normal and legal thing, regardless of how much you choose to overanalyze the video.

          6. > regardless of how much you choose to overanalyze the video.

            “Overanalyze?” That’s being awfully generous.

          7. Nepal,

            The “investigators” don’t even exist yet you accept that they do without critical thought.

            They don’t have names, phone numbers or corporeal bodies.


          8. Jeff,

            “The investigators don’t exist”? Are you claiming there is no one in the entire Georgia government capable of investigating this? Are you insane?

            Literally all it would take is a 5 minute glance at the data to confirm the guy’s family ballots arrived at the time the video was taken. Georgia has its own Bureau of Investigation. Gee, do you think they could handle that?

            “The investigators don’t exist.” Hilarious.

        2. I’m claiming more than 5 ballots

          You can see it for yourself.

          I’m also claiming they did ZERO investigation. Nothing written by me or anyone else on capability of investigation.

          The politician flat lied.


          1. The Secretary of State, Election Board, and GBI all said an investigation occurred and found normal results.

            And you say all three are lying through their teeth?

            If you would do me a favor, just say the following so I can be certain I’m wasting my time here and leave:

            “The Republican Secretary of State, Republican Election Board, and Georgia Bureau of Investigation are all in on a conspiracy to rig the vote for Democrats.”

          2. ” said an investigation occurred and found normal results. ”

            Why does anyone take what a politician says at face value? Why not look, even for say 12 seconds of your life to find out if this thing they claimed, actually happened.

            It did not BTW.

          3. He won’t say that explicitly.

            He’ll just say they’re all lying about conducting a thorough invesrigation, or too incompetent to conduct one.

            Conspiracy theorists never think they’re conspiracy theorists, just truth tellers. They won’t say, “Yes, I think there was a massive conspiracy.”

            Watch. He won’t say it. Even though that’s the only logical conclusion of his argument.

            And yes. You’re wasting your time.

          4. So to summarize, you think that:

            “The Republican Secretary of State, Republican Election Board, and Georgia Bureau of Investigation are all in on a conspiracy to rig the vote for Democrats.”

            Can you confirm that?

          5. Of course, Joshua was right. You refuse to own the ridiculous implications of your theory.

            But the fact is: you are claiming that The Republican Secretary of State, Republican Election Board, and Georgia Bureau of Investigation all lied through their teeth to protect the conspiracy to rig the election for Democrats. All of them have endorsed an investigation into this video which found no wrongdoing.

          6. Okay, let me check if I’m getting this. You’re saying the Republican Secretary of State, Republican Election Board, and Georgia Bureau of Investigation, all lied about an investigation into the Democratic conspiracy to rig the election. Their lie majorly benefited the Democratic conspiracy, as they specifically said that any wrongdoing was disproven.

            But you claim their reasons for this Democrat-conspiracy-benefitting lie were personal, so they’re not part of the conspiracy.


          7. * all for personal reasons except the Republican Secretary of State, who you have already confirmed is a “Democrat plant.”

          8. Jeff –

            > The implications of my statement are the lowest risk for the politicians involved.

            So it’s lower risk for them to lie about whether they conducted an investigation, and take on the risk of having that lie exposed, and despite there being overwhelming evidence (actual video evidence) of massive fraud taking place, and despite that Republicans running for office saying fraud took place are mostly getting elected and Republicans saying fraud didn’t take place are getting primaried out of office (Raffensberger notwithstanding) and despite most Republicans thinking massive fraud took place and despite becoming a target for vitriol from a hugely popular leader in the Republican party who insists the fraud tool place.

            You have a….well interesting…. way of assessing risk.

        3. Before the election, Bill Barr said that the mail-in ballots would be particularly susceptible to fraud.

          Immediately after the election he issued a directive authorizing DAs to investigate election fraud.

          After that, Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General said that he investigated the claims of massive vote fraud and concluded they were “bullshit” “compete nonsense” and “crazy stuff.”

          After that, Jeff said Barr is a liar.

          And clearly Barr is in on the massive conspiracy.


          1. Do you know of any report created, any small piece of paper, which describes the exhaustive and moderately thorough investigation?

            No you don’t

            Cause ZERO was done.

            Case closed, you lose again.

          2. Right. No investigation was done. It’s not like Barr looked at the “evidence” and determined it was “bullshit” like he said.


            He’s lying. He’s in on the massive anti-Trump conspiracy to put Joe Biden in the Oval Office..

            Yeah. That’s the ticket!

          3. I can’t wait until Republicans control both houses of Congress and launch investigations into the massive voter fraud conspiracy.

            They’ll be brining legions of Demz and turncoat Republicans into court, and then jail, and then the gallows if you get your way, Jeff.

            They’re going to nail those bastards just like what was promised once Horowitz and Durham launched their investig….




          4. Jeff –

            You need to get on this.

            We need ya’ Jeff! 20 Sigma!

          5. I note you have no paper.

            As expected,

            No evidence of ANY investigation . But in that, you believe.

  2. Jeff,

    You are once again responding to questions of the credibility of one piece of evidence (these supposed videos of fraud), by pointing to the quantity of other supposed evidence. Your argument seems to be, that if there are so many pieces of evidence, they must all come from a real conspiracy.

    The other explanation for a large quantity of “evidence,” of course, is that someone has been busy cooking up a lot of bs. Like inventing fake anonymous “confessions” and presenting perfectly innocuous videos as proof of fraud.

    The fact that you are still clinging onto this video astounds me. It has been investigated by the Secretary of State, the election board, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. It is a very simple investigation, as these people can simply check that the family member’s ballots came from the batch in the video. In fact the article I linked says they did exactly this.

    Instead of accepting this simple fact, you have decided that all these republicans are in on the conspiracy.

    A reasonable person would think this is impossible, for so many people (Republicans at that) to be in on this conspiracy (with zero evidence of their communication or coordination). But in your mind, adding another dozen people to the plot is as easy as breathing.

    You are a conspiracy theorist now, and it has destroyed your ability to reason.

    1. > You are a conspiracy theorist now, and it has destroyed your ability to reason.

      There’s a lot of that going around.

    1. And yet we will very likely see the same 20 sigma event tonight.

      If I can find the data.

      I did try to buy it but Edison Research did not reply.

      In georgia 2020 it was much worse than 20 sigma.

  3. I make a prediction.

    I suspect that Pennsylvania Democrats will withdraw the lawsuit challenging the PA Supreme Court’s decision to reject mail-in (or drop-box-in) ballot envelopes with no dates, wrong dates, or missing signatures. Mootness.

    It means that the same sorts of procedural issues will continue into the next election.

    Florida was so embarrassed by the hanging chad, dimpled chad, botched processed of the 2000 election that they actually (by bi-partisen effort) fixed those processes.

    We see in AZ now that allowing a botched process to run twice, gets us all back into acrimonious and difficult to resolve disputes. Not at all moot. It’s going to be interesting in the sense of the Chinese Proverb.

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