3 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Eloquent, passionate, persuasive. After 2020 the election cannot be seen to have failed. So Maricopa are probably justifying their action to themselves by saying that the sacrifice of a few thousand votes and suppression of the truth is a necessary evil to preserve faith in the ballot.

    I know it makes no sense, but people under pressure do strange things.

  2. The speaker fails to tell us that the voters who showed up to vote when the scanners were unable to read the ballots that were printed were offer two choices: 1) Submit their printed ballot (to a locked box) for later counting, by hand if necessary. 2) Vote at a nearby precinct where the equipment was working properly. No one who showed up at their assigned precinct was denied the right to vote.

    I presume that the problem was immediately taken to a judge in the presence of attorneys from both parties. The judge would have decided what remedial measures needed to be taken to have a fair election under the circumstances according to Arizona law. Often judges have ordered that the polls remain open for longer so that those who want to vote have more opportunity to do so. It may be that the judge found the choices in the above paragraph provided citizens with an adequate opportunity to vote.

    However, the law specifies or provides guidance for what measures a judge is allowed to take. Discarding many ballots because of suspicions about a few of them isn’t an acceptable solution. This equipment failure may not be serious enough to qualify under law for extending voting to the next day. Try listening to someone who understands Arizona election law, what actually happened and what was done to remedy the problem.

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