Contempt of Courts

This is some ugly lying crap. Judge throws out Kari Lake’s lawsuit and sanctions the lawyers. Reads like an angry democrat.

45 thoughts on “Contempt of Courts

    1. I didn’t think the arguments were very strong. The judge spent time reading (and writing) between the lines to end up where he did.

  1. A massive conspiracy to commit fraud is the only viable explanation for why this guy was wasn’t elected secretary of state in AZ.

    1. Between Satanist-fighting Mark Finchem, Unabomber enthusiast Blake Masters, and conspiracy theorist Kari Lake, I can’t see any legitimate reason the republicans could have lost Arizona!

      1. Your true colors have finally come out.

        Meh, we knew. It’s a shame though because I showed you hundreds of fake ballots in a single ballot box. A little objectivity wouldn’t hurt your team.

        1. My true colors?

          Look, the Arizona Secretary of Sate candidate was talking about fighting Satanists. He is a goddamn **lunatic**.

          If you can’t laugh at that a little, you are in too deep.

        2. And if you can’t see why his lunacy might have legitimately driven off voters… then I don’t know what to say to you. No fraud needed, the guy was just a terrible candidate.

          1. “And if you can’t see why his lunacy might have legitimately driven off voters… then I don’t know what to say to you.”

            I’m at a keyboard now. I never claimed that some folks would be driven off by some message. I have no idea what ‘satanist’ thing you are on about BTW. What my entire, complete, vote fraud conclusions are based on are observations of the election, nothing at all to do with message. Arguing message when the fraud is statistically obvious, on video in numerous ways, admitted to and so many other lines of evidence you have been shown, does nothing to the evidence of widespread fraud.

            It could be both message and fraud, but it is still widespread fraud.

        3. Where is the video evidence of multiple drop offs?

          Probabilities dictate thefe must be a massive amount.

          Oh. Right. It “disappeared” and somehow no one made any copies.

          I forgot.

        4. Classic:

          > Finchem has advocated for banning mail-in voting.[38][39] In a September 2022 debate, Finchem said, “I don’t care for mail-in voting. That’s why I go to the polls.” However, Finchem voted by mail 28 times between 2004 and 2020 in Pima County, Arizona.[38][39]

          Will Jeff ever realize he’s been had?

          1. I can’t resist a troll.

            Argument by authority. What the hell does this have to do with the evidence I’ve presented?

            Let me help you — nothing.

          2. Have you found that video evidence of multiple offs yet? Or is it still just “disappeared?”

            Simply not plausible that it doesn’t exist. Unless it never happened.

            You’ve been had.

          3. Nope, almost every single video has vanished. Odd that. You must be right then. All of it was in my imagination.

            I’ll keep trying tho kid.

          4. Yeah, go with that. 2000 mules dropping off innocent ballots picked up from non-governmental organizations — completely unauthorized from having any ballots — dozens of times each, receivng $10 per ballot for their effort and then tweaking the Georgia election by 800 thousand democrat only votes.

            Good one. Well considered.

          5. > Nope, almost every single video has vanished. Odd that.

            TTV has this footage. If it disappeared, it’s because they chose not to make it available lol.

            Probably because the footage never existed, or didn’t actually show anything.

          6. Perhaps you were mistaken about what the videos show. There’s simply no reason TTV would delete, by far, their strongest evidence.

          7. Oh Nepal,

            You are suggesting that ttv is now in control of the internet?

            Look up any vote fraud videos, they’re like finding bigfoot at this point.

          8. Jeff –

            Like I said, you’ve been had.

            When you have a link to the videos of multiple drop-offs please do provide it.

            As Nepal has explained to you, if your claims are accurate it’s next to impossible that such video evidence wouldn’t exist. And it’s even more inprobable than whst he outlined in his explanation.

            It’s hilarious that you think the evidence has just “disappeared” and no copies were made.

            You’ve been had. Bamboozled. Hoodwinked.

            Meantime, you’ve effectively got nothin’.

            And speaking of videos.

          9. The number of drop-boxes per capita was significantly reduced on some communities and increased in others.

            Can you guess in which communities they were increased and which they were reduced?

  2. Nepal and Joshua, the TTV guys hold their ‘videos’ close and their geolocation maps have even been shown to depict some place in Moscow.

    Apparently the TTV guys have no shortage of willing believers for their money-making scam. One of their backers tried to sue them to recover his money once he realized what their operation was about.

    1. It’s fascinating to watch Jeff march down this pathway to total suspension of disbelief. He’s reached a point where no conspiracy theory is too implausible.

      It gets even more interesting that Frank thinks that Jeff is innately skeptical.

      It’s not entirely unlike watching a science fiction movie or GoT.

        1. Jeff –

          You’re making it increasingly difficult to not conclude that you’re a fraud.

          You like to portray yourself as Mr. Math Guy. Then you must know its a near total certainty that if your claims of video “proof” are accurate, then there’s a freakin’ ton o’ evidence of multiple drops by the same individuals. Then show us where the evidence is.

          The claim that the evidence exists but has “vanished” is ridiculously laughable.

          i’m willing to believe that you’re just remarkably credulous and a victim of motivated reasoning to a stunning extent. There’s no real shame in that. There are many people who believe ridiculous things when they’re emotionally triggered. You clearly believe that the big bad lefties are out to get you and destroy the country, and that would understandably be emotionally triggering.

          But if that’s not the case than it seems to me that either you don’t understand the most basic math or you realize that your claims are bogus and you’re an outright fraud.

          Maybe there’s some other explanation but I sure can’t think of any.

          1. “You’re making it increasingly difficult to not conclude that you’re a fraud.”

            You are hilarious. You concluded that on your first comment.

            “Then show us where the evidence is. ”

            I have done so for months. I’ve also recently explained that google searches turn up no video anymore. It’s like they are all gone. You suddenly have interest in looking after I write that. Very stupid bud.

          2. Still going with “they’ve vanished? ”

            I thought you’d try something else.

            When all else fails, “MASSIVE CONSPIRACY!!!”

          3. There were online videos of monkeys flying out of your butt, but they were conservative monkeys and now they’ve been CENSORED!

            Sorry, Jeff. Not buying it. Get them put in a movie, posted on a website, braodcast on TV.

            Until then you’ve got nuthin.

          4. Jeff –

            I won’t “deny” it if you can show significant video evidence of multiple drop-offs.

            That’s evidence that’s critical for verifying your claims of “proof” of massive fraud, based on the videos you’ve posted of individuals making single drop-offs.

            That you can’t provide such video evidence is a HUGE hole in your argument.

            Your lame excuse-making only makes it worse.

            Just say something like:

            “Yes, it’s a huge hole in the argument that there was massive fraud, that the video evidence of multiple drop-offs hasn’t been produced. The videos of single drop offs is suspicious; but there’s no logical way that there wouldn’t be evidence of multiple drop offs, if multiple drop offs in fact took place. So it’s only reasonable to be skeptical until such evidence is forthcoming.”

            Try it. You’ll enhance your credibility. Far more than by calling me a troll.

  3. Jeff and JID,

    I think you must both be joking, particularly because of the Bigfoot comment… but TTV has their own website. They can upload anything they want, there is no internet police to stop them. If their servers can’t handle the load of a few people downloading their videos, there are any number of moderation-free video upload sites they could use.

    So again, there is zero legitimate reason for them to remove their strongest evidence from the web. Which leads me to believe they simply don’t have that evidence. Because if you look around, there are zero videos showing the same person making multiple ballot drops. Zero, when there would have to be hundreds or thousands if their claims were true.

    1. Even not being able to put the video evidence online wouldn’t prevent them from putting it in their movie. Or from showing it in rightwing TV broadcasting.

      Methinks maybe Jeff’s got nothin’. His lame explanations only reinforce that belief. But maybe he’ll come up with something. Let’s see what happens.

    2. Do I have to explain again that the evidence is right in front of you and your NEW requirement that they provide multiple videos of the same person == which was absolutely done several times. Is now the ONLY evidence LORD NEPAL will consider?

      1. “Your new evidence.”

        Sad that you think evidence that’s absolutely critical for verifying YOUR theory is “his” evidence.

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