Critical Article from Gateway

MUST READ – Our Most Important Report of the Midterm: Election Fraud, It’s Voter Roll Manipulation – Not Ballot Gathering!

It is interesting because these guys have come to the same conclusions I made by looking at the statistical data alone.

They know who voted. 

They identify infrequent voters; when that person fails to vote, they offer their concierge service – they vote for them.

The corruption is unbounded. That we allow it to go un-investigated is immoral.

We just finished the Fractal analysis for a state, where an America-First candidate, with a 10-point lead, lost a statewide election.

You be the judge. You tell us, here, if chasing ballots would have changed that outcome.

** 42,000 changes to the election rolls within weeks of the election – most were illegal.

** 21,000 new voters added to the election rolls, within 29 days of the election – almost every one is illegal.

** 8,000 voters appear to live in a business – each one would be illegal.

** 1,951 people received ballots at one address, and then voted from a different address – every one is illegal.

** The Republican candidate – with an 11-point lead in the polls – lost by around 21,000 votes to a woman who was afraid to debate her!

People, this data was from a single county! Think what the state analysis would yield!

There is inherent, industrial scale, voter fraud baked into every state’s voter rolls.  The number of phantom voters, addresses, fake people, people voting from illegal places like a hotel is 5% – 15% of the entire roll – in each of the dozen or more states we tested.

That means any America-First candidate running for statewide office must win by an extraordinary margin or the Leftist ballot manufacturing industry will swamp them.

2 thoughts on “Critical Article from Gateway

  1. Kris Kobach, it should be emphasized, won his most recent election in Kansas.

    Kobach was shut down from cleansing voter rolls in 2017, at the behest of Trump. When’s the last time an election WINNER claimed fraud and demanded the process be cleaned up? If there is a more recent occasion than 2017, I’m unaware. Sadly state election officials from both parties resisted Kobach’s project. Can’t IMAGINE why…

  2. Tools to access the voter registration rolls and build “contact” lists for Get Out the Vote efforts come in for scrutiny.

    A pivotal tool Virginia Dems use to target voters for their ballot harvesting and get-out-the-vote efforts is VoteBuilder, an online database of all registered voters in Virginia operated by the Virginia Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee.

    In the instructions on the web page, however, there are screenshots of the VoteBuilder database that show activists can generate an expanded outreach list by adding voters (under “Suppressions”) with “bad” addresses, National Change of Address forwarding addresses (residents who have moved), and even those who have died to the baseline list of active and inactive registered voters with accurate addresses. From there, activists can create lists of these voters’ phone numbers and addresses so they can contact them and collect their mail-in ballots.

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