The Kracken Cometh

You want to see a judge dance? Holy crap, this one is going to be big.

Unlike the suits filed in surprise after the 2020 election, Kari Lake and numerous AZ organizations were ready for the fraud this time. This cannot be dismissed for standing or lack of evidence, I would look for the judge to either agree or try to dismantle the most effective pieces of the lawsuit leaving the weaker arguments to be run through trial. If he throws it out, he’s really gone very far, even if he turns out to be an activist type judge.

There is a huge number of documented claims in this lawsuit. Much of it is impossible to deny.

  • Signatures were accepted no matter what they looked like. Curing group was warned repeatedly each day about tens of thousands of ballots needing to be cured. Mid level review simply approved them and the curing group never saw them.
    • Any reviewer was allowed to un-reject ballots and with three levels of review, ballots were simply cured without oversight.
    • Third party contractor was allowed to cure some ballots without oversight.
    • First level rejections matched 2020 audit rates of 20-30%. Despite that the Curing group saw less than 1/10th of those ballots.
    • Re-review (some one else decides) was used to approve unmatched ballots without curing. Apparently official ‘cured’ stickers were used.
    • In 2020 these practices resulted in the rejection of only 587 total ballots.
  • Ballot printers and tabulators failed at 60% of Maricopa’s 223 vote centers. Maricopa lied about this.
  • Roving attorneys sign affidavits stating people were turned away from the polls and documented the huge number of stations with untenable lines. Text messages from technicians tasked with fixing the machines confirm the magnitude of the issues.
  • Multiple statements from voters who could not vote due to lines
  • Large numbers of door 3 ballots were commingled with already counted ballots. This happened due to the fact that they were too numerous and therefore too bulky to transport separately in the provided black bags.
  • Maricopa county caught making false statements. Misconduct.
  • Statistical disenfranchisement analysis based solely on machine delays was sufficient to change election.
  • Hobbs, as SOS, cannot censor others speech. She and her department engaged significantly with CISA and the DHS to censor social media.
  • Expert testimony that the sheer number of machine failures is not possible with out malfeasance.
  • Chain of custody was simply ignored for over 300,000 ballots. Nobody can say where they came from.
  • 25,000 additional ballots were added to the count after the required reporting was made. There is no explanation for this.
  • Maricopa county officials have actively worked against Kari Lake in clear conflict of interest
  • Improper certification of election having a total difference of 17,117 votes.
    • Misconduct
    • Threatening of country canvassers in performance of their legal duties

There is so much in this suit. This is by far the most significant and evidence-documented lawsuit I have seen regarding vote fraud. I almost feel bad for the judge.

I hope he does something good.

Update: It looks like Kari’s attorney’s agree with me on this:

For those of us engineers who don’t remember law school as well as we should.

16-622. Official canvass; unofficial results

A. At any time following the close of the polls, except as provided in section 16-551, subsection C, unofficial returns may be released during the counting of the ballots by vote tabulating equipment, and upon completion of the count the unofficial results shall be open to the public. The result printed by the vote tabulating equipment, to which have been added write-in and early votes, shall, when certified by the board of supervisors or other officer in charge, constitute the official canvass of each precinct or election district.

B. In any election for a federal office, a statewide office or a member of the legislature or in any election for a statewide ballot measure, all unofficial returns that are released during the counting of the ballots and all unofficial results that are open to the public shall when released to the public be transmitted by telephone, by telefacsimile or by other electronic means to the secretary of state.

And we all enjoy a good re-read of 13-2402 on a Saturday morning. Ahh memories.

13-2402. Obstructing governmental operations; classification

A. A person commits obstructing governmental operations if, by using or threatening to use violence or physical force, such person knowingly obstructs, impairs or hinders:

  1. The performance of a governmental function by a public servant acting under color of his official authority; or
  2. The enforcement of the penal law or the preservation of the peace by a peace officer acting under color of his official authority.

B. This section does not apply to the obstruction, impairment or hinderance of the making of an arrest.

C. Obstructing governmental operations is a class 1 misdemeanor.

7 thoughts on “The Kracken Cometh

  1. The Arizona election was indeed a real shit-show with unlikely events such as massive equipment failures which could only be accounted for by intentional malfeasance of the persons administering the voting procedure. Now a second “unlikely” event has occurred. Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema has announced (without giving reasons) that she is leaving the Democrat party to sit as an Independent in the Senate. She has stated that she will continue to vote with the Democrats so that her political views appear to be unchanged. So what is the ostensible reason for leaving? My suspicion is that the two events are related. She could have insider knowledge of the Democrat Party’s dishonest manipulation of the election and has decided that she could not be associated with such criminal actions of her party. It will be interesting to see where this goes…

  2. It had crossed my mind, as well, that Sinema’s insider knowledge posed for her some ethical problem. It may not be the ONLY reason but I can’t help but wonder if it contributes.

    Has anybody asked Tulsi Gabbard what she thinks of the 2022 election all together and of AZ in particular?

    1. I’m clueless this time. I didn’t understand why she did it unless it gave her improved negotiation leverage in the Senate.

      EDIT: Roman could be right. The election was ugly enough that she might not want to be too close to it.

  3. “Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema Changes Political Status to “Independent”, But the Senate Dynamic Will Not Change
    December 9, 2022 | Sundance | 160 Comments

    Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced she is changing her political affiliation to “independent”, a smart and strategic status considering her upcoming Arizona election challenge.”

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