Vote Fraud

Reader Pouncer provided this link. Apparently, only ‘alleged’ Republicans are caught committing vote fraud.

Wife of Woodbury County elected official faces 52 counts of voter fraud

Kim Taylor also is accused of signing absentee ballot request forms for residents who were not present or told residents they could sign the forms for other family members, a violation of a registration affidavit in which applicants swear they are the person named on the form.

The FIB is dutifully on the case.

But this is not voter fraud and nobody need investigate:

9 thoughts on “Vote Fraud

    1. It’s just fine for me. I love it. If you write something someday, we have a massive readership of like a hundred people these days. Sometimes it’s been picked up and run by giant sites though.

    2. Sometimes tAV reaches 200. It’s completely different than it was when I started. Back then there was a lot of search engine links and they won’t touch things with vote fraud so new readers are rare.

      When I gave up, tAV was running about 5k readers.

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