The Power of NO!

As the 1.7 trillion dollar bill passed through congress, our overly-wise leaders are now left with the need to raise the debt ceiling. By a lot. We are about to find out if Kevin McCarthy, who wanted the job of speaker so badly, is up to the task of saying no and getting concessions or whether he is the surrender monkey we all think he is. Think about what he can get now that they have decided congressional bills must be single subject. Perhaps we can de-fund the IRS expansion? That would be a win. Perhaps we can fund a border wall as a cost save, that would be a win. Perhaps we could de-fund some of the woke green crap they just forced through with the RINO’s in the senate allowing one of the worst bills in history to be passed as law.

Can McCarthy get them to hang together and get some kind of concession, or do they simply sign whatever they are told to by the now fully Communist Democrat party?

I know what I think will happen.

3 thoughts on “The Power of NO!

  1. I have zero expectations that any advancement for fiscal sanity will be achieved.
    The Democrats and the media (redundancy noted) will trot out their usual demagoguery to their brainwashed masses.
    federal employees will get their PAID time off for any “shut down”. Amazing that the world still spins on its axis when non-essential people don’t have to go to work.
    The left is so arrogant, I can’t even imagine anything of substance that they would give up to keep spending more of the next 6 generations monies.

  2. It’s worth reviewing how the present idea of a debt ceiling was first established.

    It’s basically the GOP response to the Perot-Reform party number one issue in the 1992 Presidential election. (Had there been no Perot candidacy, the conservative vote likely would have coalesced around a second term for GWH Bush. ) As was, Bush lost, Clinton won, and by the 1994 elections the GOP – led by Newt Gingrinch – had developed the “Contract with America”. Among other things the Contract attempted to reduce spending by various means. In the 1995 Congress, Gingrich, then Speaker, got “bipartisen” legislation thru that philosophically imposed an idea called the Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement. BATNA.

    If Gingrich the the GOP Congress could not agree with the Dems and the Clinton White House, then all “non-essential” Federal spending would cease. A “shut down”. At the time, a shutting down “non-essential” services seemed like a no-brainer. When already deep in debt, why spend ANY money on ANY non-essential program. So, either negotiate under a budget cap, OR cut spending any-ol’-how as the Federal Government shut down. The GOP wins, gracefully or messily, but spending gets cut.

    In theory.

    In fact, when the game of “chicken” reached an impasse in November of 1995, Clinton mangaged to demonize Gingrich as being unwilling to negotiate. The shut-down, according to Bill, was a temper tantrum by Newt. The media, of course, cooperated with and amplified this interpretation.

    Ever since, the GOP has regarded a “shut down” not as a demonstration of how much a share of Federal spending is non-essential, but as a catastrophe to be avoided. So session after session the debt limit gets raised.

    Now, during Covid, a whole LOT of services, Federal and otherwise, we tagged as “non-essential”. Many of these were mistakenly so regarded. But many were correct — does a company really need DEI instructors on-site 40 hours per week? Can’t they work from home, if they must have jobs at all? Etc.

    In my opinion, a smarter GOP would have learned from and rebroadcast the lesson that at least SOME federal spending IS non-essential. Shut down the system for awhile, and see what the current White House is willing to put on the chopping block — at least for a month or so. BATNA! Then, come back and chop permanently.

    In any case, I see no reason to be frightened of a shut down.

    Defund the FBI, at least.

    1. “In any case, I see no reason to be frightened of a shut down.”
      ABSOLUTLEY !!!
      But the demagogues will do what they do best and the RINOs will fold like laundry.

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