Smoked Chicken

Wonderful pecan wood smoked chicken.

Smoked at 350 for about an hour. Skin was crisp and flavorful and the meat was amazingly moist.

Used Beer-can style holder with water, garlic and onion because I don’t prefer the mild beer flavor in the meat when you use actual beer.

Freakin’ fantastic food. Pecan has turned into my favorite smoking wood these days. That may change, but it has amazing flavor while not being overpowering.

12 thoughts on “Smoked Chicken

  1. Good looking chicken !!
    Looks like a big one too.
    As we all know, the price of chickens has gone up quite a bit in the past several years. It looks like bird flu decimated a lot of the fowl stock.
    Until last week, I don’t think that we had a roast chicken in over a year !!! That’s a long time. Even looking at the store brand “generic” chickens, a whole bird was $9-10. Now, 10 bucks is not a bad price for a chunk of meat that will feed the two of use for at least two meals each. That’s a good price point but we have been used to paying $4-5 for a whole bird.
    Store had a sale last week for 99 cents a pound and I bought one and there was a 1/2 price chicken I got for this weekend.
    I love the smell of roasting chicken !!! Probably one of our most primal memories from our prehistory tribes.
    I only have a little smoker. It does fine for the few things I throw on once in a while but when I “retire”, I will get a real smoker.

    Vacation Bacon

    1. That bacon looks ridiculously good!!

      I’ve made bacon several times myself. I’ll put a recipe up sometimes because everyone likes food and I take notes. Bad ones, but still notes.

          1. I have some experience with the nitrates. No flavor difference, gives a cool pink color and it does keep for a very long time. You use so little of it, it really doesn’t do much except preserve.

            FYI: Nitrate free bacon from the store uses celery powder that is full of the exact same amount of nitrates.

            I think the week long soak in salty, peppery, sugary stuff before a proper smoking is the key. I like hickory still for my bacon but I haven’t tried pecan wood!! I can hold about 160 on my smoker as a min temp so I will probably try that next. Good lord you have me thinking this morning.

        1. Wife likes me to use maple syrup instead of water. Gives just a touch of sweetness on the outer edge, which I normally wouldn’t like but it works for me.

      1. Not sure if that’s a question but if it is, that’s a heck no.

        Ribs were good, family went nuts and destroyed those too. I took a before picture, planning a post, but was too busy with family to remember to do the after. 0 ribs remaining. Folks came over but the boys were absolutely destructive.


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