The Top Secret Reality: Biden is Guilty, Trump is Not

I do not claim to be a lawyer, but I sometimes play one on the internet.

§ 2205. Exceptions to restricted access

Notwithstanding any restrictions on access imposed pursuant to sections 2204 and 2208–

(1) the Archivist and persons employed by the National Archives and Records Administration who are engaged in the performance of normal archival work shall be permitted access to Presidential records in the custody of the Archivist;

(2) subject to any rights, defenses, or privileges which the United States or any agency or person may invoke, Presidential records shall be made available–

(A) pursuant to subpoena or other judicial process issued by a court of competent jurisdiction for the purposes of any civil or criminal investigation or proceeding;

(B) to an incumbent President if such records contain information that is needed for the conduct of current business of the incumbent President’s office and that is not otherwise available; and

(C) to either House of Congress, or, to the extent of matter within its jurisdiction, to any committee or subcommittee thereof if such records contain information that is needed for the conduct of its business and that is not otherwise available; and

(3) the Presidential records of a former President shall be available to such former President or the former President’s designated representative.

The presidential records SHALL be available.

And catch this hilarious headline:

Trump charged US taxpayers $40,000 for Secret Service to use a room at Mar-a-Lago in the months since he left office: WaPo

The reality is that Trump had a designated room for the documents that he declared declassified. Biden had documents everywhere. Trump was president, and has the authority to declassify anything. Vice President Biden did not. Trump gave the DOJ access to anything they wanted, they chose a raid with leaked photos as their best option and didn’t bother requesting anything beforehand. Biden was not raided but instead was allowed to let his not-cleared attorneys handle the classified documents and turn them over.

It is blatantly obvious that we have a two tiered DOJ, one for Democrats, and one for the rest of us. It is also obvious that AGAIN Biden is guilty of the crimes Trump was accused of. In addition, we know from crackhole Hunter, that the Biden crime family has been selling America for cash. The very thing we would be worried about with illegal handling of classified documents.

The deep state hates Trump.

Because they cannot buy him.

4 thoughts on “The Top Secret Reality: Biden is Guilty, Trump is Not

  1. Just breaking this all done to the very simplest level (because that’s all some people can understand):
    Trump: Could legally have the documents as a former President
    Brandon: Could NOT have the documents legally as NOT a former President

    Turns out Brandon took classified documents when he was a Senator.
    Setting the tinfoil hat to level 9, was the Trump raid done to obfuscate this flustercluck?????

    1. “Setting the tinfoil hat to level 9, was the Trump raid done to obfuscate this flustercluck?????”

      I don’t think they are that good, however I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.

  2. This is a job for TIMELINE-MAN.

    When were the first Senator/VP misfiled classified documents noticed?
    When was the 2022 election begun – ended?
    When, if ever, did the archivist gripe about Mar-A-Lago records?
    When did the DoJ enter the Mara-A-Laro controversy/negotiations?
    When did the DoJ/Trump dealing break down?
    When was the Mar-A-Lago raid?
    When was the media notified (by leak?) about the Mar-A-Lago raid?
    When was the first “conspiracy speculation” floated about “nuclear weapon launch code” documents collected with other material in the M-A-L archives?
    When was the first VP/Sen Biden notification/leak/disclosure?
    When, if ever, have the media speculated about the topics of the Biden classified docs?
    When did the Obama “furniture store” report surface?
    When, if ever, have the media, of right or left bias, speculated about the topics of Obama’s classified docs?
    When in the past year have pundits called for inspection of prior Presidential and VP archives — “Official” commemorative collections of GWB, Clinton, GHWB…? (This, by analogy of SecState Clinton referring to “precedents of docs on private servers” operated by SecState Powell)
    When did comedian Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy become a political figure?
    When were copies of GOVERNMENT records, of any classification, first found on HUNTER Biden’s laptop?
    When were HUNTER Biden’s laptop’s government doc holdings first reported in major media?

    Aside from dead-tree “documents” — when did any Trump, Biden, Clinton, or Obama begin scans and photos of documents and leaving floppies, CDs, thumb drives, Nixonian “dictaphone recordings” or other media among the collected records? (For example, somebody made and held audio recordings of the infamous July 25, 2020 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about Biden. ) When did the archives first start including records besides “Documents”?

    When was the famous DNC “hack” (more likely, in my opinion, “leak”) of CONFIDENTIAL computer files showing how Hillary ruined Bernie’s campaign?
    When were copies of the DNC records available to rivals, archives, media, Congress, etc?
    When, if ever, were copies of the DNC records found among Trump’s archival holdings?
    When did the SecState Clinton “Bathroom mail server” story break?
    (“Wipe? Like, with a rag?”)

    When was Trump first accused of colluding/collaborating with foreign powers to hack the DNC?
    When did Trump ask/beg/ joke about Russians recovering and reading Hillary’s wiped emails?
    When was the Trump collusion narrative refined to specify Russian hackers?
    When was the first report of Classified StateDept electronic records improperly stored, forwarded, or printed for Clinton?
    When did the confusion about the DNC hack and the Clinton “bathroom mail server” wipe take hold in social media?
    When did the narrative shift to the broad claim that “Russia hacked the 2016 election”, with implications of fraud involving hacked voting machines, specifically from Dominion?
    ( This is an UPDATE to that narrative; when was the origin? ) )

    When did the narrative shift such that outside efforts to hack voting machines was a ridiculous conspiracy theory?

    Quoting the Bloomberg news article: “The new (2018) details, buttressed by a classified National Security Agency document recently disclosed by the Intercept, show the scope of alleged hacking that federal investigators are scrutinizing as they look into whether Trump campaign officials may have colluded in the efforts — when, if ever, did this classified report get DE-classified, and when if ever did such a report show up with copies in any presidential archive?

    Dammit, that’s a rabbit hole I gotta chase. Back to timeline queries at some later date. To be hoped, we can pin answers to the questions.

  3. Jeff: The Presidential Records Act made all presidential records the property of the federal government, but doesn’t specify any criminal penalties for non-compliance. More than a year passed as the Archives negotiated with Trump for the return of materials they legally sought. Trump voluntarily returned about half of the materials they sought – including some classified documents – but insisted (in a statement signed by his attorney) that nothing classified was left. After the return of some classified documents and knowing more remained, the Archives requested that Trump install security cameras in the areas where they knew additional boxes were being stored. Having been lied to, they began taking more serious steps to recover important documents, including had been classified, but which Trump might claim he had declassified at the last minute.

    A search of Mar-a-Lago was conducted because the DoJ convinced a judge there was probable cause that evidence of three crimes would be found there – NONE OF WHICH depended on the material sought being classified. (If it makes any difference, the Judge was appointed by Trump.) They also provided affidavits from witnesses who had seen documents with classified labels scattered about the house and boxes of documents in the storage room, as well as and some folders with classified markings that were now empty. Apparently in a fit of anger, Trump had flushed classified document down a WH toilet as was threatening to destroy rather than return the documents sought by the Archives:

    18 USC 793e [aka the Espionage Act], which makes it a crime to have unauthorized possession of NATIONAL DEFENSE INFORMATION. (When you have such information and an appropriate authority asks you to return it, you are required to do so.

    18 USC 1519: Destruction of records with the intent to impede an investigation. (Apparently some of the documents Trump possesses are being sought by a Grand Jury (mostly like the one that is investigation J6).

    18 USC 2071: Unlawful destruction or concealment of records. (Written after the destruction of records at Enron.)

    At National Review, former Assistant US Attorney Andrew McCarthy (who is not a never-Trumper) has written that in his experience, when a judge is convinced to grant a search warrant for evidence of three federal crimes and that evidence is found during the search, that person is immediately indicted. He is convinced Trump would lose in court if indicted: the facts are plain and Trump’s intent to break the law (after a year of negotiation, resistance and lies) is clear. However, he thinks it is not in the government’s interest to indict in this case – all they initially wanted was the documents returned. However, Trump has shown public disdain for the law, lied to the public about the FBI planting evidence and probably lied about declassification, creating enormous pressure inside the DoJ to prove in court to the public who is in the wrong.

    After the above issues, we can get around to deciding whether Trump or Biden or Pence are guilty of mishandling classified documents and whether they should be prosecuted. Who was responsible for leaving the documents improperly secured? (We know in Trump’s case, but not the others – except perhaps those found in homes.) Was the action accidental or intentional? (We know in Trump’s case.) Had those documents been declassified? We know they hadn’t in Biden’s and Pence’s cases. Trump’s attorneys have never asserted in writing that Trump declassified them. Who witnessed their declassification? (Trump’s attorneys won’t want him to take the stand.)

    Hope this clarifies the situation for you.

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