Computer Scientist, Dr. Walter Daugherity Testifies Under Oath. Approximately (184,000) 9.6% of AZ Ballots Had “Egregiously” Mismatched Signatures

Dr. Daugherity‘s page from Texas A&M is here.

His conclusions are based on 2020 data projected onto 2022, data. Due to the higher number of votes in the 2020 election vs the off year 2022 election, the same result is worse in 2020.

WordPress won’t let me embed the video, but it does let me link it. His presentation starts at 1:16.40ish.

FAKE Egregiously mismatched signatures look like this:

These obviously don’t meet the more stringent secretary of state standards for a match either, they had many more of those, but these are ridiculous.

To be clear, 9.6% of the fake ACCEPTED ballots in looked like these examples (184,000 total ballots conservatively projected), and Trump is alleged to have lost by only 10,000 Lake by 17000.

11 thoughts on “Computer Scientist, Dr. Walter Daugherity Testifies Under Oath. Approximately (184,000) 9.6% of AZ Ballots Had “Egregiously” Mismatched Signatures

  1. Democrats are liars and cheaters, so I expect them to accept fraudulent activity, but why there isn’t major outrage on “our side”, is disgusting.
    Two election cycles have been publicly and blatantly stolen and not very many people care……

  2. You misspelled his name! Must he a deliberate attempt to mislead people. Or maybe big tech is corrupting your post to make sure no one can research this guy!

    Either way, for sure there’s a conspiracy of some sort.

        1. Jeff –

          > Your link is ridiculous propaganda

          Right. I get it. The Republican election officials who investigated were in on the conspiracy. And their denial that there was a conspiracy is proof of the conspiracy. Unfalsifiable.

          1. without evidence that voting results were altered via internet access in the 2020 election.

            Propaganda like this poisons your mind.

          2. Here’s another lie for your chicken brain to absorb:

            “While no credible evidence of mass fraud has been found to have occurred during the 2020 election, the belief persists.”

            Flat fucking liars.

          3. (CN) — Following a criminal investigation, the Mesa County, Colorado, District Attorney’s Office concluded human error, not criminal fraud, caused anomalies identified in an election audit used to prop up county elections chief Tina Peters’ claims of voter fraud.

            Right. All the law enforcement is in on the conspiracy. That they deny there was a conspiracy is what proves there was a conspiracy.

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