Signature Verification

Some more accepted ballots from 2020 provided in part by Gateway Pundit. Just in case you are so flatly dumb, chicken brained, mentally impaired, and loser enough to think that the governments are even trying…..

This is how you add 400,000 DEMOCRAT votes to somewhere like Atlanta in a single election.

Also from Maricopa, unsigned envelopes. The first THREE have the same hand writing.

Hey Democrats, this will not stop until your half of the world can figure out this level of complexity:

Facebook video of yesterday’s Maricopa hearing.

5 thoughts on “Signature Verification

  1. I’m not at all sure what that declaration in several signature blocks is all about: “Unable to sign due to Covid-19 Restrictions” ???

    Passing a pen back and forth is restricted? No Lysol wipes or sanitizer gel “on-hand” — so to speak?

    Seriously, one infers that some operatives were instructed or some guidelines were published that suggested this specific language be used, and accepted as “verified”. Were I spending Kari Lake’s money I’d sic investigators into the weeds looking for the roots of that process — and counting how many ballot-envelopes were signed with that excuse. I’d wonder if this is a one-county interpretation of state law or if it’s — as the media says — “widespread”.

    Were any of these non-signature signatures rejected? Can we see samples for comparison? How weird does a note in the “signature block” have to be to get rejected?

    ” Dear Teacher,
    Bobby is sick and can’t follow school rules today.
    Bobby’s Mom. ”

    What’s the deal with verified ballot envelope marked “see enclosed note re: signature” ? I thought the process required the ballot ENVELOPE be verified before the enclosures (usually, only the ballot itself) was exposed. If you open the secrecy envelope looking for the “Please excuse Bobby” note, and see which way the ballot has been voted, doesn’t that bias how forgiving the authority might be regarding the excuse? That is, a Mars-leaning authority sees a ballot voted for Venus, with an excuse, might be less inclined to allow the ballot due to failures on the envelope, while a ballot marked for the preferred Martian candidate is forgiven envelope irregularities … The whole point of the envelope is to segregate decision-making about the voter from the vote. “See enclosed” seems, to me, to totally violate the principle, if not AZ law.

    How many “signatures” were obviously something OTHER than signatures, and is there any provision in law for authorities tasked to verify “signatures” to exercise any level of discretion about excuses, explanations, “X” marks with witnesses, proxies, etc?

  2. Would you mind posting your penned signature next to what you get when you fingerscribble across a screen ?

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