I do enjoy when leftists admit their bias, especially when it is unintentional. In politics, bias towards the inexplicable is 95% leftist, but boy do those leftist folks like to say “both sides” do it. Fascism, Communism, Socialism all require a significant amount of history denial in order to accept that they are functional and reasonable concepts. We have another century of well recorded fascist history now and we should know better than to want it.

Progressive socialism is the failed religion of personal austerity.

It is the religious belief of limitation for the greater good. e.g. stop eating meat, stop using energy, stop making useful things, stop traveling, stop working. etc.. All done to; save the ocean, save the polar bear, save the planet, butterflies, smaller fish, stop racism, on and on.

It has been progressive since 1906 and it is the only religion that admits it has failed but continually claims some kind of new socialism will be much better.

Those in power are the only winners. I have lots of questions for the deep thinker leftist crowd.

Brazil just lost their right to vote. Why do American voting machines hold the live voting data in China? What would China have to gain from such a thing?

Why is it so important to stop sea level rise that we would shut off energy production?? Considering that we have detected no increase in sea level rise for 150 years?

Why would you stop using Nitrogen fertilizer when you know it is a key component of your food?

Why would you stop using gas stoves, when they do no scientifically detected damage?

Why would you stop using working transportation when it is a century old technology and the only one we have?

You know the answer if you think about it. The leftists truly can’t figure this out. They are incapable of recognizing that the cult they cuddle with, is based on unscientific propaganda repeated endlessly into their minds. You can’t change them. I can’t change them. Nobody can. It’s so bad, they claim that KKK is conservative and there was some great evidence-free conservative migration from the south to the north and that is why conservatives are still the racist crowd. They do it simultaneously while promoting extra rights and MONEY for anyone but white skinned people.

The crazy crowd has become so extreme that they now ALLOW theft. It’s an ok and legal practice in many cities and politicians want you to allow these idiots into your homes “because they need it more than you”. There is no way to operate a business or live a life like that. The strife and dystopian destruction are going to be absolutely spectacular.

The reality is that humanity has a jealous nature. It’s deeply ingrained in our evolution. Jealousy led to survival and narcissism. That is the foundational concept of everything leftist. It is also the antithesis of the foundational concepts of christian religion.

So another example of leftist denialism showed up in the threads here yesterday.

I showed more completely fake signatures from the continued examination of Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 election yesterday.

And this is the comment I received:

Now Dr. Seitz is a leftist. I know that because he’s sideways attacking an obvious problem where a conservative would simply nod their head. The example signatures are unbelievably fake. However the good doctor won’t even take the time to examine the fact that these are ‘scanned documents’ and instead made the public implication that HE knew they were from a screen. You can figure this out pretty easily with proper mark-one level eyeballs and a jelly brain, but the endless links right here at tAV can tell you as well. The left side is a physical voter envelope exterior, with the scribble and an accepted stamp –not a screen. The right side is a clearly written voter declaration with the “clearly written signature” while the scribble is on the left side paper envelope that truly matters in an election. The left must match the right to be accepted and even the good doc recognized this.

The great thing about this is that it is an admission that the signatures DO NOT MATCH, along with the admission that the doc, DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, and further combined with the beautiful thing that SIGNATURES ARE NOT WORKING FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION. Thanks for teaching me doc, I’ve lost 20 IQ points discussing this.

Russell Seitz is not my lawyer.

I am exhausted with the rank stupidity of Democrat voters. It is time you woke up to the corruption and destruction your evil ideas are causing. That you have fallen for the media propaganda makes you equally culpable to those who fell for the Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao type speeches. You are true fools and it is time you learned –again.

You will not learn and we know that from history. Many innocent people will die in America in the next 20 years because of your lack of learning. Starvation, poverty, austerity and some random form of war. Gotta love the leftist jealousy.

It is very hard to teach a leftist, or else they wouldn’t be leftists.

3 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. Isn’t fascism just another form of socialism? It’s about state control, everyone working for the state and within the state. The two main examples of it both originated with socialist parties and in the UK Mosely was a member of the Labour party having left the Conservatives.

    It’s only relatively recently that the left have decided to redefine Fascist to allow them to no-platform anyone they disagree with…

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