Not All Wars are Created Equal

Wasn’t it during the Iraq war that people went nuts for not having an end game? Yes, yes it was. One of the only times the left has been right, except that I think it was pissed off conservatives pushing it. After Biden’s loser generals destroyed the Afghanistan win, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and throwing away more money than I will ever see, these same deep state fools are working very hard towards an actual WWIII with no actual goals for victory.

If we get nuked based on Democrat corruption, and we don’t even know why, I’m going to die really pissed off. The whole Ukraine situation has been a money laundering firm where a fraction of the giveaways come back to political operatives. Contracts, back room deals, 501c3’s, and a lot of Democrats and a few RINO’s (who are also democrats).

It is time for the deep state to articulate why we are supporting this corrupt nation to the tune of almost 100% of its entire GDP. Why are we involved? What is the endgame? When do we expect this to end?

I have answered all three of these questions but I expect the unelected, corrupt, grifter, potato president Brandon to spend at least a half hour ON his meds, even at 10 am, and bumble through a teleprompter message even though it will be all lies.

To answer three bold questions for the genius supporters of FJB,

  • To make Democrats and their friends wealthy from taxpayer funds
  • There isn’t one
  • When someone gets exposed for grift, there is regime change in America, Ukraine or Russia, or neutrons start flying, the war will end.

The state of the union will be a spectacular disaster — again. I do hope that if we get nuked to the stone age and we’re all relaxing in our dirt naps, that Putin started with DC, because they have truly earned it.

— the video below hit some larger news sites — I believe it was fake!

An entire fleet of B52’s went to Europe a few days ago. Good lord. What are these idiots thinking the good news will be?

17 thoughts on “Not All Wars are Created Equal

    1. Well, here’s good news. The most the war will go on is two more years – assuming you and TTV can keep the massive voter fraud to a minimum, Trump will end the war in a day after he takes office!

  1. MAN !!!
    You must be some sort of Putin stooge if you don’t blindly celebrate America’s involvement in Corruptistan.
    I get the reasons American Democrats want us in The Kraine, but all of the other nations???
    Are they also that deeply involved in the scams as well?
    Going to take a long, long, long trip back here:
    The “Oil for food” program was (up to that point) the world’s greatest corrupt-o-scam. I always suspected the reason the French were so adamantly against action against Iraq was because they were neck deep in it. I was always disappointed that the corruption was never exposed, but apparently, the Deep State is much older than I imagined.

          1. It isn’t artifacting from image compression, unless something was smoky on the same path in front of them, I don’t like it,

  2. Perhaps a significant reason for involvement of NATO (and NATO-leaning) countries is to sap Russian strength with the costs being materials and Ukrainian lives – much of the reasoning being that if Russia bears enough of a cost in Ukraine then it is less able/less likely to pursue further major expansion any time soon. If Russia is to re-establish full defense-in-depth then it would have to expand further after taking Ukraine.

    1. So here’s the story then. The us is committed to stabilizing the territories of both russia and Ukraine,

      Don like that

      The us is committed to protecting the remaining energy reserves for europe

      Don like that?

      The us is committed to maintaining open ports and seaways per international regulation

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