Gateway Pundit Review

I’m starting to think that the Gateway Pundit is the only site willing to report actual events in the world. The format of the site is so bad, that it is nearly unreadable, but the problem is that they keep reporting real facts that you will NEVER find on any other site. For the troll class here, I live in an information based world so whether they screwed up in the past or not, makes no difference to me. I’m not remotely claiming they did but lots of leftists claim that. When you are on the edge of real reporting, mistakes can happen.

TGP seems to have a group of reporters willing to take the heat of confrontation, and they are big enough that they have their own sources delivering inside information from things like Hunter’s “AND Joe’s” laptop. The computer itself was never owned by Joe, but Brandon’s access to confidential information is THE single key in the Biden’s access and espionage for money schemes.

We now know with great certainty, that the Biden’s were selling US information access to Burisma for millions of dollars. We know that Joe himself used the withholding of US aid to get the prosecutor investigating Burisma fired. We also learned that the Biden’s appear to be involved in virus development in Ukraine. All at Gateway, from emails that all actually have been exposed. Hate the Gateway all you want, but the facts still stand.

You have to get through endless LOW CLASS advertisements, uselessly repeated information, and poor writing, which really affects the reader. Truly poor presentation at the bottom edge of any news site on line and that is a huge turnoff for me. However, the actual data from the site is world class. You literally cannot find it anywhere else.

Joe and Hunter Biden are guilty of some very bad crimes. Things that used to get you hung. It’s a shame too, because the deep state appears to be planning to disallow Brandon’s next run. Brandon is a huge benefit for the honest folks because Americans need to overwhelm a vote fraud system with a built in advantage of 20 points for Democrats.

Either way, I’ve been born with an engineer brain and I will take information over presentation any day.

Zelensky shutting down Biden’s bioresearch on the day the war started.

Hunter sex from employee

Hunter didn’t file FARA

Kari Lake Investigated for felony — for sharing an inconvenient “public” document.

Bad election signatures — on and on.

For a very long time, I flatly refused to even read this site. As always, I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.

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