Climate Change Summary

Climate Scientist: We must implement economic changes to stop sea level rise.

JI: Sea level rise hasn’t changed in over a century and a half of industrialization.

Climate Scientist: You are not listening to what I told you.

JI: You said we must implement economic changes to stop sea level rise. I pointed out that sea level rise hasn’t changed due to human activity?

Climate Scientist: You are ignorant. All of climate science indicates that sea level rise will accelerate if we do nothing. There is consensus.

JI: First, many climate scientists disagree, but the big problem is that we are still waiting for sea level rise to change — even a little. We are supposed to be disappointingly underwater by now but there is no change.

Climate Scientist: Capitalism is destroying the planet, the environment is fragile.

JI: I understand your concerns for the environment, however there is no observed evidence of a change in the rate of sea level rise.

Climate Scientist: If we don’t change economically, hurricanes, droughts and floods will wipe us out.

JI: Since there is also no observed trend in hurricanes, droughts or floods for all of recorded history either, don’t you think more evidence would be needed to determine whether they would wipe us out?

Climate Scientist: OF COURSE more study is needed. That’s what I’m telling you, you idiot.

JI: So, economic change means more government money for study?

Climate Scientist:That is what I just said!!! And also we need to end capitalism.

JI: Ah.

It is time to end university study at this point. I have two boys who deserve proper education but I have no idea where to buy it. The propaganda these leftist morons absorb is simply too great to overcome. It has destroyed the single greatest government on Earth and it is only a short matter of time for you denier type folks to figure it out. The highly educated, know themselves to be amazingly open minded, super-scientific and yet they almost universally come to conclusions which do not represent reality, even in the slightest form. Very poor intellectual performance on gross display.

This is the history of our species. People literally cannot learn things they start out not believing.

Case in point.

5 thoughts on “Climate Change Summary

  1. [[It is time to end university study at this point. I have two boys who deserve proper education but I have no idea where to buy it.]]

    You’re looking at it: The Internet, the first true public university. You don’t need to pay hundreds of thousands to attend an expensively landscaped campus building and have some overpaid featherbedded union shop professor read to you out of his book, then cheat on your final exams with a box of past exams supplied by your fraternity. Study at your own speed on the Internet and get all the education you want. College degrees are getting to be worthless anyway. It’s not just what you know, but what you can do with it.

    When it comes to climate, I provide a complete college-level course via a series of online lessons, most of which started out as Quora articles.

    Start here:

    As to sea levels, hurricanes, Antarctic ice, try these:

    First take time to learn the simple and startling truth that the global Marxist politician-run U.N. IPCC octopus knew all along that the steampunk 19th cent. greenhouse gas warming theory is bunk, causing them to resort to a sleazy carnival trick of double-counting of energy to make their useful idiots who will bow to their Ministry of Truth and its demands for all the money and power that exists.

    Learn the history of global Marxism and how it seized on framing CO2 emissions as evil as their golden ticket to foisting global Marxism, plus how the IPCC is just part of a vast left-wing conspiracy that includes the WEF, the woke Communist Democratic Party et al.

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