Paper Tiger Hidden Dragon

Misdirection is a key to politics. When you see politicians yammering on a topic (misdirecting) that some news person didn’t ask about, we all know that is what is happening. When it is done by Gubmint, only Democrats believe.

In this post, as a non-spy but technically educated person, I am attempting to explain both the false message from the globalists and the reason this is important. There is some conjecture that will surely incite the troll class, but if you are an edcuated reader of care, this will make perfect sense.

The Chinese ‘Spy Balloon’ Story As Manufactured Crisis: An Alternative Reading

Read the story at risk to your own IQ, because it will cause damage. This is the kind of thing you don’t want to read if you vote left.

So the author wants you to believe that the air currents cannot be predicted a week in advance. It turns out that the concept is patently false. In fact, the general air currents circumnavigate the globe. A small bit of control to obtain the right altitude or a slight shift can make a huge difference.

Using this free online NOAA model available across the globe, you can even do it yourself!! After seeing this, I gave it a shot for a half hour. Not too hard to figure out.

Here is the bit from the fake, lying US defense department through the Washington Compost.

Payload wouldn’t offer much.

No serious intelligence threat.

This is what I wrote yesterday, and it makes more sense.

radio signals of all kinds are far less inter-combined when you are at 12 miles vs 300. This is probably a communication interceptor.

Jeff Id


The central hub in the best image appeared to me to be an optical telescope. This may or may not be the case but I don’t think that was the important bit.

A satellite will really struggle to pick up significant amounts of multiple regional radio communications. A parabolic dish can help over a small area, but if you want to see what is going on over a specific area at a distance of 300 miles altitude, you are definitely limited in time – satellites whip by quickly in orbit, and space — parabolic antennas (radio collimators) at that distance need to be very focused to pick up a couple of watts.

In this image, I see the potential for a nice long-wave antenna across those solar panels. A wide band receiver/transmitter setup on a balloon has a significant advantage to move quite a lot of relevant data. For instance, how will US ICBM sites react to an overfly? What communications do you pick up and what wavelengths need to be jammed?

If you want to decode the most encrypted military channels, you need a lot of data to practice with. A short message doesn’t provide enough pattern to run even the best decryption systems. Now China has a lot of that from military niceties in the Pacific region, if you think we use the same encryption and communication in the aging ICBM facilities, you are not paying attention.

The point is, that you can’t get certain information from a satellite. That is why all countries have layered intelligence gathering methods. Parabolic dishes are focused and ground-based horizontally focused line-of-site type transmissions could be nearly impossible to detect without a dedicated 22,000 mile station keeping satellite.

Even if I’m completely wrong about this particular spy balloon’s actual radio interception function, no nation would let a spy balloon (described by the Pentagon), overfly their main strategic defense facilities. Except for the US when run by an un-elected, corrupt potato.

From our side, we certainly have our own US dedicated giant parabola satellites in geostationary orbit which is at a MUCH higher orbit (22,000) miles, than most optical spy satellites. These satellites hover over the same point at all times and when positioned by the launch vehicle, directly over the US, are likely used primarily to spy on US citizens cell and radio transmissions. This is also conjecture but would be impossible to not be true and I wrote all of this before finding this link. Guess what you can do with a 100 freaking meter parabola? That type of satellite would be able to intercept sub-watt transmissions from a balloon and allow the defense group to potentially decode them. Also, if you know which China satellite is intended for receipt of the balloon info, you could actually overwhelm the receiver fairly easily from a ground station parabolic antenna transmission array. That kind of warfare is highly secret at this point, but pretty obviously exists as it is well within our technology to do so. Obviously, China knew all of this before consideration of building the balloon.

So… say you are China and you know you might get jammed. You need to send the data back home. You would use high power burst (short) transmissions on different frequencies with balloon level data storage and multiple retransmission from the balloon etc.. Perhaps if the balloon passes into an area where jamming is not possible, you may get successful receipt of your data. All done with huge parabolic antennae in geosynchronous orbit to receive the data. Maybe you drop a package for later pickup. EDIT, the video of the bright flash over Montana two days after the balloon passed seems to have disappeared from the internet. Odd. The contrail video is all that is left.

The whole time, data is being collected by both sides. What is the US response to spy overflight, what is China’s encryption style, what satellite do we think is picking up the signal? To call it not-serious and irrelevant, is a lie for the chicken brain citizen class to feel good, nothing more. Don’t be one of them.

All of this is conjecture based on my own understanding of technology and has nothing whatsoever to do with top secret documents I’ve ever seen or found in my garage. It all seems pretty basic, and I’m sure the real story is much bigger than my own imagination. After all, this was a high-visibility operation.

This was a very bold move by China, and it was in no way benign. I hope top secret Chinese spy balloon code name was ‘Paper Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ because otherwise, they missed a great opportunity. If you fall for the story of this being a big NOTHING, you are an idiot. That is not my fault.

49 thoughts on “Paper Tiger Hidden Dragon

  1. Is it possible Brandon was playing 14th dimensional chess with China and he let them float their spy balloon all across America because we were actually spying on the Chinese?

    1. I think it actually could be because some douche said they were jamming the signal. China should expect that though. It’s very difficult to jam light transmission by our current technology. A small light transmitter on the top of the balloon would cause another level of mess for the jammers.

      There is no way you want the other guy to collect data actively unless you are dumping fake data into their system. Because they waited until the ocean to down it, I think some woke fk got involved and talked about “risk”. Prolly Josh.

      1. China has unlimited assets already in America.
        Maybe the balloon was the decoy to have Brandon think he was jamming the collection of data when in reality, the data was being collected on the ground?????

        1. I have the bacon in and am recording my work. I’m no chef but Hopefully this works well.

          Taking photos and notes.

        2. I’m doing less sugar less salt

          3tbsp salt
          2 tbsp pepper
          1 tsp heaped prague powder
          1/2 cup maple syrup

          In bag with pork belly.

          7 days. Maybe 6 cause Saturday may be the day.

          1. My problem is that I don’t always follow instructions/directions very well…….
            That’s why the next time I’m going to use the INSTRUCTIONS verbatim !

    1. Although it’s sad that “conservatives” will exploit fear and faux “national security” nonsense and anti-Chinese sentiment for political expediency.

      Not remotely surprising or new in any way, but it is sad.

      1. The funniest part being how the newly minted non-interventionists re Ukraine show what phonies they are when something happens with China.

        As if it wasn’t all just partisanship bullshit. Never let a chance to exploit fear about national security go to waste.

        Like the years and years of the “war on terror.”

        1. No different than the exploitation of Afghanistan for political expediency.

          Trump makes arrangements to pull out of Afghanistan = “Yay big daddy, we’re not the world’s policeman. We must put a stop to these endless wars.”

          Biden pulls out of Afghanistan = “Democrats are treasonous pussies. NATIONAL SECURITY, NATIONAL SECURITY!!”. HEAD FOR THE BUNKERS!!”

          1. Link it. You apparently have no clue as to what my “side” is.

            Although you’ll insist that you do even though you don’t. Same unfalsifiable bullshit you always use to convince yourself you’re right.

        1. Just curious –

          Which would have you cowering in fear more?

          If it happened under Trump and he know about it and did nothing about it?

          Or if it happened under Trump and he didn’t know anything about it?

          1. > because it did not happen

            And you know this because the military, Pentagon, Esper, and Bolton say so. And you have 100% confidence in whatever they say.

          2. And btw, this is perfect in another way.

            China’s balloon drifts over the US and half the country wants to imprison the president for treason.

            You’d think maybe we’d have learned from years of the same dynamic, where Russia crazed half the country with minimal investment.

            But no adversary of the US ever lost out by over-estimating the paranoia of the American public.

          3. > Because nobody leaked it.

            Perfect. Just like all your unfalsifiable arguments.

            We know it didn’t happen ’cause no one leaked it.

            We know there’s a conspiracy ’cause they deny there’s a conspiracy.

          4. OK – new version.

            Which has you cowering more in fear?

            If it happened during Trump’s administration and was never detected?

            It if happened during Biden’s administration and they detected it and decided what to do and shot it down?

  2. Speaking of hot air, wind, international corporate conglomerates, socialism, state-directed technology, taxes and subsidies:

    A decade ago, wind driven balloons as power generators:

    Now, wind driven systems as money sinks:

    Soon: Wind and weather control (how ELSE do you make an unpowered aircraft follow a pre-determined course?)

    1. In the image of the balloon, my eyes want to see two fans at the base of the solar cell arms. I can’t convince myself tho.

  3. I bought a drone. DJI Air 2s? I thought it might be useful on the farm, but haven’t mastered it yet to the confidence stage.
    It is an extremely remarkable bit of gear. Marvellous!
    When I plug in my phone and switch it on it upgrades the software/firmware whatever.
    So. Somewhere in China there is a computer which knows precisely where and when my drone is and has been operating. Or could if it wanted to.
    Maybe even with UHD video.

    1. Chinese government owns everything made in China. If there is some perceived advantage, they would slip it through. I can’t imagine wanting the volume of data produced by personal drones screwing around but maybe.

      Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. This is old news at this point. The quote itself is many years old. So it’s fairly well known but still impressive everytime one hears it.

    Yes the higher the altitude the slower the ‘speed of sound’ becomes. So while the Mach value may be higher the actual absolute speed is dependent.

    Apparently the PW F-119 maintains both its power and efficiency at high altitude and yes, allows for near Mach 2 supercruise.

    Years back, one of the first F-22 squadron and later wing commanders, callsign “Dozer”, would frequent aviation forums and entertain questions and confirmed unequivocally that the Raptor is a Mach 2 class aircraft. And that that means Mach 2+

    Furthermore, he basically said the engines produce more thrust than the airframe can handle without damage. And this is more a limiting factor in terms of operational speed than any lack of power. Which isn’t an issue.

    He basically hinted that if not careful, an F-22 pilot could damage and or tear the airframe due to excessive speed since enough friction/heat/loading/forces can be generated to damage the RAM/skin and or warp/stress the airframe structure. This was a happy surprise to say the least!

    And finally the F-22 also has no problem gaining and maintaining altitude up and over 65K, again according to Dozer. He estimated somewhere in the 70-75K range as far as aircraft operational ceiling goes.

    However the lack of a pressure suit limits the ceiling to around 63,000 during peace time/non emergency operations, as any loss of cockpit pressure above that altitude could kill the pilot via the bends.

    So along with the original wing root IRST system, radar cheek arrays and helmet mounted display, we can add a pressure suit to our wish list for how to make the Raptor even more deadly/impressive.

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