Swamp Things

I don’t like General Mattis, if rumors of his overstepping decisions with respect to Trump are true, he deserves something very severe. I’m thinking apple tree style severe – after a proper trial. However, he made a comment – while lying about China’s spy program to the press, which aligns with what I wrote before. Before he said anything truthful, he said this:

I don’t mean to make light of it, but don’t worry that it suddenly was able to find things out that satellites up in lower orbit weren’t spotting already.

Now this is a lie, we know it’s a lie and I have explained why it is a lie. Balloons are closer to earth, can separate radio signals better, and have longer time over target. These are things satellites will struggle with. In addition, they are naturally stealthy. The general gets this part right when discussing historical radar signals but he gave away a little more than he may have realized.

Now, if you go back and look, that isn’t an ice storm over the Aleutians. That was a balloon.

The balloon travels with the weather and ice storms also reflect radar. This makes them naturally stealthy because they are nearly impossible to discern from weather patterns.. That comment represents the general admitting that the problem is so severe, they may have to go back and review the radar records to find historic spy balloons from China.

Do you know when fighters were first scrambled? Over Montana is the best information I can find. Why wait until Montana?

That is because they didn’t know the nice Chinese balloon was there!!

This thing appears to have traveled over Alaska, over Canada, into Montana’s ICBM ranges before it was reacted to.

They claimed they were jamming it

They claimed Trump did it too

Then the whole swamp filled Trump admin denied it

Then they claimed Trump wasn’t informed

Then they claimed they just discovered it after Trump left office

Now they claim it is only a balloon

I’m telling you that WE have no reason to believe that anyone outside of China knew it existed until it reached Montana.

Tucker Carlson did a good piece on it yesterday.

Hopefully, we are done with Balloons for a bit. It’s boring and stupid.

7 thoughts on “Swamp Things

  1. The interlocking conspiracies just get bigger and bigger every day. ‘Cause we’ve already been told this never happened.

    > “As NORAD commander, it’s my responsibility to detect threats to North America,” Gen. Glen D. VanHerck, who oversees the North American Aerospace Defense Command, told reporters during a news briefing. “I will tell you that we did not detect those threats. And that’s a domain awareness gap that we have to figure out.”

    Oh, speaking of conspiracies here’s a good one for ya’.


      1. Yeah – you were right. It never happened under Trump. ‘Cause if it had it would have been leaked. You’re batting 100% with your unfalsifiable claims.


        1. Groomer fight:

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