Near-Space Travel. No Man’s Land

When I started the Air Vent, back in 2008, one of my main thoughts was to simplify real science for the public. I have a very unique personality regarding learning, in that I’m ridiculously curious about how things work. I even admit I’m wrong when convinced, which is a very unusual characteristic for a human. I like almost every thoughtful endeavor and will try learning most anything. I’ve likely done something in most every field from medical, robotics, computers, law, music, engines, math, optics, electronics. On and on and on.

I write real science because there is a lot of fake science in this world and the math makes its assessment inaccessible to most humans. If you use words like stochastic, people shut off. There is no communication with anyone except those who have studied the field, however without the word, you are really unable to communicate the concept. In other words, that particular word is of ‘almost’ no use unless you are actually doing work in that field and communicating to people who live in that field. The key for tAV, is to avoid using it, until it is needed.

Another Ian stuck me with a new link to Balloons. Balloons are apparently are eternal and to my chagrin, will apparently never leave the blog. The link shows, in different terms, what I was trying to explain in previous posts. This recent China balloon is the farthest thing from benevolent. It has uniquely superior and also inferior characteristics to spy satellites and anyone who tells you different (MATTIS) is a liar. A flat liar. It was designed to spy on a very specific set of criteria AND it was expected to succeed despite knowing whatever jamming abilities America possesses.

Ian’s link contained another link which is very interesting. China is in an all-out development of near space vehicles that Mattis claims to think reveal the same information as satellites.

Cool china “near space” balloon development company. Designed to be too high to shoot down, and 10x better resolution than a satellite AND can hover over a specific location for an extended period of time. ALL things I told you guys the other day. Because they are obvious to a technical person.

Now of course a spy balloon would be made by a military contractor. This is what the Author wrote at the second link above.

I can’t imagine why common-or-garden weather balloons, used all over the world, should be manufactured by a military supplier in China.  Nor can I imagine why that company should suddenly scrub all information from its Web site about its military connections when they learned that their connection to the military had been publicized.

I’m likely going to check out the authors books at the link as well as they may be fun.

P.S., the F22 just anticlimactically exceeded its publicly rated flight altitude to shoot it down.

9 thoughts on “Near-Space Travel. No Man’s Land

  1. > I even admit I’m wrong when convinced,

    And there we see the excape hatch into a mechanism of unfalsifiability.

    > which is a very unusual characteristic for a human.

    A lot of people admit they’re wrong when convinced.

    1. I dismiss any evidence that indicates the efficacy of masks is uncertain.

      Ergo, there’s no evidence that the efficacy of masks is uncertain.

      Ergo, it’s proven that masks have no effect.

      But I’d admit I was wrong if convinced.

      I love it.

        1. > You have provided zero evidence which shows uncertainty.

          It’s cute how you stomp your feet and play make believe.

          Even the study you referenced spelled it out explicitly how you’re mistaken.

          1. And Jesus. If you just bothered to look you’d find studies with a range of findings (across different contexts), some showing no effect, some showing an effect. Your claims are just weird.

        2. “And Jesus. If you just bothered to look you’d find studies with a range of findings (across different contexts), some showing no effect, some showing an effect”

          This is false. Stop blabbering anf prove me wrong.

          Controlled study with reduction in viral spread. Come on chicken brain:

          1. I assume by controlled you mean, RCT…well there are some out there. Not my problem if you haven’t done a comprehensive enough search to find them.

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