Anthropocentric Anthropogenics AKA Osmotic Learning

A characteristic of one political class is that they always double down on fake claims, even when proven wrong, and it doesn’t matter how absurd it gets. For instance, there is absolutely no such thing as transgender. When one mask fails, just use two!! You cannot be a cat just because you want to, at least with current technology, and your idea that your sexual fantasies must be held by others is incredibly selfish of YOU, not us. And don’t even get me started on economics. When things go wrong with their made-up facts, these people don’t seem to learn anything, they just stomp their feet, call you a racist or a bigot and demand YOU change.

World-renowned idiot Greta Thunberg, predicted five years until the end of the world based on her one hundred percent study-free understanding of global warming Climate Science™. Her lack of study (osmotic learning) has again come back to bite her in the (gender part of her choosing) and she was forced to quietly delete her prediction from 2018 that the world would end by 2023. Whell, one would suspect that as this fateful day approached, it would be time for a bit of self-reflection or perhaps an increase in study and acquisition of knowledge such that embarrassing errors could be avoided in the future.



that is not the case,

not this time.

That is not the way this is done…

Instead, what you do is you delete the offending tweet, and replace it with a new prediction. Ala Al Gore.

Now the world will end in 8 years, which I do have to admit probably sounds a lot better to a person who has only lived for like 20 years but to those of us past the half-century mark, it doesn’t seem that far away. What her lack of study has caused, however, is a much bigger problem than she realizes. Not only did the world FAIL to end, no actual climate change was detected. There has been no measured warming whatsoever since 2015.

One hundred percent of climate models overpredicted warming.

There has been no change severe weather of any kind throughout all of human measured history.

There has been no change in the rate of sea level rise throughout all of human measured history.

Polar bears, penguins, fish and butterflies have not needed to respond or adapt in any way to anthropogenic climate change, because it simply didn’t happen.

Those of a more serious mind are left to wonder, what will exactly cause this ending of the world when nothing in climate is changing in any measured way. With an osmotic learner having the caliber of Greta, such things are obvious, and it is YOU educated studiers who are the dim-witted ones who need to listen to her “more natural” form of thought. When you think of it, study is kind of racist and misogynistic anyway.

The left is nothing if not vain, whatever it is, it is humans fault and the solution is always the same — socialist takeover of freedom. The projected narcissism of assumed superior thought is literally nauseating. Below is another example of the left “teaching” us how to think.

The helpful professor by Chris Drew PhD who claims to provide expert “consensus” study techniques for stupid people. We do love ‘consensus’ thinkers around here at noconsensus, don’t we. If you want to know how to study — do it. If the information doesn’t stick or doesn’t make sense, do it again or maybe try basket weaving. EDIT: I would write a book on how to study, but it would only have one page.

The thing that got me is how Chris Drew is literally his own meme.

We fail to make drastic changes as a species to preserve ecological balance.

The good doc is so brainwashed, that he literally uses the example of Athropocentrism as valuing human life above all others, while failing to recognize that he just assigned the responsibility and blame for all of the bad things in ecology to those very same humans. The ignorance, narcissism, vanity and (self-own style) antrhopocentrism in the same space simultaneously is actually spectacular. Imagine being a student subjected relentlessly to this soft bigotry of this widely accepted yet objectively false propaganda.

Anyway, that’s the end of my screed this morn’. I get wound up about the dumbest things with the tiniest brains.

5 thoughts on “Anthropocentric Anthropogenics AKA Osmotic Learning

  1. A good comment without pulling punches which is also my style. the first climate article I read today, mainly because my links are in alphabetical order! This is also the first of 24 climate and energy articles I will read and recommend today.

    I do object to calling thundering Greta an idiot. She is making herself and her patents rich from climate change whining. An idiot could not do that. Only a well-trained leftist parrot could do that. Greta is a trained parrot of climate junk science:

    Richard Greene
    Ye Editor
    Bingham farms. Michigan

    1. We’ve known for a decade via Spain, England and Germany that “Green” is a failure.
      Yet the Einstein’s in America think it will be different here

      1. Leftist leaders in the EU, UK, US, Australia and Canada are like the Star Trek borg. Their useful idiot followers are like a flock of trained parrots.

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