The Most Interesting Article On the Internet

Conservative Treehouse has an article up reanalyzing the capitol protests of 1/6 giving the only plausible explanation I’ve heard for what was going on with the lack of security and timing of events. This was left in the comment threads by Another Ian and is absolutely worth everyone’s time.

Why did the police allow people into the capitol?

Why did they unlock security doors giving access to the building?

Why did the feds break windows for the protestors?

Why didn’t Nancy allow the national guard to protect the congress?

We all know darned well that nothing happens in Washington without a plan. The whole thing needed to happen in a carefully timed manner and CTH may have figured it out.

21 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Article On the Internet

  1. Not interesting to me

    January 6 is not an election decision day,
    it is just a counting day for data previously supplied by 50 states.

    There was no evidence even close to being sufficient to delay the January 6, 2021 count. And it was only delayed by a few hours.

    In all the years this county has existed, there was only one incident when the electoral count was challenged. Smarmy Vice President Thomas Jefferson challenged the electoral vote and deviously got it changed to make him the President rather than the loser.

    Mike Pence did what he had to do, and was expected to do, on January 6, 2021. He was not armed with sufficient evidence to delay the official count for even one minute. Even if he did delay the count, that does not mean any state would have changed their even one electoral vote.

    (NOTE: I am 99.9% certain there was a lot of election fraud in 2020, but the Dumbocrats got away with it. Fraud has to be stopped at the state level, not in Washington DC on January 6).

    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan

      1. I have lived in Oakland County since 1977 and your claim is complete baloney. The potential problems with the 2020 election were in Wayne County, which includes Detroit. There were a very suspicious number of ballots delivered for tabulating after midnight on election day. That suggests ballot harvesting and illegal votes. However, suspicions do not change a single vote.

        Individual ballots and envelopes must be audited for fraud. And each vote can be cancelled if fraud is proven. That is a vA very time consuming investigation, probably not possible by January 6.

        Those state investigations are resisted by politicians of both parties, who want the public to believe they got their jobs in fair elections.

        The suspicious voting patterns in Detroit and in three other states’ urban areas could have changed the results of the election. I suspect they would have. (The wife and I voted for Trump, by the way.)

        State election fraud can not be investigated or changed from Washington DC. Each state is in charge of its election. It’s a shame that at least those four states (MI, GA, AZ and MN) states were unwilling to investigate the late ballot deliveries on often captured on video. … The 2022 election in AZ was like a third world nation election.

        1. “I have lived in Oakland County since 1977 and your claim is complete baloney. The potential problems with the 2020 election were in Wayne County, which includes Detroit.”

          you are wrong. I’ve shown you the voting data. When you can explain how a vote ratio jumps that many sigma off the vote curve, I will listen. In the meantime, you might want to pay attention to those who do math.

          1. I do pay attention and have placed over one hundred election fraud articles on my blogs since 2020. Biden won Oakland County with 56.3% of the vote, which was in the ballpark or pre-election polls. Democrats did even better in 2022. Oakland County did not have the suspicious after midnight ballot arrivals, as happened in Detroit (Wayne County)

            You can present numbers and charts until the cows come home: There is no high-level evidence of 2020 election fraud in Oakland County Michigan. There is high level evidence in Wayne County Michigan for 2020, but those suspicions did not change the vote.

            Biden beat Trump by 154,188 votes in Michigan in 2020, It is possible that election fraud changed the winner, but 154,189 illegal votes would take a long time to find, if they existed, assuming anyone bothered to look.

            Your claims about Oakland County, Michigan are completely alse.


          2. Richard and Jeff, why can’t you discuss the numbers in Oakland County and come to an agreement about what actually happened in the 2020 election.
            You both have strong opinions on the matter.


      2. As always, this probability was calculated under the assumption that voters throughout the state all have identical preferences and beliefs. If you believe voters in Wayne county and voters in Monroe county have the exact same beliefs, then the calculated probability is valid. If you don’t believe that, the calculated probability is bullshit.

        Jeff, you can say you don’t believe the numbers, or you can do a more thorough statistical analysis, but why give bullshit statistics?

        1. “As always, this probability was calculated under the assumption that voters throughout the state all have identical preferences and beliefs.”

          The probability of a subset of voters being off of the norm is what this is calculated on. Many vote groups are off the norm. If you have a long-tailed problem, you need to question the data and why it becomes long tailed. Long tail-usually means a little. When you get this many sigma off the normal, you start to get into “this is stupid” type probability issues.

        2. Hey Cliffclavenoffinance,
          I had a quick look at those election results you posted.
          What stood out was in general Trump increased his vote by 10% in most of those electorates. Whereas Biden had a large increase in vote compared to Clinton.

          Had there been large increases in population in these electorates???


    1. The article is interesting (to me) because most of jan 6th was about the Democrats ensuring that Trump could never be President again by declaring him an “insurrectionist” and that of course is what the “commission” was all about.
      I agree that the electoral process is a state one and it was mostly wrapped up weeks earlier……
      But you don’t think that the people that wrote the Constitution had a federal remedy for a challenged/stolen/fraudulent election?

      1. It is interesting to anyone not stuffing their head in the sand. The author truly did a great job researching and describing his findings.

  2. Can’t remember where I saw this pointed this out as a popularity proxy (might have been tAV?) but Trump has ~87.4M Twitter followers, Biden has ~30M

  3. I don’t live in the US but I have watched the last several elections in real time. My time was 8 am to 2 pm on the Wednesday.
    By 2 pm Trump was way ahead everywhere and I went and did some work.
    Big surprise when I check in again our Thursday ( your Wednesday night) and Biden is the winner. All the states that had shut down had hundreds and thousands of votes for Biden in the early hours of the morning.
    What complete rubbish of an election. 5 th World.

    My understanding of the January 6 th events was that was the day that certification counts were to be attended to in Congress.
    The Trump plan was two motions regarding the fraud were to be brought before congress. Minutes away from this happening Congress was shut down.
    Three hours later under new rules the process started again but the motions regarding the fraud disappeared from the agenda.
    My understanding is that if the motions regarding the fraud were tabled ( what ever they call it) then regardless of whether the motions passed or failed that would give people standing to bring the fraud before the Supreme Court.
    The point of the “emergency” was to prevent the fraud motions from proceeding and then certifying Bidan as the winner of the election.

    Thus all the censorship, and attacks on Maga people by law enforcement etc.


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