A Very Weak Reply to Arizona Supreme Court

You would think that in a modern country, the law regarding voting would be specific and easy to follow. One party in America, doesn’t actually need to follow the law and is perfectly happy to make up new law at any point of their choosing. The other party is at best, better at following the law. The courts, on the other hand, do whatever they want to. I have no idea why lawyers need a license excepting to keep them in line while completely idiotic decisions are rendered.

Kari Lake asserted that receipts were not collected on election day at Left-wing Runbeck corporation that apparently illegally took possession of all of the ballots in Maricopa. Per Arizona law, ballots are required to move from the ballot collection areas to a county counting center with multiple party observers. This illegal activity was sanctioned by the county and is not Runbeck’s fault. Runbeck scanned AND STORED all of the identifying information on the envelopes and provided data to the county for “verification” – where other unlawful processes were continued. During Runbeck’s possession of these ballots, there were no observers. There were no controls preventing Runbeck from altering signature information – I am not accusing them of that. In addition, there are no controls or observers preventing Runbeck from sharing signature information, not that I’m accusing them of such. There is nothing to prevent the Democrats from gaining access to this information and filling out stacks of ballots in future elections. I have no information that Democrats are doing that, but why the hell wouldn’t they?

For my democrat readers, would you let me have this information? You can trust me.

During early voting, Runbeck practiced ballot receipt procedures where the number of ballots coming in were counted before scanning. On election day, these records have not been provided and even after MONTHS, Kari Lake cannot get access to them.

Kari has filed to the state supreme court in the hopes that some dude in a dress will follow the law. Good luck to her on that one. Now only conservative lawyers may not lie in court, it is perfectly acceptable and even expected for leftists to lie.

Moreover, she is asserting this new factual theory for the first time in her Petition for Review. Indeed, in her Complaint, Lake alleged that the chain of custody records for early ballot packets dropped off on Election Day did not exist. (Lake

App. at 062, Compl. ¶ 112(a).) Now that Lake’s allegation was definitively disproven and those records admitted at trial, she has changed the allegation and mischaracterized the record to make yet another fantastical claim.

The missing information was definitively never addressed, and the lawyers are playing games to cover this up using other documents in proxy for the ones which are supposed to exist. The receipts in the boxes are not the form required of the receiving facility as SHALL be provided under Arizona law. None of this should be a real question as Maricopa could just provide the documents and the problem goes away.

The problem for Maricopa is….

the documents do not exist.

Because the law was broken.

On March 21, the court will decide if the court is willing to decide. That is all it is doing. This whole documents exist or not is just a sideshow but is in fact, a major breach of chain of custody. The arguments presented by Maricopa are for dismissal without hearing and fail to address the numerous complaints in the Lake filing. Without consideration by the supreme court, this will end just like the first judge did to 8 of 10 counts in Kari’s lawsuit. Refusal to hear arguments on vote fraud has been the Democrats ONLY defense so far. If the extreme court of Arizona allows the judge’s terrible decisions regarding the burden of proof to become precedent, there will be no successful challenges to vote fraud claims in AZ ever again. Another dictatorial utopia is born.

The short filing by Maricopa is here:

Remember the rule — a court decision must not make sense.

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