The Big Lie

Do we still call it that? If anyone has more images or links to different video’s, leave links in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. Sorry –

    I really am gone but if this is even remotely try its just too perfect to not do a drive by:

    Trump, now waging his third White House bid, told attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this month that it’s time to “change our thinking” on early and mail-in voting. And in speeches and fundraising emails, he’s touting his campaign’s plans to encourage “ballot harvesting,” the practice of allowing third parties to collect and turn in other voters’ ballots. His party, he said, has “no choice” but to beat “Democrats at their own game.”

    Have fun, boyz.

  2. It is unfortunate that ballot harvesters rarely get prosecuted. They can always claim they were delivering a ballot for their sick grandmother, but with a stack of ballots that would be easy to refute.

    While these alleged mule photographs show the final step in vote harvesting, THEY CAN NOT CHANGE A SINGLE VOTE. Every mule could be prosecuted and thrown in prison, but not one vote will change simply because a mule delivered it. Many conservatives don’t understand that.

    Why are there so many “spare” ballots out there that can be harvested? Because million of ballots got mailed to every name on the state voter rolls. So millions of those ballots went to people who had moved to another stat or were deceased. There are probably illegal aliens on the lists too.

    The result is that millions of extra ballots were mailed out and probably Democrats delivered enough of them to be counted on Election Day to make sure Biden won.

    The inaccurate voter rolls are in BOTH Democrat controlled and Republican controlled states.

    Two high level polls that strongly support the claim of massive election fraud in 2020, but don’t change a single vote:

    18 of 19 bellwether counties preferred Trump but Biden won — unprecedented in bellwether county polling.

    The Census after Election Day poll has a sample that always included people who did not vote, but claimed they did vote. A common lie. When comparing actual votes with claimed votes, there were up to nine million more claimed votes than actual votes. But in 2020, there was an unprecedented result: Four million fewer votes were claimed in the poll, based on a sample, than were actually counted. Did people vote on Election Day and then tell the Census pollers they did not vote? Very unlikely.

    Ballots delivered after midnight on Election Day are also suspicious, but the time they show up does not change the vote. They get counted anyway.

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