War on Plastic

This is yet another bowl “movement” that cannot be understood by thinking humans. At this point, I’m pretty certain that the left is at war with common sense. Plastics are amazing in that they are easily processed, widely available, nearly limitless, nicely recyclable, and they even sequester perfectly good working plant food for very long periods of time. For decades the auto-detractor, (good equals bad) crowd have looked for a solution to this unmitigated technological success. They aren’t finding significant poisons in water and they literally photoshop straws onto turtles. This kind of propaganada keeps occurring because of the need for ….

Now it is plasticosis.. a word defined in Webster’s leftopedic dictionary, meaning that you have a condition we cannot explain so we shall explain it thusly.

The big takeaway from the “science” is, don’t dump trash in the highly trash-mobile environment called the ocean. This is because stupid people animals eat it and get tummy aches. A valid concern.

I had someone tell me that we need to make sure plastics are recycled. This kind of odd conversation happens very often when you are the center of attention for a lot of people.

Being the curious type, I asked why?

The answer was… because they last forever.

Being a natural skeptic is fine, however I was layered with a second curse of being born with a non-working mouth filter. Naturally my idiot came out and generated a new question before it could be stopped. I said — so do rocks, do we need to recycle those?

Of course, the very nice lady I was speaking with went into quiet mode and that ended the conversation. I’m often shocked how single-layer people think which is yet another deficiency of mine we could talk about.

When you look on line for damages to X created by plastic, you find some very speculative and dogmatically esoteric discussions. Yeah, I wrote it – dogmatically esoteric. It’s true though dammit. Like the complete lack of change in sea level rise, NOBODY can find any significant damage from plastics.

WARNING: Nothing in this post requires or recommends you eat lego’s.

2 thoughts on “War on Plastic

  1. From the abstract:
    “there is potential for macroplastic exposure to induce direct and indirect pathology through microplastics”

    There is also the POTENTIAL that aliens from space will land near the White House and demand to see our leader.

    There is the POTENTIAL that I will win the lottery this week.

    1. Hey Thecliff…..

      You were very critical of the idea that January 6 th was an opportunity to address the voting fraud and Mr Id kindly laid out the extent of the fraud in your state in his next post.
      Why didn’t you defend your position regards to the size and extent of the voting fraud he shows happened in the 2020 election.


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