I Am Just Lucky I Guess

I do hate talking about vote fraud, because it is incredibly depressing to me. First and foremost, people who don’t do math can’t understand how gobsmackingly obvious these two graphs are. Some folks who do math try to explain it away with a hand waive.

I posted this information with links and data with the claim that this was absolute proof of widespread vote fraud. I did that well before the images or video of ballot mules dropping ballots ever existed. I showed evidence even before the election. I wrote it back in 2020 regarding multiple states but Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan were my favorite examples.

Guess where the ballot mules were found?

Guess where the Zuckerbucks were illegally spent?

Now I was either right, or just lucky but apparently only I’m aware of which one. Since my claims were made, 2000 mules came out, numerous confirming pieces of evidence have been released. These pieces are “evidence” of vote fraud — and they correlate in time, magnitude and location with the statistical anomalies I had already claimed were PROOF of widespread vote fraud.

Here is a list of most of the things presented at tAV.

I’ve shown the data already in graphs – see above for example.
I’ve linked the data numerous times for your own use.
I’ve shown pictures of ballot dumps including the use of Cell phone images for payment.
I’ve shown video of how the ballot dumps occur.
I’ve shown confessions of people being paid to dump ballots
I’ve shown video of trucks dropping off ballots in the middle of the night, well after collection hours
– as though it takes 7 hours to drive from Detroit to Detroit.
I’ve shown the locations where ballots were handed out for dropoff
I’ve shown bad signatures obviously not related to the registered voter.
I’ve shown the same person dropping off stacks of ballots multiple times.
I’ve presented a 400,000 vote increase in only the Atlanta area and ONLY for one party.

Now the argument is — Jeff your statistics are bad. Which I admit, they are very basic by design. This limits people’s ability to disagree. There is no reason to go deeper into a distribution because when you are 10114 off of the normal distribution, you know right away you have a problem – well I do anyway.

Of course, since the argument is that my statistics are bad, that means I just got lucky MULTIPLE TIMES in identifying WHERE the fraud happened months before the video evidence came out.

Shoulda played the lotto instead.

Atlanta Georgia Ballot Mule Tracking by Cell Data – 2022

7 thoughts on “I Am Just Lucky I Guess

  1. “I do hate talking about vote fraud, because it is incredibly depressing to me”
    Boy, Howdy do I get that !!!!

    “people who don’t do math ”

    The math is the easy part. It’s the graphs and statistical analysis that’s the hard part for me to get. (Business stats was 40 years a go !!!)

        1. I knew what you meant. I’m really just making noise about Nepal, who is a good guy but the reality is that I’ve written this stuff since well before all the other evidence came out.

          It takes a significant amount of resolve to claim that I was actually incorrect statistically based on an argument that means a vote distribution can be non-normal – a fact that I’ve pointed out from the beginning — considering that the other evidence has confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was actually correct.

          1. Now, anomalies are the things I do understand well.
            They do happen.
            But they stand alone, not with tons of other documenting/supporting data.

          2. Anomalies do happen, and they can be surprising. What they can’t do, is be that far off the normal distribution without a very clear explanation. This is so obvious to me that I knew immediately what I was looking at.

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