Kari Lake Attorney’s Reply to Maricopa Lies

As usual Gateway Pundit is the nearly the only organization willing to report election fraud news. Also, as usual I have something to add to the discussion.

I wrote about the weak-assed reply Maricopa submitted to the AZ supreme court here. I even stated that the Maricopa filing was a lie.

Now only conservative lawyers may not lie in court, it is perfectly acceptable and even expected for leftists to lie.

Jeff Id

Moreover, she is asserting this new factual theory for the first time in her Petition for Review. Indeed, in her Complaint, Lake alleged that the chain of custody records for early ballot packets dropped off on Election Day did not exist. (Lake

App. at 062, Compl. ¶ 112(a).) Now that Lake’s allegation was definitively disproven and those records admitted at trial, she has changed the allegation and mischaracterized the record to make yet another fantastical claim.

Maricopa Filing

In the linked pdf above — this is the opening statement.

Petitioner Kari Lake respectfully submits this reply solely to correct misstatements of the record made by Contestee/Governor Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, and Maricopa County (collectively “Respondents”) in their respective Responses to Lake’s Petition for Review. In an effort to distract the Court from the core issues, all three Responses attempt to miscast the Petition as primarily raising new and contradictory disputes of fact concerning Maricopa’s violation of Arizona chain-of-custody laws. It does not.

So Maricopa is now accused of making factual misstatements to the Supreme Court of Arizona.

Additional evidence demonstrating that Maricopa failed to maintain CoC is the fact Maricopa has not been able to produce Delivery Receipts documenting the transfer of EDDB ballots to Runbeck on Election Day. Appx:276-77, 280 (Tr., 179:01-180:16, 183:1-5) (Honey).

This is the golden bit, where the Maricopa attorneys are called out for LYING outright in court. My bold in Lake’s reply.

Second, to mislead this Court, Respondents conflate different chain-of-custody forms, just as they did at the court of appeals. Contrary to Respondents’ arguments, Lake has always maintained that the Maricopa County Delivery Receipt forms with “the precise count of the [drop box] ballots” leaving MCTEC to be delivered to Runbeck do not exist for drop box ballots retrieved on Election Day (“EDDB ballots”). Appx.336-37, 339-40 (Tr. 179:01-180:16, 182:20-183:16).

I wonder if there will be any sanctions levied on the Maricopa lawyers for what I’m calling blatant perjury.

A Runbeck employee witnessed and testified regarding ballots being placed into the count outside of the polling station. The receipt records would prevent such behavior as that is exactly what they were designed to do and the reason they are required by law in Arizona. Also, the number of ballots in question is sufficient to flip the entire election.

In her reply brief below, Lake showed that the number ballots Runbeck received on Election Day and recorded on the MC Inbound—Receipt of Delivery4 forms cited by Hobbs, including all EDDB ballots received from MCTEC, totaled 263,379 ballots. Id. In her answering brief below, Hobbs also included a defense trial exhibit, MC Incoming Scan Receipt forms, which showed that Runbeck scanned a total of 298,942 ballots on Election Day—an unaccounted for discrepancy of 35,563 ballots. Id. (addressing Hobbs’ answering brief).

It is actually a really, really obvious case with a remedy that is equally obvious that democrats will not like. No court has done the right thing however, and as always….. court decisions must not make sense.

10 thoughts on “Kari Lake Attorney’s Reply to Maricopa Lies

  1. No matter how worthy, this will not succeed because:
    1. It will be cast as a threat to democracy in the US on the grounds it’ll throw the whole electoral system into the mire so close to an election.
    2. It will cast doubt on the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency and all of the ‘good things’ he’s done thereby destabilising the presidency.
    3. The clamour from Trump supporters for him to complete his ‘stolen’ term
    4. The threat of violence from the idea called ANTIFA
    5. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump

    It will languish until all of those who could be held to be accountable are no-longer in positions of power, at which point it will be examined again and electoral fraud. Like Hunter’s laptop only more so.

      1. I wasn’t saying there was any. Does there have to be any? If there does, I’m sure there are media outlets ready willing and able to find some or some pundits prepared to say they’ve spoken to some people who said they saw it.

        But it’ll be another reason used to justify doing a Bad Thing to prevent another Worse Thing. On their way to hell.

  2. Oh dear, Steven do you get paid to invade Jeff’s blog and sprout pessimism.
    Jeff posted a comment on Lakes reply to the Maricopa county’s lies presented to the court.
    Looks like lying to me.
    Does it look like lying to you, Steven.


  3. Just to be weird: what happens to the Finchem and Hamadeh complaints if the Lake complaint is sustained? Does the margin of decision moot the presumed discrepancies in ballot counts?

    1. I wish such things weren’t factors in courts decision making, only law should matter, but it’s difficult to imagine how it would not be a concern.

      1. I would have thought that dodgy elections would be by definition unlawful. If an election is deemed unlawful by the court then all races effected by that election should be corrected or rerun.
        Without fear or favour.

        The US is such a mess.

        1. True fact my friend. The globe is in trouble because of it.

          Big big money, silly tech, dumases in charge.

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