Federal Audit Reveals Covid Development Details

Our illustrious government is preparing to tell us the thing readers here already know. The NIH NIAID funded the development of COVID 19 with China through the Wuhan lab and Ecohealth Alliance. Ecohealth Alliance is a Doctor Peter Daszak operated “non-profit” developed to prevent viral disease. The public is being subjected to the standard Hunter-style slow truth telling, used exclusively to protect the government’s authority.

The link below shows that the NIH found that Ecohealth Alliance failed to report successful gain of function which would have shut down the entire project in Wuhan. Previously here, I wrote about the leaked applications and writings of Daszak related to EHA work. This audit is with regards to the same Peter Daszak research rejected by DARPA as gain of function research. This research was later approved by Fauci controlled NIAID division as not gain of function.

Now, through an official audit, we find out that gain of function was physically achieved by Wuhan and NOT reported as it would have shut the project down under federal law. Yes, they literally made a rule that instantly stoops your funding where you are required to immediately self-report that you have achieved an improvement in viral replication beyond a certain factor. If you forget to self-report, they continue to fund you.

The governmental reaction would be hysterical, had this research not directly resulted in millions of deaths. I’m going to attempt to report this as dryly as possible, but good lord people.

Audit is below, I recommend you actually read this one as so much of our lives were changed by this stupidity:

We found that NIH was only able to conclude that research resulted in virus growth that met specified benchmarks based on a late progress report from EcoHealth that NIH failed to follow up on until nearly 2 years after its due date.

NIH – admits Wuhan lab achieved gain-of-function criteria for COVID ACE2 viral growth and did not report it. The benchmark is a log growth threshold which defines viral gain-of-function success.

On May 28, 2016, the NIAID Grants Management Specialist and Program Officer for the grant notified EcoHealth that, based upon information in the progress report for Year 2 submitted by EcoHealth on May 13, 2016, NIAID had determined that the research could be gain-of-function and subject to the funding pause on certain gain-of-function research.

Don’t forget that Fauci was the Director of NIAID

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is part of the NIH, told Congress in May that the NIH “has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Someone is not telling the truth

According to NIH’s evaluation of EcoHealth’s progress report for Year 5 of the grant, NIH believed there was evidence that the research conducted by EcoHealth’s subrecipient WIV during Year 5 resulted in enhanced growth by more than one log, thus triggering the special term and condition to immediately notify NIAID and potentially requiring the research to undergo review under the HHS P3CO Framework

NIH believed that Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth research on bat-human COVID gain-of-function was achieved – year 5 is 2019. The timing is a spectacular coincidence isn’t it.

Some readers here told me that Chimeric virus was not something even possible despite what the grant applications obviously said, it turns out that those readers were completely wrong. It also turns out that the lab-leak “theory” (the Trump conspiracy theory) is the ONLY reasonable explanation.

IAID determined that the work proposed to generate MERS-like or SARS-like chimeric coronaviruses was not subject to the gain-of-function research funding pause and was not reasonably anticipated to have enhanced pathogenicity or transmissibility in mammals via the respiratory route. Furthermore, NIAID stated that if any of the MERS-like or SARS-like chimeras generated under this grant showed evidence of enhanced virus growth greater than certain specified benchmarks involving log growth increases, EcoHealth would immediately stop all experiments with these viruses and provide the NIAID Program Officer and
Grants Management Specialist with the relevant data and information related to these unanticipated outcomes.

Despite the directly stated intent of the grant to develop chimeric virus to attack ACE2 receptors in humanized mice, NIAID determined that this research was not anticipated to actually succeed in producing those viruses??

And despite again, the fact that this was not reasonably anticipated to work, the NIAID also determined that special safety clauses were needed IN CASE THEY WERE WRONG.

On July 5, 2018, the NIAID Grants Management Specialist and Program Officer sent EcoHealth a letter introducing the HHS P3CO Framework published in December 2017. In response to the HHS P3CO Framework, NIAID re-reviewed EcoHealth’s R01AI110964 grant application and other information provided by EcoHealth and determined that the experiments to generate
MERS-like or SARS-like chimeric coronaviruses were not subject to the HHS P3CO Framework

HHS P3CO — gain of function regulations. Does this actually make any sense?

In 2019, for some reason, reporting by EcoHealth Alliance was delayed — for 2 years.

Contrary to GPAM requirements, NIH did not follow up in a timely manner with EcoHealth after it failed to submit a progress report due September 2019.

This oversight failure is particularly concerning because NIH had previously raised concerns with EcoHealth about the nature of the research being performed.

Particularly concerning because of the “nature”?

We found evidence in the online system that EcoHealth initiated the progress report in July 2019; however, not until after NIH requested the progress report in July 2021 did EcoHealth submit it on August 3, 2021, nearly 2 years late.

Two years late. …. what was going on in those two years. …. hard to recall…. something tho //sarc

EcoHealth’s Notice of Award for Year 5 of R01AI110964 required EcoHealth to immediately notify its NIAID Program Officer and Grants Management Specialist if any experiments proposed in the award resulted in a virus with enhanced growth by more than one log compared to wild-type strains.

NIAID required immediate notice for a gain-of-function level (10X) on a project determined to NOT be gain-of-function despite not being “reasonably anticipated” to create gain of function virus. Doublespeak? Triple?

Immediate notification…..

However, based on NIH’s Office of Extramural Research review of the progress reports for Year 4 and Year 5, NIH explained that it cannot determine whether Year 4’s progress report included results from the same experiment.17 EcoHealth believes it was in compliance with the requirement to immediately notify NIAID of the research results because EcoHealth reported the results in the Year 4 progress report.

Year 5, September 2019 was reported two years late — year 7. NIH cannot figure out if the previous report (year 4 – 2018) had any notice of gain-of-function.

On November 5, 2021, NIH requested that EcoHealth provide certain scientific documentation from WIV substantiating research covering EcoHealth’s Year 4 (project period June 1, 2017, to May 31, 2018) and Year 5 (project period June 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019) progress reports to NIH and EcoHealth to gain insights into the nature of the experiments that were performed.

Government actually wanted to know what happened — and didn’t ask until 2021?!!

EcoHealth officials confirmed to us that WIV had not been responsive to its request to provide the scientific documentation
and indicated it was unlikely to receive the requested information.

Odd that the Wuhan Lab wouldn’t give EcoHealth the documentation of the development of Covid 19.

NIH acknowledged to OIG that WIV may never provide EcoHealth with the requested documentation.

consider whether it is appropriate to refer WIV to HHS for debarment

We should consider whether the Wuhan Institute of Virology deserves more taxpayer money — because we don’t already know.

We also note that the genome copy data for recombinant viruses are only enhanced relative to the WIV1 backbone at the earliest part of the experiment and by the endpoint, there was no discernibly significant difference among the different viral types, suggesting that these differences, if real, were transient. Given the small number of mice used, it is also uncertain whether the survival and weight loss data were statistically relevant, and as no further replications of this experiment were performed, we are unable to corroborate these initial results.

EcoHealth acknowledgement that an experiment was done where mice died in significantly greater numbers from a chimeric covid than a natural WIV1 bat covid.

NIH terminated t he award on 24th April 2020 ”for convenience”; 3) during 2020 and 2021, the WIV, EcoHealth Alliance, and the research that NIH funded became subject to significant geopolitical pressure and almost daily misreporting in t he media globally, including repeated unsubstantiated allegations that lab notebooks had been hidden , or forged , or data corrupted, and these acts covered up .

Daszak complaining that there were unsubstantiated allegations of hidden notebooks or data

These conditions and particularly the political tensions between the Chinese and US governments at the time effectively shut down communications among scientists at the WIV (a Chinese government laboratory) and EcoHealth Alliance staff, making it impossible for EcoHealth Al liance to secure the requested data. Despite this, and as DHHS OIG notes, EcoHealth Alliance made reasonable attempts to comply with NIH’s requests, including supplying further unpublished data. EcoHealth Alliance also forwarded the request to WIV staff, but has not yet received a response.

Daszak pointing out that he cannot give anyone the actual data. Because it is being hidden.

So, in the exact timeframe that covid 19 infected the human population, a bat coronavirus having an ACE2 attacking spike protein was functionally developed in the Wuhan lab and used to attack humanized mice. EcoHealth self-reported gain of function type results regarding covid, and claimed they were not fully investigated. Fauci’s department had already placed special rules on the work, just in case the stated goal of gain-of-function was actually achieved. These rules were not followed, or if they were, it is being covered up. The COVID 19 virus was chimeric in origin in that it had ACE2 attacking spike proteins and a Bat covid body. The mice used at the Wuhan lab were “humanized” by incorporating ACE2 receptor sites into their genome. THIS IS ALL JUST A COINCIDENCE FOLKS!!!

And in September 2019, EcoHealth Alliance FORGOT TO SUBMIT ITS PROGRESS REPORT – for two years!!

Yeah, I’m not buying the innocence here AT ALL. One phone call to Wuhan and the data would all disappear, which it unamazingly has done.

Or else it could be a raccoon dog if you are dumb enough to believe that one.

AI generated Raccoon Dog

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