Donation Harvesting?

Another Ian left this link to a James O’Keefe expose on illegal money harvesting by the Democrat party. This appears to be a widespread effort used to create distributed untraceable funding, well beyond campaign limits and pay for ballots. I watched the link last night but it is just a tease of what they will release today.

4 thoughts on “Donation Harvesting?

  1. Back When NObama was immaculated the first time, it was discovered that here were Many, many, many, many donations made via prepaid credit cards in amounts of $25.00. (we’re talking MILLIONS of $$$$).
    The curious part was that the CC #’s were mostly sequential.
    Nobody cared.
    I was going to suggest yesterday that one way to stop the illegal vote fraud scams by the democrats would be to have a James O’Keefe style operation

  2. Haha. I was going to complain about people posting links and not giving a summary of what they are posting. This was a great link and you gave enough summary. I seem to vaguely remember this line of fundraising.
    Has O’Keef released his donation thingo yet.

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