This is a VERY Big Problem

California votes to ban direct-combustion driven trucking by 2036.

Batteries simply do not work and will not work by 2036 for mass material delivery. This is not a controversial statement, nor is it even remotely in question. The electrical grid cannot support the charging of those otherwise non-working batteries either. So with covid, Demofascists have taken a free country and driven it to a delivery economy where people get paid to do half work at home. Now they will stop the ability for materials and goods to get to those same homes.

All in the name of their climate religion. A religion which has failed to manifest either its destructive sin, gaian deity, or in previous incarnations its promised utopia.

This is not simply a matter of incremental improvement in technology. We need a paradigm shift in electrical energy storage and we need nuclear generation to fill that new storage system. Neither of which is palatable to the ANTI-SCIENCE leftists.

They simply want to power this utopia with unicorn farts and free money. In the world of the Democrat, simply wanting something bigly enough, holds the same weight as a law of physics.

5 thoughts on “This is a VERY Big Problem

  1. On the partly paved county road that runs in front of the fixed address which serves as my customary and habitual abode, statute law restricts the speed of vehicular traffic to 35 miles per hour, and the county has troubled itself to spend the time and money sinking a pole and attaching a metal sign at several places along the road to remind drivers of that requirement. Where the same county road intersects the state’s fully paved-and-painted “Farm-to-Market” road, the county has sunk an additional pole and erected an octagonal red metal sign reminding vehicle operators that they, and all those, existing a lesser thoroughfare onto a more heavily trafficked one are obliged to bring the vehicles under their control to a full and complete STOP before proceeding. Drivers, including a surprising and increasing number of those professionals holding Commerical Driving Licenses (CDLs) and driving vans for Federal Express, Amazon, et cetera, generally exhibit no particular obligation to observe the statutary requirements but instead substitute their own local and immediate assessment of road and traffic conditions to determine speed and merger decisions.

    BUT, I suppose other laws in other places will be more respected.

    1. I’ve not witnessed such disregard for signs mounted to metal poles. Such signs hold the power and authority of most any deities ever considered, and thusly are rightly worshiped by beholders across multiple continents.

  2. Nice post Jeff. At some point something has to give way. The insanity is palpable.
    Bannon had an interview with Dave Bratt ( hope I have the surname right this time) and Dave shows that the short fall of electricity by 2050 under current trends will be about 40% and the cost of implementing the grid changes was one trillion dollars.
    It is not going to happen.


  3. A: The amount of stupid in that idea
    B: the amount of stupid people that will agree with it
    C: The complete lack of any of the above to ask the real question of: “If we do this, then what?????”

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