You Know it Doesn’t Really Matter if New Limitations are Frivolous

This is the kind of environmental law making for science that shows authoritarianism is the goal, rather than the environment. The leftist fascists are banning small engines, which use very very tiny amounts of fossil fuel in the name of ‘climate change’. They are called small engines for a reason. Because they are effing small.

Completely ridiculous.

While many critics first attacked the small engines for the noise they make, experts say these small, two-stroke engines release shockingly large amounts of pollution – two problems that modern and increasingly affordable electric-powered equipment solves.

Quote from Liars claiming to be experts in left-wing rag USA Today

But this next lie is spectacular:

Environmentalists say using a commercial gas leaf blower for an hour produces emissions equal to driving from Denver to Los Angeles.

Another lie form the left-wing rag USA Today

So Denver to Los Angeles 1017 miles — say 40 miles per gallon in some shitbox vehicle with a micro engine, would use 25 gallons of gas. This is compared to the two stroke burning less than a half a gallon in an hour. Clearly this isn’t for CO2 emissions, but rather for something equally nonsensical micro-emission but again in the name of climate change and pollution. It’s all fake, and if you believe this is reasonable, you may want to seek professional help.

Ridiculous is not a problem for the Gaian leftists, and the number of completely moronic humans that truly believe a half gallon of combustion is a real issue is disappointingly greater than zero. These are liars, charlatans or morons but some of the time all three.

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