Machines Failed Testing Just Before Election

I’ve had a bit of a cold or more likely COVID Omicron Doom as I haven’t yet taken my governmentally marketed, idiot-approved vaccination for the now extinct version of COVID. Therefore I wasn’t able to watch the entire status report of Kari Lake’s hearing.

Something interesting and new is being reported at the Gateway on this case:

Olsen: We have had teams of experts reviewing cyber data, which was quite extensive, to prepare this report. In addition, underpinning this report are the findings from the McGregor report, which was issued on April 10 that also required integration and evaluation into the motion for reconsideration on the tabulator claim.

There were extraordinary findings of misconduct that are directly related to the Court’s findings in its December 24, ’22 Order, dismissing that claim. The issues are of such an extensive nature; they show that Maricopa officials conducted secret testing on the tabulators on October 14th, 17th, and 18th. That’s after the logic and accuracy test was certified. 260 of those 446 tabulators failed that secret testing, and those tabulators were then used in the election.

7 thoughts on “Machines Failed Testing Just Before Election

  1. What’s even better is the next hearings of the Hobbs/lake will take place over three days. I think it will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
    There have been so many disappointments that it is difficult to get excited.
    But the BS has to come to an end some time, so why not next week.


      1. Dear Jeff,
        I know you like to say ” court decisions must never make sense” and I am unsure why you are attached to this very negative meme.
        I suppose it helps your sense of integrity that living in a society that has been taken over by corruption and evil. But these unjust court decisions make perfect sense to the vested interests, grifters and assorted communist who are stealing the power and wealth of US government and its citizens .

        Accurate analysis is always important.


        PS. The Kari Lake law suit is a very big deal and we should expect honest judgment and accurate interpretation of the law….ALWAYS.

        1. As the owner of a fair sized business, I’ve been in court a lot of times. Talked to more lawyers than most anybody except for other lawyers. COVID compliance cost me over 100K in legal fees alone. I’ve even seen criminal cases despite not being the criminal involved. This experience has resulted in my first rule of law — court decisions must never make sense.

          I have yet to see a court decision make sense for any side, this is factual. Like Kari Lake’s signature verification rulings, one judge ignores the complaint and says — you didn’t complain about it before the election so you are too late, then the supreme court says, of all the random dismissals of things like ballot printing and election-day procedures broken, you need to review this while micro-sanctioning the misreporting of election counts at Runbeck which shouldn’t even be allowed to hold ballots in the first place.

          So now they are fighting with Maricopa county over whether they are even allowed to see any (Democrat-held public record) signatures before going to court. Who knows what Dress-wearing judge Thompson will claim but I bet a lot of money it will support his original decision as well as he can.

          So I really truly mean it — court decisions never make sense.

          1. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in and out of court and around lawyers and I can confirm that court/legal decisions don’t always make sense.
            Why have a law that defines the time a ballot needs to be submitted to be legal if it’s wantonly not followed?????

          2. Matt,

            I’ve seen wins and losses and there was one win for my side where the court simply re-stated all the facts incorrectly in order to generate the win. In another instance, a judge misrepresented a sentence simply to create an impossible zero transfer of money between two parties – I call that a loss. Once, we made a complaint and the court made a random decision going against all precedent, to ignore the entire lawsuit for nearly a million dollars and we were never allowed to even tell our side of the story. Big loss.

            One time I was trying not to fight someone’s uneployment and was chastized by the judge. Got sued once for sexual harassment, but it was between two employees, that’s a crazy story itself. It really seems to never end.

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