Mental Shenanigans

I have a lot of difficulty understanding the world. Each week we are hit in the leftist media with another mass casualty firearm event driven by some mentally damaged person who society has given nothing to. The answer is most always the same kind of thing – more regulations or some kind of nonsense. Last I heard, murder was mostly illegal.

The problem, stated correctly, is as usual much simpler than it sounds, and the solution blatantly obvious mostly because we already had this figured out a half century ago. First is the mental derangement that we have not only allowed to fester untreated, but the leftists have gone as far as to encourage it. It is not required to be oppressed and need to strike out, now you just have to feel oppressed and you are oppressed.

For example, the very existence CRT is a perfect example of this defective thought process. CRT is the recognition and acceptance that institutional racism is a permanent reality, and is therefore not something that anyone of any race has the ability to change. You can’t actually achieve non-racist status, you can only acknowledge that everything is racist. And better yet, it is white people who are the problem, which by definition is racist itself. CRT is nothing but an excuse to be racist against white people, and the leftists (the smart folks if you ask them) are literally too rock-stupid to understand this obvious fact.

A second example is the new transgender phenomenon where we not only recognize the psychosis of gender dysphoria, we actively encourage it. Literally denying biological facts to support someone’s stated feeling. People have lost their jobs for not accepting psychoses as reality.

So we coddle.

Thieves are allowed to steal without punishment.

Most murders in Chicago go unsolved.

Guns in Chicago are nearly illegal across the board already.

It’s so disgusting that people are now acting as though they are entitled to such behavior. They literally believe people with white skin should even hand all of their earnings over to those with black skin, for a slight that neither group had any piece of control over in the entirety of their short lives.

The problem isn’t more guns on the streets because we had plenty of guns on the street before. The problem is leftist policy against crime and for mental health treatment. The problem is a lack of responsibility for one’s own actions. When you can murder someone in DC and get 7 years, maybe that’s not a sufficient deterrent. People make career choices based on predicted outcomes. When you can murder in Chicago and you have a 1 in 5 chance of getting caught, maybe that is a problem you can take a risk on. When illegal guns and drugs become nothing but a revolving door punishment, you certainly don’t need to worry about that when making your income generating choices.

When the leftist media demonizes the police based on even justified bad events, ignoring the widespread positive events, this only increases the entitlement of the criminal class.

We need a great reset, not of the economy but one of thinking. This needs to happen on the left side of the aisle which throughout history has failed to recognize the destructive nature of its widespread historical sins against race and class. We can only control how we ourselves treat each other, we cannot control how others act. Punishment for crime not committed is as evil as rewarding the commission of a crime. Today, we are doing both in America.

Coddling mental illness, promoting entitlement against other classes and failing to prosecute per the law are causing massive increases in violence and will lead to vigilantism. Perhaps even a justified vigilantism, after all, if someone hurts your family and you take action, who would blame you – except an entitled leftist.

You can take all the guns, and all the cars, and all the poisons, and all the chemicals and you will still have murders in this sick culture we have created. The problem is one of morality and that is what we are missing. The lessons of the church are not lessons given for no reason. They were created because they are true and just, not because they are foolish like transgender ideology or Gaiain fascism.

Mental illness needs treatment, criminal behavior needs punishment, laws are excessive and need simplification and courts need strong legally-structured oversight to prevent judicial tyranny. All of these ideas are what have worked throughout history. As they are historic in nature, they are also conservative. It is time to do what works and stop the madness.

4 thoughts on “Mental Shenanigans

  1. “Guns in Chicago are nearly illegal across the board already”

    We have concealed carry in Illinois and I carry EVERY time I have to go to the city.

  2. I posit that we are in the situation we are today for a single reason:
    We don’t have meaningful media.
    That’s what used to keep society and politicians in check.

  3. Back in the 70s, I worked in a state mental hospital. We provided a clean, safe, and controlled environment with constant supervision and appropriate treatment. Then, they eliminated mental hospitals and now we have this mess. Bring back the old way and problem is largely solved. Of course, that’s too easy.

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