New Filing by Kari Lake

This is a very important development in the Kari Lake stolen election case. The judge is starting to get trapped by his own overly dismissive ruling, not that I have any belief that he will rule better, he will just have to dance harder.


The ballot printing failures were known by the county of Maricopa well prior to election day and the machines were illegally tested and proven to fail well prior to election day.

And the county lied in court about this.

Good article, worth your time.

9 thoughts on “New Filing by Kari Lake

  1. This is interesting to me, and it is something I haven’t covered sufficiently here. When a ballot has a problem, it is duplicated by hand and then counted. There are rules in some states to keep ballots and duplicates synchronized but in Maricopa, there is no control of this process that I’m aware of. The person making the duplicate can simply fill out whomever they want, call it duplicated and dump the original ballot into the spoiled and duplicated pile. — Nobody can ever know how the duplicate was filled out.

    Here is a key point. One of the arguments CONSTANTLY brought up over and over again here is that those spoiled ballots were duplicated, so they were counted.

    What I have always pointed out is that the fact pattern belies that point. Maricopa DID NOT KEEP THE DUPE with the original – so there was no way to tell how the dupe was voted.

    Jarrett was working with Parikh and told him he was unable to produce ANY OF the “duplicated” ballots.

    1. So this means that a nefarious group would station operatives in the correct places to create false duplicates, and would then want to create as many spoiled ballots as they could. Each ballot becoming an untraceable vote for the candidate of their choosing.

        1. It seems like too much work sometimes but it would be a functional method to add votes for your preferred candidate. The real issue is that we have absolutely no way to know whether this happened — so why wouldn’t it?

    1. I handle data at work.
      I am a bit of a data freak.
      Some might say I have a compulsion.
      Incomplete or inaccurate data bugs the bejesus out of me.
      Ever wonder why Democrats fight soooooooooooooooooooooo hard not to clean up their data??

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