After Action Report on the COVID 19 Scamdemic

This article is an important take on COVID 19, what was done and an implied bit of what it means for the future. I will never forget how Democrats and some Republicans acted but particularly the Democrat fascist crowd. All those who claimed the anti-clotshot and the anti-mask folks were being selfish while simultaneously claiming we should all be locked up simply because WE WERE NOT AS STUPID AS YOU.

We were not the selfish ones.

Look at this chart from Citizen Free Press, and never forget what the fascist class of geniuses did to us.

Half of democrats wanted you locked up for not complying with their false propaganda. Their fake science. Their fear based demands that somehow other people, often very science based people like myself, didn’t fall for the lies and stupidity of the media. WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING. I don’t recall hearing any apologies from these morons as yet. Somehow, they want us to forgive and forget that they destroyed our lives, took our jobs, made us into lepers, all due to the fear based claims of their fake science. In the meantime, their hero doctor, FAUCI, should be on trial for crimes against humanity for the intentional creation of the disease, and his subsequent lies in congress about its development and the sensationalization of fake cures while repressing functional treatments. Fauci was wrong about everything he said for the entire time he was allowed to speak (masks, vaccines, lockdowns, distancing, remdisivir, ventillators, what the science showed, etc…) — and he knew it. Everything functional in treating the virus was repressed, HCQ, Ivermectin, Mono-clonal antibodies, and the very temporary vaccine efficacy was promoted ahead of all of it.

Evil beyond words and I won’t be forgetting what you very dumb people did to us anytime soon. You are dumb because you didn’t do your own homework, you were wrong for the same reason, and we all expect that for the rest of your lives you apologize to one of us daily for your idiocy. Those of you who thought this way but vote better, also are in the same camp. No points for you either.

Below is again from Citizen Free Press, a fantastic site for media links. This video is here as a reminder to those who believed in this stupidity, many of whom are still so indoctrinated (like the un-showered and masked lesbian lady in the grocery this weekend) that they will never admit their error simply due to their own well-earned embarrassment.

You behaved badly toward us and we expect a LOT of apologies.

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