Maricopa Continues the Charade

We recently learned that Maricopa tested its vote recording and printing equipment and found that it failed at a near 60 percent level both before AND during election day voting. The percentage didn’t change appreciably from testing failures to live usage failures, meaning that the county was fully aware that the tabulators would have massive problems only on the heavily Republican election day vote. The county lied openly about this in court multiple times and has been caught red-handed contradicting its own statements as well as by newly discovered evidence.

From the Arizona Times here.

The judge threw out Lake’s lawsuit in December, but the Arizona Supreme Court ordered him to reconsider the issue of signature verification problems.

Lake’s attorney Kurt Olsen told the court that new evidence produced shows there was “clear misconduct and intent.”

He said, “This evidence supports our allegation that the election was rigged.”

Elections director Scott Jarrett, who is an overly emotional hand-wringing patsy for the whole county, should be charged with perjury in my non-lawyer opinion, but that is not how courts work.

The tabulators failed to recognize many of the ballots on Election Day because they were 19-inch ballots printed on 20-inch paper. Jarrett testified at trial on the first day that this problem did not happen. On the second day of trial, he testified that it had occurred, and said the county was performing a root-cause analysis, which was ongoing. Jarrett claimed that it was determined that some techs not authorized by the county made some changes to the printer configurations on site.

The reality is that Jarett is slowly moving from his reluctant lie toward the truth. The machines had been tested and the county was fully aware that these machines would not work, well prior to the election. This information was discovered on the log files from the machines well after the legal discovery period had ended and the first trial had long passed. In other words, the county hid the information from Kari Lake and only later was her team given enough access to find the problem.

Maricopa’s main argument against this misrepresentation of fact during discovery and trial……wait for it…… He asserted that Lake never brought up objections to the voting equipment in Count 2 of her original complaint, so she cannot address it now. He claimed that Lake is trying to amend her complaint now to add it, which is too late.

Pretty solid argument right? /sarc

What a joke our legal system has become.

All is not lost however, the exact same judge has yet to throw out everything on a legally fabricated whim a second time so there is always hope.

5 thoughts on “Maricopa Continues the Charade

  1. “There is always hope” congratulations Jeff to consider it might be possible for some lawful and just outcome to emerge from the Justice system.

    It should of course be expected not just hoped, but keep the chin up and a knowing smile as you keep analysing and posting the truth.

    Today the Durham report was released and it is official knowledge the FBI and others had no predicate to launch an investigation into TRUMP.


    1. I don’t believe this judge, or any other judge so far, has the guts to address the obvious lawbreaking. I like to think there was a time where justice was different, but it probably didn’t ever exist.

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