Kari Lake lost her vote fraud suit again. The judge pretended to hear evidence, and then pretended to misunderstand the claims being made. He wrote a decision full of unnecessary conclusions while intentionally missing the point of each argument presented.

Rulings of law must not make sense.

As he testified, the human element of signature review consisted of 153 level one reviewers, 43 level two reviewers, and two ongoing audits. This evidence is, in its own right, clear indicia that the comparative process was undertaken in compliance with the statute, putting us outside the scope of Reyes. 191 Ariz. at 92.

The number of reviewers is in its own right a guarantee of compliance. Essentially, the Judge makes the argument that the simple existence of reviewers means that despite the blatant proof that comparison of signatures was not being done per Arizona statute, that people were involved is sufficient evidence. By the immutable logic of Judge Thompson, you don’t need to actually CHECK id when buying alchohol, you don’t need to even ask for Id when buying alcohol, you just need to have someone present when the alcohol was bought.

She conceded that she was not challenging signature matches for any individual ballots by making a Reyes claim.

This quote is stupid because the Judge intentionally disallowed the use of individual signatures in making the argument — then he blamed Lake for his own limitations. Another nonsensical argument by a court — odd eh?

Next is the big problem however:

But there are several problems with this. First, no such baseline appears in Section 16-550. Not one second, not three seconds, and not six seconds: no standard appears in the plain text of the statute.

Image above is from the video at the bottom of this post at Gateway Pundit. If you have not seen the video, the judge has and the person on the right is looking at the image at the top, then scrolling down to see the comparison images. The one on the left is not making a comparison to the reference images.

That is how these ballots got entered into the election and verified as having good signatures. Current ballot images were not allowed for Kari Lake’s team to review for this trial. Only leftist Runbeck and its employees, voting machine companies and all subcontractors, and the county were allowed this data. Remember, in lakes initial claim, hundreds of thousands of these ballot envelopes did not match their signatures on file.

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  1. “On the last day of work, November 15, we were asked by manager Celia to go through perhaps 5,000 to 7,000 ballots, that had already been rejected at levels 1, 2 and 3. We were asked to go to the SHELL program and to only find one signature that matched the green envelope, even if all other signatures in the program did not match the green envelope. The implication from Celia is that was desperate to get the work complete and that she wanted the ballots approved. These 5,000 to 7,000 ballots had already been through the full level 1, 2, and 3 process and been rejected. Therefore, I do not know why [we were] going through them again, and that is why it seemed that Celia wanted them approved.””

  2. Jeff

    Some comments on that from a lawyer in here –

    Start at

    “This result is predictable, even expected. When I filed my mask lawsuit against the county in 2020, I knew that it would be almost impossible that the trial judge would take on the political burden of becoming the country’s first anti-mask judge. She gave me all I could really hope for: a fairly-conducted hearing, a quick, appealable order, and she let me create the record I needed for the inevitable appeal.”

    1. It is interesting when lawyers look at such things. I’ve only been through a limited number of cases but in each of them the lawyers have always told me – we have no clue which way this will go.

      The decision is an independent variable, as is the evidence. That this lawyer knew what would happen, is really unusual in my experience but we all pretty much knew the same thing.

  3. Hahaha. I had a thought. Interesting court case. Judge was happy that signature verification was done according to the LAW. Maricopa county head of elections, Mr Venezuela was proud of the speed and efficiently of their signature verification.

    Apparently highly efficient organisation .

    Why doesn’t the Governor Hobbes proudly extract the recorded images of the batches of ballots that had high percentages of good verified signatures and were verified in under 3 seconds and show them to the Arizona Senate or some such trustworthy body.

    How easy is that?

    In half a day Governor Hobbes can end all the controversy.


  4. Naw, no sarc intended.
    The court case added a lot of knowledge to the signature verification process.

    In the 2,000 mules investigation the result of using the phone pings meant it was worthwhile to obtain the camera data of the drop boxes. Because they then knew the exact time that the mule used each particular drop box.

    After this court case we now know that each person doing the signature verification has their own coded identifier. It would be possible to only look at the batches of envelopes that were verified in under 3 seconds.
    This is something the Senate of Arizona or the other counties of Arizona could insist upon.

    God, the US is currently such a corrupt place currently.


    1. Oh no, I know that.
      “In half a day Governor Hobbes can end all the controversy.”
      Some people might think this would actually happen.

      I was shocked to find out with the Antrim case, the state doesn’t count the votes…….

  5. Jeff quoting Judge: ” She conceded that she was not challenging signature matches for any individual ballots by making a Reyes claim.”

    Jeff’s comment: “This quote is stupid because the Judge intentionally disallowed the use of individual signatures in making the argument — then he blamed Lake for his own limitations. Another nonsensical argument by a court — odd eh?”

    Full Context: “AS NARROWED BY PLAINTIFF AT ARGUMENT AND IN HER RESPONSE to the motion to dismiss, Plaintiff brings a claim under Reyes v. Cuming, 191 Ariz. 91, 94 (App. 1997). The Court understands this to be a purposeful concession: rather than trying to cast doubt on a specific number of ballots (a herculean evidentiary endeavor in these circumstances), she attempts to prove that the signature review process for Maricopa County was not conducted pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-550(A) or the EPM. More to the point, she was obligated to prove that the process for submitting and processing early ballots did not occur. To do so would prove misconduct pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-676(A)(1)”

    In other words, LAKE, not the judge! CHOSE not to cast doubt on a specific number of ballots but to cast doubt on the adequacy of the process of signature matching. Unfortunately, the state has not set any standards for judging the adequacy of the signature matching process, particularly the average amount of time spent on average per signature. The judge can not make up rules out of nothing. Is 2 seconds per signature adequate? 3 seconds? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? Nor does finding a few mistakes in more than one million ballots prove the process wasn’t adequate – Lake had chosen not to contest the election ballot by ballot (a herculean effort).

    Lake claimed:

    “Maricopa violated A.R.S. § 16-550(A) and did not, and could not, perform signature verification given the influx of 1.3 million ballots during the voting period for the November 2022 General Election. The Complaint sufficiently alleges this process was not followed by MCEC because in the 2022 election, Maricopa County officials, instead of attempting to cure ballots, systematically pushed mismatched ballots through for tabulation without following the required procedures.”

    Based on witness testimony, the judge ruled that the county had performed signature validation.

    It is nearly impossible for fraudulent mail in ballots to have cost Lake the 2022 election. As I understand, she lost by 17,000 votes. If someone stole 34,000 ballots and marked them all for Trump and forged signatures, perhaps half of the forged signatures would be caught. 17,000 citizens would have been contacted and many would have reported they did NOT mail in a ballot. Or records would show the same voter voting twice. That would provide evidence of that 5,000-10,000 fraudulent ballots had gotten into the system – a massive problem that would surely be investigated by the Republican state AG.

    Jeff: Take several steps back and look at the big picture. If you wanted to use fraudulent mail-in ballots to beat Katie Hobbs in 2022, how would you have carried out the process without getting caught? If you can’t come up with a viable scheme, it didn’t happen.

    Best, Frank

    1. Frank,
      ” Take several steps back and look at the big picture”

      While I’m definitely biased (based on massive amounts of evidence of vote fraud), this is not advice you can give.

      The judge threw out nearly every piece of evidence they wanted to present before the first trial. Kari lake was not allowed access to any significant sampling of ballot signatures and the samples she was allowed were not allowed to be publicly presented. The democrats have full access to all signatures now. Then the judge set an impossibly high bar of proof, completely separate from requirements or precedent in law. That the judge made this comment in his ruling is simply his own ass-covering nonsense, like the comments about the counties ‘honesty’ after being caught committing perjury.

      It’s politics, and the idiot side of politics won again.

      One method:

      I’ve shown you that they stuffed the ballot box with invalid signatures. They took photos as they stuffed and got paid for those photos. This is all in evidence here at tAV. In the first trial, the judge did not allow that evidence to be presented. That was step 1 of the method, nobody here including yourself has been able to refute any of that. Kari showed you all that the signatures were uncritically accepted without review. That was step 2.

      There you are bud, several steps back and all we can see is fraud for miles.

      A second method:

      Machine failures on election day only were predicted by the county, tested by the county, proven by the county and lied about by the county in trial. The judge threw this out without allowing evidence to be presented.

      So you can imagine your own impartiality all you want, prove that any of what I’ve written can be explained another way.

  6. Oh Frank, where have you been the last several years.
    There is a reason they use Dominion machines . The votes per candidates are no really counted but the tallies are produced by an algorithm installed within the machines.
    The job of the operators of the fraud process is to make sure that there are enough ballots within the system that match up with a registered voter. This is why the frauding (new appropriate word) states use the ERIC system to manage their voter registration records. ERIC is very inefficient at keeping the records uptodate but very efficient at keeping dead people, people who have moved interstate and assorted random non people on the voter rolls, Wisconsin has more people on the voter roll than there are voting age people in the state. Thank you Eric.
    Why do they need all these people and non people on the voter roll. Because each ballot has to be linked to an actual name on the voter roll to pass an electronic audit. They love electronic audits.
    If Jeff stole 30,000 ballots and put them in the drop boxes it would make no difference, Hobbes would still win by 17,000 votes. There would be another influx of ballots at 3 am of 30,000 ballots all attributed to actual named registered voters, but not with their actual signatures.

    So you see why the questioning re signature verification and how long it took is very significant. 170,000 signatures verified in under 3 seconds is “a slam dunk”
    At that speed as in the video, there is no verifying taking place. That is the speed of mouse clicking and uploading the image of the ballot envelope but no time for downloading of the comparison signatures, and certainly no time allowance for cognition of anything.

    Check out photos of some of the mules with a fist full of ballot, fresh from a Democrat office.


  7. Hi Jeff,
    I have just sent an email to you with a link to Capt Seth Keshel entitled “The Pyrrhic victory of the Arizona Cartel” which is a beautiful piece of writing. Puts the Lake loss in a historical context that would be worthwhile reprinting here for your readers.
    A very true analysis that could remedy said grumpiness.



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