Always Endeavoring to Improve

We have a lot of people here who claim to not do math and I am learning that I sound intimidating to those who do math. – just another big compliment for me – thank you! Then they turn right the hell around and do it. Curious sent me a spreadsheet showing an artifact of a rounding error in my “fake” voting data rounding error post. Don’ mess with him. Richard Greene is upset concerned about a comment about sea level rise which he interpreted differently from my meaning.

That is what I mean folks. Climate Audit was built for open data. tAV will ALWAYS have the same philosophy. We will NOT change here or I’m going to an island without you guys/girls etc…. Maybe with the girls.

  • Trust but verify
  • Do the right thing
  • Think for yourself

That’s all this is – not much magic there. The reason Joshua got in trouble is because he does not even remotely understand that philosophy and simply existed to poison the discussion. Ray taught me that I should change.

We Have a Problem

Data surprises me more often than readers know. I’m a horrible skeptic about nearly all big claims. For instance, when I was told that Masks don’t work by some not-to-be-named doctor somewhere, I knew with certainty that they were wrong …. until I started finding papers. It seems literally impossible that they don’t work a little, but that is not what the data shows. When I first looked into vote fraud, I knew that it existed and was larger than people thought but my lord I did not expect 400,000 to nothing vote dumps. Someone would catch that shit!!! When I found out that sea level rise hadn’t changed AT ALL in 150 years, you really cannot imagine how shocked I was. There HAS to be something in sea level rise and yet, there is ZERO change. Now I’m thinking, there is always another.

It is also surprising how OTHERS don’t change their opinions when presented with facts. I actually do, I admit error and change my thinking. It’s like their eyes glaze over. I have shown two Michigan votes of about 200,000 to not much in ratio. Completely impossible and ridiculous!! I have the LAST 18 large votes in Pennsylvania IN A ROW!!! at 334,000 to nothing and I have Georgia 393,000 to nothing in Atlanta. The probability of these things happening when looked at individually is ZERO. Together, they are a much smaller ZERO. Those three events are not statistically possible without fraud, and those 50 electors flip the election. Then about a YEAR later, I find out that organizations were funding ballot production in those EXACT same states with VIDEO, CONFESSIONS, CELL TRACKING DATA…. and still you don’t hear me. well jeff you don’t really understand

I am not the problem here kids.

And that is the tip of the fraud. Any serous analyst can see in the data, that fraud is much bigger than even that. I’ve talked to many of them offline. People think …. if that were true, someone would catch it?!!!

Well someone did ….. and you didn’t pay attention. Stats, video, money and confessions with spatial and time correlation (how lucky is it to note the problems in the stats 1 year before the other evidence). Still you deny.

I can tell you that CO2 DOES absolutely, with zero doubt, cause warming of the atmosphere. How much? I don’t know but the best estimates I’ve seen are by Nic Lewis. I call them the best because they use observed data to calculate sensitivity to CO2, instead of hopped up models. You are looking at something like 1.6 degrees Celsius each time you double CO2. This is a very small amount and it doesn’t consider some of the unknown aspects of oceanic climate. From experience, Nic would have predicted huge warming if that is how his results came out. I would have been forced to change my mind – again, but that is not how it worked though.

Roy Spencer even references Nic’s work when discussing his own climate modeling. That is because the ‘field’, knows they got smoked by an outsider.

Dr Spencer keeps giving us satellite temperature data that isn’t warming as fast as ground data. It’s forcing him and John Christy to spend time analyzing urban heating effects on temperature measurements in the hopes of understanding why there is more warming from a ground thermometer than a satellite thermometer based on long-wave emissions directly from air.

This is a recent post by front line climate science trying to determine what is going on.

Below is satellite temperature data from the low atmosphere since 1979.

I’m going to tell you right now, that shit didn’t warm. You can say JEFF that came from -0.3 C to 0.2C, and I will simply giggle at you. It’s too small folks. The change is too small. Something is happening that was NOT predicted.

Now I’ve published with some great coauthors and one time it was referenced by the United Nations IPCC. The IPCC is headquartered in Geneva Switzerland- where I have never been invited. It’s time to give them the famous call … Geneva– we have a problem.

As a personal request, I would like to ask ALL of humanity to open their minds to data. Change your mind when presented with facts. Look closely at the information and don’t trust others to think for you. You need to do your own thinking.

The biggest failure of humanity is the failure to think for itself.