You Know it Doesn’t Really Matter if New Limitations are Frivolous

This is the kind of environmental law making for science that shows authoritarianism is the goal, rather than the environment. The leftist fascists are banning small engines, which use very very tiny amounts of fossil fuel in the name of ‘climate change’. They are called small engines for a reason. Because they are effing small.

Completely ridiculous.

While many critics first attacked the small engines for the noise they make, experts say these small, two-stroke engines release shockingly large amounts of pollution – two problems that modern and increasingly affordable electric-powered equipment solves.

Quote from Liars claiming to be experts in left-wing rag USA Today

But this next lie is spectacular:

Environmentalists say using a commercial gas leaf blower for an hour produces emissions equal to driving from Denver to Los Angeles.

Another lie form the left-wing rag USA Today

So Denver to Los Angeles 1017 miles — say 40 miles per gallon in some shitbox vehicle with a micro engine, would use 25 gallons of gas. This is compared to the two stroke burning less than a half a gallon in an hour. Clearly this isn’t for CO2 emissions, but rather for something equally nonsensical micro-emission but again in the name of climate change and pollution. It’s all fake, and if you believe this is reasonable, you may want to seek professional help.

Ridiculous is not a problem for the Gaian leftists, and the number of completely moronic humans that truly believe a half gallon of combustion is a real issue is disappointingly greater than zero. These are liars, charlatans or morons but some of the time all three.

This is a VERY Big Problem

California votes to ban direct-combustion driven trucking by 2036.

Batteries simply do not work and will not work by 2036 for mass material delivery. This is not a controversial statement, nor is it even remotely in question. The electrical grid cannot support the charging of those otherwise non-working batteries either. So with covid, Demofascists have taken a free country and driven it to a delivery economy where people get paid to do half work at home. Now they will stop the ability for materials and goods to get to those same homes.

All in the name of their climate religion. A religion which has failed to manifest either its destructive sin, gaian deity, or in previous incarnations its promised utopia.

This is not simply a matter of incremental improvement in technology. We need a paradigm shift in electrical energy storage and we need nuclear generation to fill that new storage system. Neither of which is palatable to the ANTI-SCIENCE leftists.

They simply want to power this utopia with unicorn farts and free money. In the world of the Democrat, simply wanting something bigly enough, holds the same weight as a law of physics.

Reader Links — True the Vote Lawsuit Dropped, Fauci/Daszak exposed.

Two reader links deserve attention but I need to do work this morning.

Reader Ray – left a link to the news that Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote had a machine company defamation lawsuit against them dropped. Konnech dropped the lawsuit two days after they published their information proving that their claims were true and accurate. Conservative treehouse has an article on this here:

Another Ian, left a link with yet more proof of what we’ve talked here about for months. Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, China and the US funded the lab development of COVID 19 that killed millions of people, destroyed even more lives and took a huge chunk of freedom away from people across the globe. Morons are still wearing masks from this, even today. This new energy for the story comes from a release of the same information from our whistleblower, except through government FOIA request. Link here.

Judicial Watch article here.

Both of these are newsworthy and worth our time.

Old Man Porn

Smoked Chicken Wings. When my kids were in scouts, us dads would trade pictures of things we’d cooked. I call it ‘old man porn’.

This rub recipe is something my wife found on line and modified just a little. It’s a dry rub that can be oven baked to excellent results or smoked at high temperatures. I have been using a camp-chef woodwind pellet smoker which is basically a wood powered convection oven. The convection comes from the forced air blowing across the burn pot where wood pellets are combusted but it isn’t as well mixed as oven convection. You simply set the temperature you want and the chamber can hold anything from 160 to 450 F. Because we use convection oven in both our house and smoker, regular ovens without forced airflow will take some messing around with to get the right cook times. Regular ovens should probably take a bit longer but you want your wing meat to be just over 200 when finished in my experience.

Chicken wings should not be slow cooked as the skin will not get crisp.

The rub she makes is something I highly recommend.

1.2 Tbsp Ancho Chile pepper
1/2 tbsp hot Hungarian paprika (this makes a difference)
1/2 Tbsp onion powder
1/2 Tbsp kosher salt
3/4 Tbsp dark brown sugar
3/4 tsp chili powder
3/4 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp Garlic powder
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp mustard powder
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp ground thyme

3 lbs chicken wings – Prarie farms which has some level of pre-brining in the packaging
2 Tbsp vegetable or canola oil

Rinse the wings in a colander dump into large mixing bowl. Pour two Tbsp of the oil in the last line of the recipe above onto the wings, this helps the rub adhere to the skin and mix together by hand. Dump 80% of the dry rub onto the wings, retaining the rest to sprinkle on later and mix together a second time.

Lay out on grates for smoking and sprinkle on the remaining powder to give it a really nice look. Definitely spray/coat grates with oil to prevent sticking as these do cook very quickly at high temperatures. You don’t want your amazingly tender wings pulling apart when you take them back off the grates.

Remaining dry rub.

This time I ran the smoker at 400 and cooked the wings for 1/2 hour using cherry pellets.

Skin was crisp and the meat was juicy and pull away tender. The smoke time is so short that you only get a hint of natural smoke flavor. This dry rub is what makes it work though and honestly, the oven cooked version (1/2 hour in a convection oven at 425) is usually superior to the smoked results. It’s more evenly cooked and the skin is always perfect. You can see that the smoker got a little warm in a couple of spots on the left.

The rub makes it go and I need to find the site where the original version came from as it is also fantastic and should be sold in buckets in my opinion. My oldest went to Buffalo Wild Wings two weeks ago with a freind, and refused to try the wings because “they won’t be as good”. If nothing else, the rub is highly recommended.

Hannity Finds Peter Daszak Covid Development Application

On the way home I have only a couple of options that I hear on the radio. One is Sean Hannity who is very difficult for me to listen to — despite the shortness of my drive. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hearing Hannity quote the Peter Daszak follow-the-money application implicating Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan lab in the development of the Covid 19 virus. Hannity stated that the documents were obtained from a FOIA request, while the SAME documents we’ve been reading are from a whistleblower, months before.

Here is a link to download all of my files from EcoHealth Alliance. These files contain the unredacted originals of many documents. I have not altered the files in any way, including the terrible naming conventions of the files. It includes… Andrew Huff

The same quote I’ve put up here multiple times months ago, is now ‘breaking news’ on Fox. Hannity is the first mainstream news outlet to report on the paragraph highlighted in each of my posts below regarding the “specific aims” of developing COVID bat virus to attack human cells.

December 2, 2022

December 7, 2022
Jan 3, 2023
Feb 2, 2023
Feb 11, 2023

Reverse Sear Smoked Ribeye Steak

Smoked ribeye steak is an unusual delicacy. First thing, a good ribeye needs nothing added to it for flavor outside of a bit of salt and pepper. Smoking steaks or burgers gives an extra flavor to the meal that can be absolutely tongue-breaking. A steak though, must have a hard sear on the outer surface to give that carmelized goodness with a good pink middle to retain all of the flavor. In my experience, a low sear temp leads to a thicker gray layer under the sear, but a hot temp can leave 1/8 inch or less of gray colored well-done meat leaving as much of the center pink as possible. Most of us amateur chefs don’t know such things and this particular bit makes a very big difference in the final result.

Now meat eaters across the world agree that medium rare is the only way to cook a good steak or burger. If you think well done is the way to go — you are wrong. Burgers can push toward medium because they stay nice and jucy to a higher cook temperature, but we are talking about steak. The cut of meat is critical and these steaks were bought from Fairway Meats and are prime grade 16 oz cuts. If you can afford the silly prices, they do a great job.

Using a good quality thermal probe, these three steaks were smoked in a Mesquite-Pecan wood set at a temperature of 160F until the center reached 105 degrees F. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get there. You can see the slightly brownish color from smoking when they reach temperature. The mesquite is a strong flavor and the pecan is very mild. Since the smoke is so short, there is a minimal but still noticeable flavor added to the meat.

Now you don’t want to simply finish a steak by smoking these at low temperature. They need to be finished with a good sear in a very hot pan.

Once these reach 105F, I use a canola oil with minimal flavor and nearly smoking hot in a cast iron skillet to finish them off. Touch the pan with the steak and listen for a good sizzle to tell if it has reached temperature. This will spatter a bit while cooking so if you are finishing these indoors, plan to at least loosely cover the pan with foil or hire a divorce attorney ahead of time. In my case, I have a hot flame grill outdoors that I can use.

I sear for about 2 minutes per side but use a thermapen from ThermoWorks as the true arbiter of doneness. They should finish at 125 degrees for a good medium rare. 130-135 is about a medium. After that, it is just ruined but these are good cuts of meat so you would likely get away with it. In my house, I would be run out of the kitchen by a dangerous wife and children if I went to 145.

I didn’t take enough photos but below is what the final result looked like.

You can see that I got a better sear on the steak in the back but all three steaks had excellent flavor, pink centers and were amazingly juicy and tender.

Shelter In Place, Wear Your Mask, Get Your Clot Shot

This is yet another reason that I don’t need government.

Questions for those with no ability to think.

You have a toxic chemical cloud within 1/2 mile of your home. Do you

A. Shelter within your home, closing your windows?

B. Exit the area, being outside of the toxic plume region within a few minutes?

C. Don’t know?

Well, time and time again, the governments of the US decide that YOU must shelter in place — within the toxic plume. For hours.

For your safety.

I’m going to go with B and leave anyway, the leftist sheople can Darwin on their own time.

Real Science

People, especially of one political group, do not understand just how fake modern science can be. Climate, medicine, psychology and social sciences are the worst that I’m aware of but basically any science where the results cannot be easily verified or replicated becomes quickly polluted by the lure of more government money. Try any second hand smoke paper– just for fun.

Florida professor leaves $190,000-a-year job following claim he faked data on racism studies

My title would be – some woke black moron on the university gravy train, published some papers which were fake and he cheated so badly, he got called out. How many others had the same kinds of issues. One of the claims made in the above link was that the professor exaggerated his sample size, Mann 08 used multiple grid cells to find correlation and claim that his resulting dataset had statistical significance (essentially exaggerating the sample size), some mask studies claimed that while there was lack of efficacy in regular surgical masks, the N95 was still better —without presenting any data whatsoever.

These people are good at one thing and only one thing, getting more government money. The is what government wants, power and control. They gain it by creating a slave class to their “green” offerings. Money. The “scientists” in these universities have become some of the most useless and functionless people on earth. You couldn’t hire them to run a supply chain or an engineering department, they are too full of CRT and lazy to perform any useful function. Like a modern food bird, they would actually starve in the wild.

Does that sound like welfare to you? It sure does to me.

In every area of government, we find this same situation. The agencies are so bloated with useless bureaucracy they are completely unrecognizable. Today the FDA requires paperwork to import an ultrasonic plastic welder. Businesses are inundated with paperwork that in one instance claims should take between 15 minutes and 18 hours. Literally says 15 minutes – to 18 hours right on the form. They want to know how black you are, how much money you spent on every different type of item, despite your business not tracking items in such a stupid and functionless manner. This same kind of stuipidity is repeated for MULTIPLE census forms.

Waaaayyyy out of control. Now they are banning cars. Literally banning working transportation, on the basis of fake leftist science, and the laws doing so are NOT coming from elected officials but rather unelected government agencies having a measured Wachington DC Democrat representation level of approximately 95%. Only 5% of the employees in Washington are Republicans.

How is that for representation.

And those 5%, are comprised of Mitt Romney and Bill Barr types. We are being ruled by the deep state, not by congress. And the deep state is comprised of the most useless, functionless and stupid group of pre-sorted woke humans ever invented in the history of the world.

This is not a failure of the constitution, it is a failure to follow the constitution.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

This does not say, all legislative powers given to Congress may be transferred to other individuals. It says “shall be vested”. Pretty clear even for the chicken brains.

Blatantly Obvious Facts

This is a picture of one voter placing a lot of votes into a drop box. This person is on tape committing an illegal act in Maricopa county. This is a felony. This person has somehow obtained numerous ballots and envelopes and is known to have taken a picture of these ballots and envelopes as they are being pressed into the ballot box. There is evidence that people were well paid for this same felonious act.

There is no evidence that these ballots are from voters. Had they come from actual voters, this act would still be illegal.

Despite thousands of instances of this type of activity, there were no reports of people having their ballots requested by do-gooders for ease of delivery. Despite the identification of the individuals involved, there have been no prosecutions or even questioning of the individuals by government. The evidence we have is that there are stacks of ballots in this persons hand being stuffed into a ballot box. We also have evidence of similar people making dozens of trips from Democrat non-profits and even campaign headquarters while making such deliveries.

These ballots do however, represent registered voters. Over bloated voter rolls used to determine representation and heavily favor Democrats. Without these activities, the Democrat party, the party of government authoritarianism, would not currently be in power.

We should not be surprised that this is not investigated by the benefactors — the government.

This person’s voting power is many multiples of your own.

Thoughts on War

Ukraine is an unnecessary war. It actually didn’t need to happen but it funds a fair portion of the Democrat party through back channels and even picks up a few rino’s along the way. Tiawan is a different story. Tiawan is the center for electronics manufacturing in the world. The best technologies are there, the low cost labor required to produce is there, and the high education levels are there.

If we allow China to take this, America and Europe will lose any advantage militarily that they ever had. Communism is on the move in America in the form of the Democrat party, in China economically, in Europe and Russia. Central authoritarian governance is on the rise and freedom is likely lost forever.

We cannot allow China to have Tiawan. We literally cannot do it with all of that technology. Ukraine, the globe survives. Tiawan, the globe fails.

Chicken brains everywhere think there is some kind of option here. There is no option and we should be making a lot of noise now, so we don’t have to make a bigger noise later. Like Ukraine, with the right leadership the war simply doesn’t happen. The Democrat party, and a few rino’s, are too busy playing the short game and robbing the globe to fill their personal pockets to care.

Unfortunately, I’m right again.

Lab Grown Meat?

I liked this idea decades ago. Now that I’ve learned that there is some genetic tweaking going on, I’m far more apprehensive. This is basically untested in the food supply and likely will lead to complications we don’t understand.

Now that the insanely corrupt and over-bloated FDA has approved this stuff, I suppose the real testing will begin.

Oh, and they lie to claim this helps climate change. — what a joke.

The actual amount of methane released from a single blade of grass wouldn’t change if it was just left to decompose, or if it was eaten by a cow and then digested by the bacteria in their gut.